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One day at the Cullen mansion could change everything. That day two people entered their lives. Enter Edward and Elizabeth Masen (Is a small AU story, but mostly it =follows Twilight's story line. All of the changed information happened pre-twilight. See story note to learn more. Thank you!)

Changes: Another vampire discovered the hospital in Chicago. He was building up a newborn army to claim his teritory back. Thinking that these people would not be missed, he took some from the hospital and changed them. Carlisle had sensed the vampire, and kept them away from the Masen family. But when someone, thinking they were dead, took Edward MAsen Senior away, the vampire changed him. The situation repeated with Elizabeth. Edward knows nothing of the vampire that was near the hospital. I own the Twilight fanfiction ideas in my crazy, Twilight-addicted head. I do not own the story they come from. That is all Stephenie Meyer's.

1. Edward and Elizabeth Masen

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The house was quiet, everyone was off doing what they wished. Alice was on the computer, with Jasper next to her, Rosalie was watching television with Emmett, Esme was beside me, painting her nails a deep shade of red – Alice had recommended it –, Renesmee was sitting on the couch, next to Esme, watching her, and Bella and Edward were off hunting. They would have taken their daughter, but Nessie had been sleeping at the time.

I heard a gasp behind me – as did everyone else, other than Renesmee – and I turned to see Alice typing something on her phone. When she was done, Alice set it down and went straight back to her work, a small smile on her lips.

“Alice,” Jasper whispered. “What did you see?” Alice looked at me, and I gave her a questioning look.

“Brace yourselves,” she said. “You're about to find out.” With that, she turned away from me, shaking her head. I turned to the rest of my family that was present and saw that they had the same confused faces that I did.

“Grandaddy?” A small voice asked. I turned to Nessie. “Can we watch something else?” The small girl looked scared. I hadn't been paying attention to what was on.

On the screen, two large wolves were fighting. Blood was visible, and it was obviously frightening to her. She loved the wolves, and seeing this had made her upset. I turned to Emmett, to see him frowning. He knew this was on!

“Emmett Cullen!” I scolded. I rarely did this, but it was over the line to scare a girl who looked only three years old. And she was even younger than that!

“Sorry!” he yelled. “I wasn't paying attention! Sorry, Nessie!”

“It's okay, Uncle Emmett,” she replied. Renesmee was so much like her mother;so forgiving.

Rosalie was the first to notice the noises outside.

“Carlisle?” she asked. “That isn't someone we know.” She was right. Their scent was unfamiliar. As they came closer to the house, the scents became stronger and I could detect some familiarity in them. But it was as if it had changed; as if something was added to the scents to make them different.

Their footsteps became louder; they were on the porch. Immediately, I walked to the door and placed my hand on the doorknob. I was a bit frightened to open it. I didn't show it, though.

When I twisted my wrist and held the door ajar, all I could see was the woman's hair.

That bronze hair.

That familiar bronze hair.

It took me a moment to gather myself.

A man was standing beside her, and I immediately recognized him, for I had treated him. No, I had treated them both.

Elizabeth and Edward Masen. But it couldn't be! They had passed away during the influenza epidemic. I stood there, dumbfounded. Someone passed me and made their way to them.

“Hi!” Alice chirped, raising her hand to them. “I'm Alice Cullen. I'm guessing you already know Carlisle?”

“Dr. Cullen?!” Elizabeth yelled. “Oh, my, I had no idea I would see you again.” I found my voice.

“Nor did I believe I would see you again, Mrs. Masen,” I replied. I turned to her husband. “Edward Masen Senior. It's a pleasure to see you again, sir.” I raised my hand like Alice had, but he did not raise his. He shook his head, his eyes tight.

“No.” His voice was strained. “I am the only Edward Masen. Surely you know our son no longer lives.” I heard a whimper come from Elizabeth.

They had no idea that Edward was alive. They believed their son was dead.

Elizabeth's lower lip was trembling. She leaned against her husband, and he wrapped one arm around her waist, supporting her.

Only one, small voice could break through my wonder and surprise.

“Grandaddy? Who's out there?”