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One day at the Cullen mansion could change everything. That day two people entered their lives. Enter Edward and Elizabeth Masen (Is a small AU story, but mostly it =follows Twilight's story line. All of the changed information happened pre-twilight. See story note to learn more. Thank you!)

Changes: Another vampire discovered the hospital in Chicago. He was building up a newborn army to claim his teritory back. Thinking that these people would not be missed, he took some from the hospital and changed them. Carlisle had sensed the vampire, and kept them away from the Masen family. But when someone, thinking they were dead, took Edward MAsen Senior away, the vampire changed him. The situation repeated with Elizabeth. Edward knows nothing of the vampire that was near the hospital. I own the Twilight fanfiction ideas in my crazy, Twilight-addicted head. I do not own the story they come from. That is all Stephenie Meyer's.

2. Renesmee

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Edward and Elizabeth's head snapped in the direction of the voice. Renesmee was right behind me with a curious look on her face. I turned and the two vampires saw the girl. They gasped.

“I had forgotten all about the heartbeat,” Mr. Masen whispered. It was only then did I truly take into account their red eyes.

I swooped down to my granddaughter's level and made my position to where I could restrain either of them if necessary. While Mr. Masen just seemed surprised and confused at my reaction, Elizabeth just stared in wonder at the girl.

“We are in control, Carlisle,” he said. He looked it, so I stood. Not to where it would be difficult for me to protect her, but to where I would show him that I believed him.

Elizabeth broke down.

The sobs coming from her broke my heart. She and her son looked so much alike, and I had always had a strong connection with the Masen family. Her husband kneeled beside her,asking her what was wrong. I noticed he spoke in the same manner he would of when his whole family was together. Before the influenza had struck. 1917.

“Her,” Elizabeth sobbed, pointing to Nessie. My granddaughter whimpered slightly, hiding behind me.

“No, no, child,” She whispered again. “Come.” Elizabeth held out her hand to Renesmee and slowly, warily, Nessie came. Elizabeth was, at the time, at Nessie's height, for she was on her knees. When Nessie was close enough, Elizabeth took her face in one hand and looked at it from many angles.

“How is it possible that you look so much like my son?” she asked aloud. Renesmee's head tilted to the side. She turned and held her hand out to me. I kneeled beside her as well, and let her hand rest on my cheek.

She showed me a picture of Edward, her father. She was wondering when he would be back. She was confused and afraid. She had never seen these vampires before, and she knew not all of our kind was good. Their red eyes did not help at all.

“Soon, Ness - .“ And then I heard him, running through the trees. I had to explain quickly.

“Your son is not dead,” I told them, stepping away from Nessie, who walked to the porch swing.

“I'm sorry?” asked Elizabeth who was looking towards the woods. She and her husband could hear him, too.

“You're son is alive.” That got their attention. I continued. “Only in the way that we are but alive, but alive all the same.”

“That's impossible,” Mr. Masen, whispered.

“I was the one who changed him. It is not impossible.” I turned to Elizabeth. “You yourself asked me to do what others couldn't for your Edward. I did. Edward was my first son.” Mr. Masen's eyebrows lowered at this.

“My family is a large one. Edward was the first I had. My first companion, my first son. Not biologically, obviously,” this did not calm down Edward's father, “but I call him that because I raised him from a newborn vampire to where he is now.” Elizabeth spoke next.

“My son is - ?”

“Here,” I said as he stepped out of the trees.