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One day at the Cullen mansion could change everything. That day two people entered their lives. Enter Edward and Elizabeth Masen (Is a small AU story, but mostly it =follows Twilight's story line. All of the changed information happened pre-twilight. See story note to learn more. Thank you!)

Changes: Another vampire discovered the hospital in Chicago. He was building up a newborn army to claim his teritory back. Thinking that these people would not be missed, he took some from the hospital and changed them. Carlisle had sensed the vampire, and kept them away from the Masen family. But when someone, thinking they were dead, took Edward MAsen Senior away, the vampire changed him. The situation repeated with Elizabeth. Edward knows nothing of the vampire that was near the hospital. I own the Twilight fanfiction ideas in my crazy, Twilight-addicted head. I do not own the story they come from. That is all Stephenie Meyer's.

4. Play some Ball

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“How is this possible?” Edward Senior's expression gave away his deep confusion. He glanced down at the ground, his concrete forehead wrinkling around his red eyes.

“Nothing can truly be explained about this family,” I answered. Once again, Mr. Masen's eyes glared at me, and I felt slightly ashamed. I felt as if I had taken his son away from him. My head dropped down slightly. I had no right.

“Carlisle.” Edward's voice brought me out of my small depression state. “You are just as much my father.” Mr. Masen looked hurt at his son's opinion.

“It's not an opinion,” Edward disagreed. “It's a right.” He looked at me and smiled slightly. “You've taken care of me for so many years, when my biological parents could no longer be with me. I can't ever thank you enough.”

I smiled at him. My son. He nodded his approval.

“You,” I explained, “are all I need. No thanks required.” He smiled at me, a son grinning at his father. I felt proud of what he had become. I felt proud to be a part of it. He stroked Bella's hair as she leaned against him.

“We are all a family,” Edward told his parents. He wasn't rude about it, but soft. Showing, through his eyes, his love and devotion to everyone he cares for. His family. His eyes suddenly traveled towards the house in a way that made me think he was partially rolling his eyes playfully.

“Yes,” he said, only slightly louder, “you may come out now, Renesmee.”

She came running out immediately, a bronze-haired blur to any human eye. She pounced on her mother as if she hadn't seen her in decades. Bella automatically wrapped her arms around her tiny daughter, and leaned against her husband.

“Hey, baby,” she said to Nessie.

“Mommy!” Nessie screamed back in excitement. Her face was buried in Bella's hair.

“A quick explanation?” Elizabeth's voice was curious and confused, but intrigued. She was admiring the granddaughter she thought could never exist. She was fascinated.

“It seems,” Edward replied, sounding slightly muffled as the result to being buried in Bella's hair, as well, “that the legend of an incubus is real.” From his expression – and because I know my son – I guessed that if it were possible, he would be blushing. His quick glance in my direction confirmed my assumption. I smiled a little, not able to hold it in any longer.

“Ah,” Elizabeth said, feeling obviously uncomfortable, as well. Her son suddenly smiled.

“What a wonderful idea, Alice,” he said in a normal tone, knowing Alice would understand and hear him clearly. His mouth curved into his half-smile, and turned to Bella and Renesmee.

“What is this idea?” Bella wondered. Nessie's head tilted to the side a little, a small trait she had inherited from her mother.

“Baseball.” Bella laughed. Renesmee clapped her hands in amusement.

The confused looks on the two newcomer's faces amazed me. Sometimes I forget how alone some of out kind are. The nomadic nature has never been my taste. I tend to become lonely easily.

“It's an American pastime,” Bella whispered. Edward smiled, and it seemed the rest of us had missed something. Bella giggled a little, and grabbed his hand.

“Come on, everyone!” As soon as Nessie's soprano voice hit the air, our family was outside, just as eager as always for a game.

“Alright,”Alice chirped. We raced to the field, Edward leading his parents, trailing behind ever so slightly, so they understood where we were going, and to explain a little on the way.

I could tell Elizabeth and Edward Sr. were confused. With the way they lived, this kind of behavior was alien to them. In a way, I believed it scared them.

But brings them hope. I could almost feel it emanating from them. They had their son, and I knew, once they began to know him again, how proud they would be of the man he'd become.

“Here we are,” Edward explained. He came to a stop beside me, Bella and Renesmee on his heels, and his parents on theirs.

“Such a human game,” Edward's father muttered.

“Oh, you have no idea.” We all turned to see Emmett throwing a baseball up I the air and catching it. He smiled.

“You ready to play some ball?”