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Garison, Jacob, and Nessie.

When Nessie decides to adopt two months before her and Jacob's wedding, will Jake accept or decline the little boy? ** Rated Adult for later chapters that may include sex. **


1. Chapter 1[Nessie/Garison]

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“Are you sure you want to do this, Nessie?” Momma asked me as we walked toward a small building at the end of our street. “Are you sure you’re ready?” she asked for what had to be the hundredth time since my seventh birthday, which was a week and two days ago. “Yes, Mom. I want to do this.” I did my best to assure her, though I myself was nervous. We approached the building, the children playing in front of it all turned their heads as we passed, stunned by our beauty. As we walked up the steps, I thought about what I was doing, was adopting a child the right thing to do now? How big of a turn would our lives take now? This was no time for questioning. Bella held open the door for me to walk inside, and I finally got to the front desk. Momma hung back, but was always ready if I needed some reassurance. The lady at the front desk stared at me for a moment before speaking in a dazed voice, “Uhm, hello, how may I help you?” I flashed her my father’s dazzling smile, “I was wanting to adopt a baby, where might the nursery be? I hope you don’t mind if I look around?” She seemed to regain a bit of reality. “It’s right around the corner there.” She pointed a shaky finger down the hallway. “Of course I don’t mind, you go right ahead.” I grinned again and motioned for my mother to follow me as I strolled down the hallway. I turned the corner and looked at the labels on the doors until I found one that said ‘Infant - Four Years’. That was what I wanted.


I was used to playing by myself, before my parents dropped me off here, I had been an only child. So it didn’t bother me when everyone gossiped and whispered about ‘the new kid’. Of course, they could have made me feel a little less.. stared at. The boys my age were both stunned and jealous of my supposed handsomeness. I had bronze, or golden, you could say, shaggy hair that fell in curls halfway down my ears. My deep eyes were chocolate brown, dark and knowing. The girls came up to me, for the first about five minutes, before they realized I was scared and shy. To be honest, I didn’t want anyone to talk to me. Much less play with me. Soon, I heard a lady call to me from the counter. “Garison, come here. It’s time for snacks!” I looked up, glaring at her with near black eyes. She quickly shifted her gaze, but I stared for a minute longer, She had a white top on, and a short pink skirt that matched her cheery attitude. I didn’t follow as the other children were called and they left. Too soon, snack time was over and the rest of the kids came out and sat in a circle to play Duck Duck Goose. I wasn’t included. And I didn’t want to be. All of the sudden, also to my surprise, two of the most beautiful women walked into the room, they smiled as their gazes shifted to the children playing. Only one woman looked towards me. As she saw my helpless eyes drift towards her, the smile disappeared. She nudged the other lady, they looked about the same age, though their features were somewhat different, and they both looked at me. It seemed that the one with copper hair muttered something to the brown haired lady, but her lips were moving in a blur. The brown haired lady soon walked towards the counter, while the copper haired lady stayed put. I saw the brown haired lady point to me while talking to the woman at the counter, and the woman at the counter nodded. The brown haired lady walked back to the copper haired lady, smiled, and nodded. The copper haired lady took a deep breath and walked towards me.