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Garison, Jacob, and Nessie.

When Nessie decides to adopt two months before her and Jacob's wedding, will Jake accept or decline the little boy? ** Rated Adult for later chapters that may include sex. **


2. Chapter 2[Nessie/Jacob]

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I brought in a deep breath, more for courage than need. The little guy was still staring at me. I gave him a small grin and walked over to him, holding my breath still. He was so adorable, gazing up at me with those big, dark, and knowledgeable eyes. “Did you need something?” he seemed to recover quickly from my ‘beauty’, or he was immune to it. “I might, what’s your name, little fella?” I smiled again. He grunted, “I’m Garison. What do they call you?” Garison. Hmm, ‘call you’? It was like he knew I went by a nickname. “My name’s Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie.” At this, he finally smiled. I might actually be able to get to this kid. “You’re the Loch Nessie Monster?” He laughed in higher pitched vocals. I giggled with him, “I guess so. Hey, do you want to come play with me? At my house? If you like it, you can stay with me, and if you absolutely hate it,” I put on a silly angry face, “you can come back here!” He giggled again, “Let’s try it.” I smiled and took his hand. We soon were on our way home.


I paced up and down the living room of mine and Nessie’s new house. When would Nessie get back? She texted me ten minutes ago saying she’d be back soon, and with a surprise. Only Nessie and her parents knew what was going on, and they kept it a secret from everyone else. I gazed out the window as two very recognizable people became visible through the glass. But.. Someone else was with them, someone that was very small, and possibly very young. They finally reached the door, and I opened it for them, “Hey Nessie, Bells.” I put on a grin. The little boy with them had to tilt his head way back to look at my face. He stared up at me with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. “Hey Jacob!” Nessie’s smile reached her ears. Well, nearly. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my chest. I smiled even wider and half hugged her back, but, I was still distracted. “And who’s this?” Nessie backed away, and Bella finally spoke, “Jake, meet Garison.” I turned to the little boy and crouched down. “Hey buddy, I’m Jacob.” I held out my hand, and he took it. “Hiya, Jake. I’m Garison, you can call me Gars.” He was really sweet for a little boy that just met me. Usually they back away in fear. We entered the house and I shut the door behind Nessie, as Bella decided to leave. “Well, Gars,” I spoke as I took a seat on the recliner, and as Nessie and Garison sat on the couch, “How old are you?” He sank down into the couch and said, “I just turned four.” He spoke in such a boasting voice that I had to laugh, “You’re a big boy, aren’t ya?” He sat up straight and tall, as if to prove it, and nodded. “How long are you going to be staying?” Nessie answered that one. “He can stay as long as he likes.”