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Garison, Jacob, and Nessie.

When Nessie decides to adopt two months before her and Jacob's wedding, will Jake accept or decline the little boy? ** Rated Adult for later chapters that may include sex. **


3. Chapter 3[Nessie/Garison]

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It was nearly nine o’clock when I finally got Gars to bed. As I walked into mine and Jake’s bedroom, I grinned. Jacob was already in bed, and waiting for me. I sighed, “Nice first day, huh?” We had taken Garison to the park and played for an hour or two. “Yeah, it was fun.” Jake said, distracted. I swiftly got into the bed, and snuggled under the covers. “What is it, babe?” I asked, confused. He sighed, and pulled me into his arms, his blazing chest against my cheek. “I’m just.. Thinking. Why would you decide something so important, so young? Your physical age is only eighteen, if not higher already, and your real age is just turned seven! Why do you want to commit to something like this?” I lifted my head and looked into his eyes, the near same eyes that my new ‘son’ had. His eyebrows pulled together as I answered. “I know I can make a difference in this little boy’s life. He’s convinced that no one wants him, and I need to show him that’s not true. ..I want him.” Jake grinned just a little, and chuckled. “We’ll keep him then.” I smiled and brought my head up to kiss him. He responded quickly and pulled me higher, to deepen the kiss. He was passionate, and I loved him. He started to bring his hand down my side, but I stopped him and broke the kiss. “Not tonight, hun. In a couple of days, we’ll let Garison sleep over at Grandpa’s house. Then it’ll be time for that.” Jake moaned and pulled my chest closer to his. “Tomorrow?” I asked, confident he couldn’t resist. “Ugh, fine, Ness. Tomorrow.” I smiled.

-------------------Next Day-------------------

I smiled at Jake as he opened the car door for me, then lifted me up and sat me on a booster chair on the back seat. Nessie stood in the doorway, leaning on the side panel, and waved good bye. “Have a great time, boys!” Jacob finally smiled, “We will.” he said confidently. Jake was taking me down to a lake so he could teach me how to fish. I was very happy that I got to spend time with him, it would be fun. When we got there, there was a dock that went a little ways out over the lake and two fishing poles, and a box. As we walked across the grass, and onto the dock, I became confused. “What is in the box, Jake?” “Bait. Or tackle, for a more appropriate term. It’s what you put on the end of the line, and it attracts the fish.” he explained. “Ooohh. Okay.” Before Jake let me get on the dock, he put on a blue life jacket. “Just in case you fall in.” He joked, grinning. We had baited our hooks, and Jacob cast the lines out, when I asked, “Is Nessie your wife?” He smiled at my curiosity. “Not yet, bud. She will be in two month and five days. August 23rd. Since you’re asking me questions, do you like it here so far?” I giggled in delight, “I love it! And that means that if I stay, I don’t just get a mommy, but I get a daddy too!” Jake chuckled and ruffled my hair, “I guess so.” Then something started to pull on the end of my line, and I gasped. Jake saw my line moving and quickly set his rod down and put his hands over mine. We yanked on the line and reeled it as fast as possible. It was a turtle! I laughed at the little guy, he was about the size of my hand, but he still made a big pull. Jake took him off of the hook, and he hid in his shell. Jacob chuckled, “What’re ya gonna name him?” I gasped again, “I get to keep him?!” Jake shrugged, “ I guess. What’s his name?” I jumped up in happiness, “His name is.. Mmmm, what about Cade?” Jake smiled, “Sounds great.” We put Cade in a styrofoam box and drove home to an awaiting Nessie.