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The rain can be helpful!

Jacob/Leah! Jacob is depressed about Bella 'leaving' but he finds comfort in a friend until he thinks it could be more... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. the XBOX!!!

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The rain pattered against my window with a beautiful twinkle that was rather soothing. I listened to the rain and the noises of the television my father was engrossed in. I watched as the small jewels fell from the grey clouds above. There was a slight dreaminess about this scene. I was in my bed, watching and listening the occasional car would slosh past, through the puddles. I had never left my bedroom since Bella left, well she did not leave she changed, so to me she left. Some of the boys would come around and persuade me that i needed to get out and forget about her. Sometimes, Leah would come over and explain everything to me in her way, since she was able to sympathize with me. Everyone always says that she was so bitchy to him, but to me she understands. I can trust her opinion and such. I would occasionally go out for something at the corner shop and i would bump into her, she didn’t look at me the way the others did, she looked at me as her annoying brothers friend, and would use the general chat, like; how you doing? And how is Billy? Nothing like the others, they would look at me with surprise and sympathy. Sometimes people in the street i do not know will look at me and tilt the head in sympathy.

Seth would come over too; he wanted me out and hanging with Embry, Quil and himself. He always says he is getting worried, once he even tried to bribe me out of the house, he is a good kid. Just like his big sister. Dad has left the house now, so i am alone; thinking about all the things i am messing about with. I get out of bed and go to my window, i open it and let the rain find my face, as i look down the see the odd person walking past, and I notice Leah walking past the house with a sad look on her face. She was hunched over protection her body from the rain, her hood was up but slightly so i could see her face, her hair at the front was all wet but glistened the raven black colour. Her head tilted up to my window, she looked shocked to see me standing there, watching over her. Instead of running, she waved her hand, telling me to come down and open the door. I went down stairs and met with Leah, coming through the door. She sounded cold as she spoke to me,

“How are you doing? You watching me like a stalker?” she said, raising her eyes in the direction of the bedroom. I let a laugh escape my lips as i said,

“Well, i could be or it could be coincidence that i got up just as you were walking past?” She smiled at me, letting me see all her pure white teeth, which evened out her colour. She took her jacket off and hung it on the hanger.

“Can i watch TV? Seth has taken over the TV with his Christmas present; the XBOX!” i laugh as i nod, we trudge through to the living room and sit down on the sofa, i was sitting slouched where she sat across with her head in my lap. We were watching friends, a great cure for feeling down. We were laughing when my father came home, as he rolled his chair into the living room he had a smile on his face when he heard us laughing,

“Hey, kids? What you up to?” he asks bypassing us and going straight to the kitchen,

“Seth over took the TV so i came around to watch TV with Jake, is that alright, Billy?” Leah called through.

“That is more than alright, Lee.” My dad never called Leah, Leah it was always Lee or Louby Lou.

“Thanks.” We watched another two hours of comedy, we laughed and we cried with laughter. My dad went back out to go to some Elders Meeting, so it was back to the two of us, Leah sitting with her head on my lap and me playing with her now dry hair. I felt more comfortable with Leah than i did with anyone else; even Bella. I like Leah. It became regular for her to come over. We grew closer and closer until i totally forgot Bella.