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It was Too Good to be True...

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Leah, has loved Jacob since she was going out with Sam. Only now has she found the guts to tell him and vice versa. But as all love stories go, something will go wrong! Check out the problems these two love puppies face and how they face it! together or apart? This will be a mixed story of Point of views, but it is a chapter per view!

In this fanfiction, Jacob and Leah will go through many things - good and bad. We are contemplating whether to take it through to a very late stage or keep it as they are young? we are edging towards taking it 'further.' There will be love and Anger - hatred and admiration, maybe even some Cullens! We hope you enjoy this. we are vouching for over 10 chapters, anymore means we enjoy writing this one! We would be very grateful, if you take the time to feedback to us and tell us what you think and hope for... Thank you.

1. "Hello pumpkin!"

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I needed to play with something; thread. Hair? I was standing in front of Sam, letting him confront me about his sudden obsession with my cousin and his undying love that he suddenly felt for her. I could not understand, he loved me. He even said so. He was standing with his back to me as he looked out upon the water; his face was in a deep furrow of thought. The real Sam inside was desperate to come out. Nevertheless, Sam did not want to hurt or scare me. His eyes narrowed, confusion lacing his mind and suffocating his thoughts as he stared out.

“Sam? Do you really mean it?” i asked after a while of taking him in as a very different person, he turned on the ball of his foot and strode right up to me and stood looking deep into my eyes. I was not sure what he would see, possibly something on the lines of scared, unsure and maybe even broken. However, he never said anything he just pulled me into a warm embrace.

Today was the second anniversary of our break up, and I daydreamed about it all day. I had a horrible sick feeling in my stomach as i thought about the amount of times, i let him touch me, kiss me, feed me; thousands of lies that only meant nothing in the end. Shivers of ecstasy shot up my spine as i pulled the small box of valuable goods i kept since i was a little girl, out from beneath my bed. I had kept many things that had a significance mark in my life.

As i lifted myself up from hanging over, i saw a tall figure of a man at my door,


“Hello pumpkin!”

I jumped up and ran over to him, but as i approached him, he smiled and put his arms out towards me but then disappeared. I stood in the doorway looking down my empty, dark hallway. I had been hallucinating my father all week. It was as if he wanted to get in touch with me. I have never told my mother about the hallucinations since she is sensitive on the subject, and i don't want to upset her anymore than she already is. I turned with my head low, back to my little box. I sat on the bed, listening to the music that was lightly playing in the background. I lifted the old lid, letting it creek open like an old door's hinge. As i opened it, the first thing that caught my eye, was a small pendant that made me smile. It belonged to my great grandmother. Before she passed, she told my grandmother to pass it down the females in the family every time they die. My mother never liked it so she just passed it to me anyway. I played with the beautiful water blue pendant, fiddling it in between my fingers, imagining where it was a hundred years, possibly on my great great grandmother’s neck. I thought about the dresses she might wear and what she would be doing. I was brought back down to the earth when i heard the tapping of knuckles on my doorframe, i look up to see a boy standing in my doorway, he had an upturned smile on his face and was slouched against the frame.

“Can i come in? Lee?” he asked as he pushed off the frame. I looked at him with a ghostly smile toying with my lips. I nodded my head as he walked into my bedroom and sat down on my bed next to me.

“What is that Leah? It looks pretty expensive?” he said, eyeing the pendant in my hand, in which i was still rubbing with my thumb. His face was still unhappy, but i knew that he would say something sooner rather than later.

“Well, my past grandmothers owned it and passed it down. I do not know what the significance is. It is about a couple of hundred years old.”

“Oh, yeah. That is nothing. You should get that checked and find out things about it. That would be a cool adventure.” He said looking between the pendant and me. Jacob looked up at me and gave a smile that told me, he would enjoy that.

“Well, if you really want to. But i don’t really mind that much, to me it is a very old necklace that was worn around my grandmothers neck.” I shrugged, while the smile in Jacobs face slumped. He moved close and took it off me, to examine it, i expect.

“So, Why you up here? Why aren’t you with my amazing little brother?” i asked sarcastically, he looked up when i described Seth as ‘amazing.’ Jacob had really grown up in the last couple of months, since the last time i really looked at him, which was when i began to care for him after i healed from the vampire attack, last autumn. His face had grown more angular, whereas his jaw had given the manlier look about it as it softened at the end. His skin was the beautiful, ochre brown when he catches the sun, as i take him in i notice that he is missing his top, since he must have just phased, but the skin on his muscles looked so thin; you could see every contour of his abs. I look up at him and see him smiling; i compose myself before he asks,

“What is wrong with you, lee? You never act like that! Anyway, i am not hanging about with your ‘amazing’ brother because he is not that ‘amazing’ on call of duty; world at war. And i was getting impatient.” He smirked. I laughed as he did the ‘bunny ears’ every time he said amazing. I look into his eyes to see that is not the only reason he is up here; i could sense that there was regret and guilt in his eyes.

“Jacob... what is really the matter, since i have a funny feeling that isn’t the only reason you are with me?” i blurt out, regretting it instantly because the amount of different emotions that flash across his face, worried me; anger, pain, guilt, love, heart broken, distraught, sadness and many more. He smiles at me with a different meaning; predator, came first to mind. He began moving closer, like a wolf stalking the deer, i felt very much in the same position as the poor little deer. He moves closer and closer until he is hovering over me with a smile of satisfaction and contentment.

“Leah, did you ever think that i would come up here without a reason?” he said as his head lowered, so our noses were merely touching. I could smell his breath as it blew on my face, it was sweet and comforting. I gulped but answered with a whispered,

“No.” He laughed as he pulled away and i let out a big sigh. Just as he moved back to his position, Seth barged into my room, startling Jacob, and myself

“Seth! Have you ever heard of knocking?” i asked, still recovering from Jacobs advance, leaning on the lower parts of my arm as i am sitting on the bed.

“Sorry, Leah! Jacob, can you please teach me how to play the game. I am so shit at it!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands up into the air. I looked at Jacob who was looking at Seth with the look of ‘what the hell?’ I let out a sudden burst of giggles; they both turned to me with the look of ‘is she insane?’ I could not stop and Seth backed out quickly and closed the door while Jacob stayed on my bed looking at me with the look of understanding.

“You did that on purpose!” he accused, but smiling at me with a hint of gratefulness.

“I hadn’t finished with you, had i?” i explained. I moved off my bed to sit on his lap. I looked at his mouth and then both eyes before i closed mine and pressed my lips against his. He moved my lips. With gentleness, he moved us, so my head was placed on the pillows as he adjusted himself next to me on the bed. My fingers managed to get caught in his hair as his hands stayed on my back and around the back of my neck. We broke for air reluctantly but resumed as quick as possible. We made out until i heard a car pulling into the drive, and knew instantly it was mom (i can tell the difference between my mom’s car and others). I sat up as Jacob lay on his back, with an arm behind his head and the other aimlessly playing with my hair. He seemed to be in a trance as he watched his fingers play with the loose strands of my hair.

“Jacob? That is my mom! What are we going to do?” i asked frantically, getting off the bed and fixing my hair in the vanity mirror. He seemed a little too relaxed, until he spoke and i could see why he was calm.

“Where is your little box thing?” i looked at him in the mirror, what was he thinking.


“Show me things, like something that reminded you of my father or even better my mother! so that it looks like you have called me up here to see something of my family! ” i found the box at the bottom of the bed. I searched through looking for the picture of his mom and mine sitting on the beach, they were talking before i interrupted them. I handed it to Jacob, simultaneously my mom knocked on the door.

“Come in mom!” i said, i noticed that Jacob had sorted his hair and was now sitting up looking at his mother, his eyes studied the photo with much precision. My door opened and i was met with my mother, smiling. Her eyes first spotted Jacob sitting on the bed and she did her famous eyebrow raise, when she is wary of something happening.

“Hello, Jacob? Leah.”


“Hi, mom.” We said together. She looked between us, and announced that tea will be in twenty minutes, she invited Jacob to stay and he accepted. Once my mom left, i looked at Jacob and sniggered as he did. He walked over to me and handed my photo back and just smiled. He knelt down next to me on the floor, resuming to playing with my hair but this time he tucked the loose strand that hung in front of my behinf my left ear and let his hand linger down my jawline causing tingling where his fingers left,

“Why not after tea, you and i go to the beach?” He asked me. I turned to him and gave a nod and a smile as i placed his photo back into the safe box.