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It was Too Good to be True...

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Leah, has loved Jacob since she was going out with Sam. Only now has she found the guts to tell him and vice versa. But as all love stories go, something will go wrong! Check out the problems these two love puppies face and how they face it! together or apart? This will be a mixed story of Point of views, but it is a chapter per view!

In this fanfiction, Jacob and Leah will go through many things - good and bad. We are contemplating whether to take it through to a very late stage or keep it as they are young? we are edging towards taking it 'further.' There will be love and Anger - hatred and admiration, maybe even some Cullens! We hope you enjoy this. we are vouching for over 10 chapters, anymore means we enjoy writing this one! We would be very grateful, if you take the time to feedback to us and tell us what you think and hope for... Thank you.

2. "How Long?"

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We had chips and steak for tea. Jacob sat next to me and mom and Seth were opposite us, we ate and talked about our day. I would be talking when i would feel his hand run along the side of my thigh and i would try to ignore it, but he would lighten his touch causing me to fidget and draw the attention to me. I would do my best to ignoring it, and then he would start to work up my hip and i would slyly swat his hand away. My mom kept watching between us, although she never said anything, but i had a funny feeling she knew something was up, whereas Seth was oblivious and kept talking about the XBOX game he had. Once tea had finished, Jacob and i did the dishes, he would occasionally pass me and run his hand across the lower of my back causing me to shiver, or splash him with the soapy water. We would laugh, and joke about everything until Seth shouted through,

“Would you please, stop flirting i am trying to watch T.V.” i looked at Jacob, stunned for the fact that my brother keyed in so quickly. Jacob burst out laughing as i stood there. Once the dishes were done, we escaped to walk along the beach with each other. We held one another’s hand as i had my other hand filled with my shoes. It was twilight. The longest time of the evening, this time was the worst for us, werewolves. But since we were in human form, we were happy maundering along at our own pace.

“Jacob, can i ask you something?” i asked after a while of silence. It was different with Jacob- i felt comfortable with the silence, because i knew Jacob was thinking about things that were most likely to involve me. Whereas with Sam- i found it very difficult with him, since he was mostly thinking about being a wolf and all the meeting s he had with my dad and Quil’s grandfather.

“Sure, lee go ahead,” he answered, continuing to hold my hand, we walked towards the rising moon,

“How long?” he knew instantly what i was talking about because his hand went a little limp even though he kept holding it.

“I don’t want to scare you.” He answered, looking down at me. I could faintly see his face from the moonlight, which emphasized all the beautiful spots of his perfect face.

“What do you mean? Ok, were you at school when it started?” i asked him, he looked at me with a smile that could knock a thousand girls over at once.

“Yeah, i was in first year, when i really felt it for you.” That was four years ago. He has loved me for about four years.

“Jacob? You have loved me for four years! And you never said anything!” i was shocked that i had just realised that i had stopped.

“It’s is no biggy, Lee! And yeah it has been.” He said, continuing to walk. I had let him think that i did not like him for four whole years. I felt bad.

“Jacob...” i stood on my tiptoes as i pressed my lips to his and let myself lose myself in his scent, “i have liked you since i got with Sam. I only did that to see if you would retaliate. But you didn’t, so i really started to notice Sam.” He looked at me with a pained expression.

“I never knew that. However, i am so good at covering my emotions with the blasé me. Nevertheless, Leah i was hurting and felt rather rejected when i started in secondary, seeing you with him. But i knew he would hurt you one way or the other, i knew and that is why i am here now.” He actually did care for me. He was hurt when i stupidly started with Sam. I had not noticed but it had started to rain and it was getting cold, i looked up into the clouds and drops letting them fall onto my hot face, it was nice. I could hear Jacob laughing; i looked back up at him, to see him looking at me in awe, as the rain fell down my face.

“You, look really sexy in the rain!” He said, pulling me closer to him. He looked down at me with beauty and love pouring out his eyes; i was so engrossed in his eyes that i never noticed Jared and Kim approaching us, until they called over.

“Jacob! You and Leah are a pair. Not a bad choice brother!” i could faintly hear Jared saying in the background. Jacob had turned to welcome Jared and Kim, but i continued to etch every contour of Jacobs face on to my brain.

“Leah!” i heard Kim shout to me. I shook my head and turned to Kim, she was smiling a goofy smile as she stood with her arms crossed and slanting slightly. “Are you finished goggling?”

Instead of answering such a bad question, i just nodded. She laughed, as did Jacob and Jared. I could feel my face going bright red as i let out a slight laugh. We spoke for a couple of minutes until they informed us that they were going to visit Jared’s mom. We walked in the opposite direction. Jacob all of a sudden stopped; he turned to me and looked straight in my eyes.

“Leah, i love... you. I love you!” he said hesitant at first, then more confident as he confirmed it. I let a big smile on my face as he pulled me into him in the warmest hug. He pulled my face up to his with his finger under my chin, then pressed his lips against mine with so much force, i was thankful now for being a wolf. His hands clasped my face as mine, were on the small of his back pulling him closer into me. He gave me one long kiss, followed by a flurry of short ones after.

“Jacob... i love you too!” i said, he laughed as he spun me in the rain. It felt too good to be true right now.