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It was Too Good to be True...

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Leah, has loved Jacob since she was going out with Sam. Only now has she found the guts to tell him and vice versa. But as all love stories go, something will go wrong! Check out the problems these two love puppies face and how they face it! together or apart? This will be a mixed story of Point of views, but it is a chapter per view!

In this fanfiction, Jacob and Leah will go through many things - good and bad. We are contemplating whether to take it through to a very late stage or keep it as they are young? we are edging towards taking it 'further.' There will be love and Anger - hatred and admiration, maybe even some Cullens! We hope you enjoy this. we are vouching for over 10 chapters, anymore means we enjoy writing this one! We would be very grateful, if you take the time to feedback to us and tell us what you think and hope for... Thank you.

3. Oops!

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We made it home by half past three the next morning; the house was silent as we sneaked in. Jacob and i had stayed in the beach since the night before. We shared our secrets with one another and told each other countless times that we loved one another. Once we realised it was of such a late hour we decided to go back to Jacobs’s house and have a drink, since his father was spending the night with a lonely Charlie Swan in Forks. We drank and watched a number of programmes that were on the television.

When we sneaked into the house, it had an eerie feeling of silence surrounding it, even though Mom and Seth was presumably asleep, it was still weird. Jacob and i snuck up to my bedroom and passed out instantly. I dreamt of many wonderful things that night, but mostly Jacob. I saw him in many different lights; boyfriend, fiancé, husband, father, alpha. Everything i thought about always had the consequence of imprinting. My dreams were always downed by the thought of having to give him up if either of us imprints. I woke up with tears rushing down my flustered cheeks, my heart was pounding and my head hurt. As I sat up, i noticed the beautiful person sleeping next to me. His breathing was deep but silent. I watched his body rise then sink; this calmed me. I looked over at the clock to see it was telling me that the time was forty- three minutes past seven in the morning. I decided it was acceptable enough to get up and get dressed. As i climbed out my double bed, i grabbed my toiletries from my vanity, and made my way to the bathroom next to my room – leaving my door ajar, i looked back to see Jacob still sound as the angel he is. I switched the water on and undressed myself to go into the shower. As i climbed in, it felt amazing, as the water beat against my back, i suddenly felt calmed and relaxed.

I climbed out the shower after switching the water off. It felt like i was in there for a lifetime, i checked with the tips of my fingers to see they looked like old shrivelled prunes. This made me laugh. As i dried myself i could hear footsteps walking past the door, it could have been anyone since the bathroom was centre in the hallway. I towelled my hair after putting my Clarins moisturiser on, i gathered my shorts and spaghetti strapped PJ top. I returned to my bedroom, opening the door slightly so that no one outside could see in, i could see that Jacob had only moved so that he was facing the door, his face was smooth as he slept. I placed my PJ’s under my pillow, to then go and sit at my vanity and blow-dry my hair, i watched my hair and Jacob occasionally in the mirror, and he seemed unnerved by the noise. It was quite nice seeing him, lying there dreaming about God knows what, but he still looked peaceful. As i finished doing my hair, i saw him moving again. He looked like an over grown child in my bed. Then he mumbled something incoherent to my ears, i only knew because i saw slight movement on his mouth. I sat at the mirror, doing my hair, my makeup and then watching Jacob. I looked at my clock it was ten o’clock. I decided to go and sit next to him on the bed. I thought about my dream as i played pointlessly with his hair. I had thought of Jacob as a husband and a father. I remember looking at him; he had had the bags beneath his eyes like most new parents. His smile was weak, but the love in his eyes was so much stronger, than before. As i looked down to his arms, i saw a small bundle of pink blanket wrapping the smallest angel i had ever seen. She had a full head of pitch-black hair that crowned her head perfectly, her features were so slender and delicate looking, suddenly they disappeared and i was in the forest, running. I could hear howling behind and in front of me. it was awfully bright, then at the same instant i was standing with Jacob as he looked at me, he mouthed the words ‘i do.’ That was when i jolted awake crying. I tried to think about the reasons i was crying, when i heard a deep, husky dried voice speak up to me,

“Good morning, honey.” I looked down with the biggest smile on my face; he was stretching his arms out in front of him that was when I noticed his muscles rolling around his arms. It made me smile, when i knew he was mine and mine only. He noticed my smile and looked at me with pride.

“Are you impressed? Sweetheart?” he asked, pulling himself up, so he was sitting next to me, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him, he smelt of earth, me and rain. It was a nice combination.

“I am very impressed with my boyfriend’s body!” i said, running my hand over his stomach, as i told him. I watched his eyes as i leaned towards him, before i could go any further he moved in an crushed my lips with his. His mouth was warm but tasted of beer still. However, that did not stop me getting enough. We broke for air, when i heard my mother calling for me.

“Leah! Honey! We are going out shopping, do you need anything?” my mother was always supportive of her nineteen (Life) year old daughter living in the same room she stayed in when she was six months old.

“Mom! Can you get me Lemon water!” i called back from the balcony above the stairs, Jacob seemed unconcerned by me running out the room, he lay on the bed taking me in from a distance.

“OK, darling. We will see you in an hour!” With that, i heard the front door quietly close. My mother was never into banging the doors closed, she was quiet that way. I trotted back through to my bed room and sat next to Jacob on the bed,

“So where were we?” he asked as he moved closer again. We were there for a good half an hour, before i told him he had better get a shower, before my mom comes home.

As he went into the bathroom, i went downstairs to get something to eat. I had a bowl of cereal nearly finished, when he strode into the living room and planking himself down next to me; he wrapped me around him as we watched the T.V. i felt so happy there.

Hours passed, mom was in and out again while Jacob and i sat and watched T.V. Mom seemed suspicious again when she saw how close Jacobs arm was to me, thankfully she never said anything.

“Lee, are we a couple like what Jared had said last night on the beach?” he asked unexpectedly. I had to think about it, i wanted to be but i was not sure if he was.

“Well... do you want to be my dude?” i asked, he sat there in deep thought as he gazed at me, you could tell he was thinking his eyes were jumping from my left eye to my right.

“Yeah. I want to be your guy!” he finally said, i finally released the breath i had not noticed i was holding. I looked deep into his eyes watching me, watching him. There was no sudden change of emotion, but it did change from certainty to confusion.

“And i want to be your girl!” i said, jumping up and sitting in his lap, i planted a kiss on his cheeks then his lips; he was surprised but caught on rather quickly. As we... made out, Seth walked in.

“GUYS! I knew it! You are going out!” he shouted, as Jacob and i bounced away from one another, shocked at the sudden outburst.

“Seth! What are you playing at? Never do that again!” Jacob shouted at Seth as he walked over to him, standing in the doorway with a blank expression on his face. I was standing by the sofa, rubbing my forehead.

“Jacob, what are you doing to my big sister? Dude, you aren’t...” Seth left hanging. Jacob had the reddest face i had ever seen on him. He took a deep breath in and explained to Seth.

“Mate, i am dating your sister...” he turned to me, for guidance, “Leah and i have realised something so big...”

“Yeah, bro. I have loved Jacob since... well you know when. So it was time i did something about it. D’ya know?” i finished, relieving Jacob of all the explaining to do, now to my mom and his dad. He gave me a grateful smile as Seth digested this in his mind.

“So... Jacob is now going to be my brother- in- law?” trust Seth to take it a little too far.

“Em... Seth, we haven’t got that far yet!” Jacob interjected, as i must have had the look of ‘kill’ spread on my face.

“Oh, ok! Well you had better tell mom and your dad! And the packs before i do!” he laughed as he said it. As he walked out, he returned to his blasé self. Jacob and i stood flabbergasted for the next twenty minutes. We now have to tell everyone!