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What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Companions story to 'A Time of Darkness'. Emmett and Bella escape to Vegas when everyone but Carlisle, Emmett, And Jasper are hunting. This is what happens in Vegas. Go-Karting, clubbing, poker-playing. They do it all. Two-shot.

funny story of what Emmett can get Bella to do in Vegas

1. Hottie With A Body

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Bellas POV

Emmett checked us into a hotel and whispered – “Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

We walked into the hotel, and it was the most extravagant place I’ve ever stayed. There was a huge plasma TV on one side of the room, and a large black leather couch right across the room from it. All the furniture in this room was modern. There was a gaming system hooked up to the TV and what looked like 100 games right beside it. There was a bedroom with a bed the size of my room, another huge TV and other pieces of furniture. There were two bathrooms (one connected to the master bedroom, one outside the living room), and a kitchen. The whole hotel room screamed modern. I just stood there awed; I didn’t know such hotel rooms existed.

“Come on Bells” Emmett urged, “We have to start our day – well night – gambling!” He started pulling me to the door. “I have a game plan, I’ll scare the wits out of the card players, and you’ll turn on your charm, and they won’t want to beat you. We’ll practically be millionaires by the end of the night!” He was bubbling with enthusiasm; he had that whole Cheshire cat grin going for him. I grudgingly walked out of the door. I would do this; for him; but I didn’t have to enjoy it.

We walked into the casino, and I was in shock. I couldn’t even muster up a squeak. There were bright lights and noises of people losing and winning everywhere. It was insane. Emmett had to practically knock me out to get me out of my trance. He gave me a look that clearly said ‘come on, I need you to win this money’. I shook out of my state, and followed Emmett to a table. Texas Hold ‘Em. I didn’t know how he thought this was going to work, one: I had never gambled in my life, two: I had no luck whatsoever.

The table Emmett found was perfect, all the people there were relatively weak, and only one girl, the rest boys. I didn’t exactly know how to “woo” the people. But I figured if I could do it to Jacob, I could do it to strangers. We started our plan.

“Bells, it’s now time to turn up the heat.” He whispered winking at me. Oh boy, was I in for a night or what?

I walk up to the table, trying to put some “oomph” into my walk. “Hey boys,” I say winking, “I was wondering if I could join you? For you know, a little game of cards?” I ask, in what I hope is a sensual tone of voice. It seemed to be working; they just kind of stared in awe.

Finally one of them stutters out, “uh, yea, sure… have a, um, seat.” Whilst gesturing to one of the empty seats at the table.

Emmett decides it’s his turn to make his move. He saunters up to the table, looking as big as possible. “Hold the game, I’m joining.” He says in a rough voice. He glares at everyone (but me) at the table. I felt very sorry for everyone. This glare would scare of a starved bear after waking up from hibernation. He gruffly pulls up a chair right next to me.

Okay, so now we were in, but one problem – I don’t know how to play.

I whisper to Emmett in a voice only a vampire could hear. “Okay, now what do I do? I can’t play cards?!” I started to raise my voice at the end. Some of the players turned to look at me. I gave them a “sexy” smile. Emmett glared.

After a few rounds of my flirting and Emmett’s threats, there was only one person other than us left, and he was running down fast. Emmett talked me through the game, telling me when to fold, call, and so on. We had run the last guy dry, and once he was out, I decided I was done.

“Hmm, I’m getting really tired right now. And I’m just gonna get out while I’m up.” I said, throwing in a yawn for good emphasis. “Thanks for letting me play.” I turned to look at the guys that were watching. I then decided I had played my part well enough, and got up. Emmett followed.

“WOW! NICE JOB SIS!” Emmett bellowed whilst hi-fiving me. We made our way out of the casino and back to our hotel room. “WOOHOO! We totally destroyed them, pummeled them, cut them to pieces and –“

“Emmett, I get it!” I said with excitement. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I had enjoyed myself. But…I missed Edward terribly.

I think Emmett noticed, cause he had already decided our next plans. “Come on sis! We’re going clubbing!” He exclaimed pulling out a short, light blue dress, with a v-neck, and a silver belt cinching at the waist. It was the color that Edward said looked best with my eyes. But how had Emmett gotten this? I laughed when I thought of Emmett going up to the cashier with this dress in hand.

Emmett looked at me incredulously, and then realizing what I was laughing at shook his head in horror. “No, no, you see, Alice when I called her, told me she had the perfect dress for you up in her room, so I went to go get it. I DID NOT buy this. I swear.” He was speeding up as he was talking, trying to get the words out as fast as possible. But I was already on the ground with laughter.

“Come on, go and get dressed.” He said in a gruff voice. I decided he’d been through enough humility and grabbed the dress and went into the bathroom to change. The dress fit me perfectly. And if it weren’t for the fact that I hated dresses, and didn’t want to go clubbing. I would have liked this. God, Emmett was going to owe me BIG TIME for this one. I was still grumbling to myself when I walked out of the bathroom door.

Emmett let out a dog whistle, “Whew, Bella, you look HOT!” he said appreciatively, “If I weren’t married to Rose, and if Edward wasn’t going to kill me. I’d jump you right here, right now.” I blushed in embarrassment at his praise, which just made him break down in laughter. “Now,” he said, “for something that will REALLY give me something to laugh about.”

I was confused, and horrified. I didn’t want to know what would make him really laugh. It was probably something to do with my misery. And do my dismay it was, it was stilettos with white ribbons that would make their way up to my ankle.

“Oh no Emmett, oh no.” I said, walking backwards and trying not to trip.

“Oh yes Bella, oh yes.” He said with a big smile. He was by my side in a second, “its okay Bella, I’ll keep a hold of you all night; mostly. Except for when I first put them on you, luckily I’ve lived with Rose and Alice long enough to know how to get these on.” He said with a smile and picked me up and threw me on the bed. He grabbed my foot and began putting on my shoe; well deathtrap was a more appropriate word for it.

“There we are!” Emmett exclaimed looking pleased with himself. He grabbed my hand and helped me off the bed. “Well, Ms. Swan, you are looking quite hot if I do say so myself! Totally a hottie with a smoking body” He said grinning. “Go check yourself out in the bathroom.” I knew this was his way of seeing me fall. And he was in luck, within the first two steps I was on the floor. He was on the floor with laughter, I just glared at him.

I looked in the bathroom, and was actually surprised, I didn’t look half bad. Hm, I wonder what Edward would think if he saw me. Speaking of Edward and him thinking, what is he gonna think of my little Vegas trip. He would probably wonder why I was doing this. Which got me thinking, why was I doing this? Maybe it was because I needed a major change of pace…. But no, I knew myself. I hate this kind of stuff. I was doing this purely for Emmett. But why did I have to do this for him? Then it hit me, I was doing this because I felt like I needed a good memory of him. Things always happen to those I love, and if something bad happens to him, I need a good memory of him.

“Bella, stop staring at yourself, your worse than Rosalie!” Emmett suddenly called from the bedroom.

“Psh, Rosalie makes Kanye West look modest.” I said walking out. Emmett grabbed my hand and walked me to the door.

We were at a really flashy building in five minutes. Emmett helped me out of the car and walked me to the door. This place looked fancy – in a gaudy, flashy, club way. The bouncer checked our name off the list and opened a rope to let us in. Wow, this place was huge, with flashing lights, and loud music, and a bar with every single type of alcohol in the universe. If aliens had their own brand of alcohol, it made its way into this bar. Emmett dragged me to the dance floor, and when we were right in the middle, I froze. Crap! How could I forget my lack of the ability to dance.

Emmett must have saw my expression cause he said “Just step on my feet, and it will be okay.”

We danced, for a few hours. And I was extremely tired. There was no clock, anywhere. I didn’t care what time it was. I was tired, and I wanted to go home.

“Emmett, I’m really tired, I’m dead on my feet, and I was to go back to the hotel.” I mumbled. My eyelids were closing, and fast. It was a fight to keep them open. I knew, that if he really wanted to do something, he could get me to do it, but I wouldn’t remember it in the morning.

Suddenly Emmett got a really evil gleam in his eye. “Okay, Bella, let me just make one more quick stop.”

I think I mumbled something that sounded like, “okay but make it quick” but I don’t remember.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the bed of the hotel. I looked at the clock, 10:08 AM. I stretched, trying to remember last night. I remember dancing with Emmett, and having tons of beautiful people glaring at me, and oogling Emmett. He rejected everyone that asked him to dance. That’s probably where the glares came from. Then I remember asking him to leave, and after that there was a huge blank in my memory.

I checked my body to make sure I had no tattoos. My eyes made their way up my leg, to my stomach, checked the shoulders, and went down the arm. Then, something stopped me dead in my tracks. Left hand, third finger (or second depending on which way you look at it). There was a ring on my finger.

“EMMETT! WHY IS THERE A WEDDING BAND ON MY HAND?!” I screamed, I was now, in major freaking out mode.

He walked in looking all innocent, “Why, Mrs. Cullen, love of my life, Elvis married us last night. How can you not remember?” if he weren’t one million times stronger than me, and bullet proof, I might have shot him.

“We. Are. Married.” I spat out. I was at full on glaring mode. “Edward is going to kill you.”

“But my loving wife will stop him, wont she? Please dear!” He was looking purely innocent, with a hint of humor in his eyes.

I grumbled to myself for five minutes and walked into the bathroom. “Emmett, I want to go home!” I yelled, though not necessary giving his super sensitive hearing.

“That won’t be necessary, Edward will be here, in oh, I’ll give him five hours. And I have one more thing planned for us!” He yelled back.

I walked to the bathroom door and peeked my head out; Emmett was sprawled on the bed, and a state of pure relaxation. He did that eyebrow raising thing at me. I just glared.

“No, I want to go home. Now.” I growled.

“But, if I take you home now, you won’t get to see Edward soon. He’s already on his way home from hunting, and I’ll give him ten minutes to figure out where you and I are. And then four and a half hours to drive here. And if he sees that we aren’t here, then he’ll freak out, check all of vegas. And probably think that you’re dead. And you don’t want to do that to poor Eddie do you?” He said.

Wow, I was beginning to think, that he was kidnapping me. Whatever. “What do you want to do Emmett?” I grumbled.

He grinned and told me. We were going Go-Karting.

I dressed and ate room service, and we drove to the go-Karting establishment. Emmett rented a Go-Kart and we set off to race 10 other mini-car-like-things.

I was the driver, and Emmett the passenger, he would look out for things, and be the stick-shift person. And I would steer and press the gas pedal. We were doing great until the fifth lap.

Emmett turned to grin at me, when suddenly two girls came and slammed us into a brick wall. Emmett flew out of the car onto the front of the girls Go-Kart.

“Bella, come save me! Their kidnapping me! I can’t hold on much longer!” I heard Emmett yel , I was giggling uncontrollably.

My car-thing was stuck in the wall. So I got out of the car and tried pushing it away, so that I could push it into the right position. Suddenly one of the referee people came up to me.

“Ma’am you’re not supposed to get out of the cars.” He said in a professional voice.

“But my Go-Kart is stuck!” I said, feigning innocence. I had to hurry.

He helped me get my cart into place, and then sat in the car with me while I drove. Luckily I had the fastest Go-Kart, so I caught up to the kidnappers cart really fast.

“I’m here Emmett, your savior is here! But this chump,” I said pointing to the Go-Kart official, “took your spot!”

“Sir, that is highly illegal in this establishment” Said the official.

Emmett completely ignored him. “It’s okay, I’ll get him out of the way.” Emmett jumped to my cart, and threw the official out of the car. Not very far, but the official broke his hand.

“Oops” said Emmett, trying to hold in laughter. They guy was glaring at him with a look that was meant to be scary, but wouldn’t even scare a kitten. “

The official got up, and kicked us out. Emmett was laughing uncontrollably right now, and so that left me, to help get the official and the cart, back to the building.

We left the building in a hurry, holding the rest of our laughter until we were in the parking lot. We were banned from the Go-Karting place for life.

We drove back to the hotel. I ate lunch, and Emmett recapped on the look of the officials face when he threw him out of the car.

I felt bad to the guy, Emmett didn’t care.

Suddenly, the door burst open, and Edward was standing there, looking livid, with Alice giggling behind him, and Esme looking slightly worried.

Edward, spend a few seconds glaring at Emmett, then turned his gaze to me, looking for any signs of pain on me. He seemed pleased, and then stopped at my hand.

His look was first confusion, then horror, and then anger.