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Bella's Misery

Bella has to choose, move on and stay with Jacob or keep waiting for her hero to returns. This is after Bella jumps off the cliff. The Volturi somehow find out that she knows too much and they seek to kill her. Who is going to be her savior now?Read to find out! Note:I own none of Stephine Meyers characters, I only own the ones I made up.

This took me at least an hour. Enjoy!!

1. Happiness

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I realized my savior won't come, he doesn't love me any more. He never would after what he said in the forest and he never had a reason to. I was just a pathetic human. I took Edwards words of what he just said in my mind, into consideration, and I decided to be happy. If that were still even possible, but I wanted Jacob to be happy, didn't I?I kissed the side of Jacobs bare neck, as a resolution, while he was still holding me. He tensed for only a second as a surprise to my actions, but then held me tighter. I put my arms around him, and rested my head on his shoulder. I may not have any more things to make me happy but at least I could do something for Jacob.

"Bella, are you OK?Your extremely cold."Jacob asked in worry.

"I'm fine ,"I reassured him.

I was always cold skinned now and he knew that. I guess the water made it colder and that's why Jacob's skin felt better than before. I was about to collapse into sleep, but I caught my self. These life threatening things take a lot out of me.

"But I'm still a little drowsy I guess."I admitted weakly.

"Do you want me to help you get in the house?"

"Yes. please."

He picked me up and cradled me like I was a child. It was still raining, so Jacob had his shoulders to keep most of the rain off me. We were in the house quickly thanks to Jacobs new grace and speed. He sat down on the couch with me still in his arms. I felt comfort in his warm body heat, but also uncomfortable feeling as I realized he had no shirt on still. I still wondered if I still wanted to do this. I need him, he kept me together when nothing else could though. But right now I am a little uncomfortable in his arms.

"Um...,Jacob?"I said

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."he apologized blushing.

He sat me down on the couch with an arm still around me, holding me close. Holding me together, keeping all my broken goods sealed up and from spilling out. Be happy...The words came back and ran through my head. I kissed Jacob on the cheek, and he looked down, his eyes gazing into mine. We were about to go into a real kiss, but then we heard a car pull into the drive way. We rushed to the window to find out, I saw a shiny black car in the driveway. I know that car, I can tell you everything about it. I even rode in it one day. But why was Carlisle here.....The door opened and distracted me from my former thoughts. Jacob started to shake.

"Vampire."he spat.

"Jacob, please calm down. It's just Carlisle."I stated calmly.

"Bella?"I heard a familiar wind chime voice call.

This was not Carlisle or anyone I hoped it would be. She stood staring wide eyed in shock, looking from me to Jacob. He was now shaking and whispering profanities.

"Alice?"I said in shock at our unsuspected visitor.

"Bella?!"she shouted. "What are you doing alive."

I gasped in recognition in what she said.

"Jacob-" I started to say.

"I rescued her." He interrupted me in a growl that was towards Alice.

"What are you Jacob?"she sneered.

"I'm a werewolf. I was born to kill you leeches."

His voice had as much-if not more-venom than she had. They soon started glaring at each other. Jacob was shaking so badly, I was afraid his control was as much as a thin piece of hair right now.

"Stop." I finally said.

"Bella, get her out of here I don't want to end up killing one of your friends." Jacob commanded.

I nodded. I tugged on one of Alice's arms and led her upstairs to my room. She sat on the edge of my bed with a puzzling look on her face. But deep in her eyes I could see some sadness of what she had done.

"Alice, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see if you are OK and to give you this."

"What is it?"

"Here, take it."

She handed me a letter. There was no address, just 'To:Bella' and 'From:....' I gasped at who it was from. Why would he write me a letter?