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Bella's Misery

Bella has to choose, move on and stay with Jacob or keep waiting for her hero to returns. This is after Bella jumps off the cliff. The Volturi somehow find out that she knows too much and they seek to kill her. Who is going to be her savior now?Read to find out! Note:I own none of Stephine Meyers characters, I only own the ones I made up.

This took me at least an hour. Enjoy!!

2. Letter

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I tore open the letter, but I was still a little confused why would he write me a letter. I read it before I jumped to any conclusions.

Dear Bella,

I need to talk to you about everything that happened to us in September. Come to my meadow A.S.A.P. Be careful please.


Edward Cullen

Why would he want me to see him? Especially after what had happened in the forest. I grabbed my sides automatically at the thought. I started to ponder on the letter a little more to get my head out of the flashback. Did he expect me to go? Will I go? Alice looked over my shoulder to see to see what her brother had wrote and why I had a puzzled look on my face.

"Are you going?" Alice broke the silence.


"Bella, why do you have a worried look on her face?"

I turned to look at Alice, her face was full of concern. I sighed.

"I am....worried that it might end up worse than the day at the forest. Where he told me that he didn't love me anymore."

I swore that I saw Alice smile deviously but, composed her face back to the concerned look that she had before. She soon went in her back pocket of her jeans and took out the keys to the Mercedes. She placed them in my hands.

"Take the Mercedes, it's a lot faster."she said winking.

"Thanks Alice." I said hugging her.

She hugged me back."Now hurry Bella."

I threw one last grateful glance at Alice and ran down the stairs. I was tripping a little bit down the stairs-of course-and when I reached the bottom Jacob was no where in sight. I spent at least 10 minutes searching for him then found a yellow sticky note on the counter.


The pack needs me right now so I won't see you till tomorrow. Be safe.


Jacob Black

I groaned heavily. Does anyone want to talk to me today? I said in my mind. I looked at the clock, Charlie won't be home for another 4 hours, I have time. I took the keys out of my pocket and ran out the door. The car was as dark as I remembered it, I put the keys in the ignition and sped off.


I was at least going 145 down the road to where the meadow is. It wasn't raining so it was a lot easier to see. I soon parked the car beside the trail, and I ran out of the car. I left the car running in my rush to hurry and see Edward. There were very dark ominous clouds hovering over me, defining thunder roared and lightning lit up the sky. I ran through the woods like I did when I was running from Laurent but I tripped a lot less. When I did trip though, I got right back up and started running at the same pace once again. I saw the opening in between some trees where the meadow was and burst through the arch of trees.

The meadow was the same as before, but it was still the wrong season for wild flowers. I heard the river bubbling in the background, even in the loud thunder. A rustle in the bushes made me jump.


A dark figure stepped out of the brush and started to move forward. It had totally different movements than Edward, and the figure wasn't as muscular. A lightning bolt light up the visitors face.

"Victoria."I gasped in recognition.

She chuckled darkly and to a few more catlike steps so she was a few feet in front of me. Right then I knew my fate was sealed.