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Bella's Misery

Bella has to choose, move on and stay with Jacob or keep waiting for her hero to returns. This is after Bella jumps off the cliff. The Volturi somehow find out that she knows too much and they seek to kill her. Who is going to be her savior now?Read to find out! Note:I own none of Stephine Meyers characters, I only own the ones I made up.

This took me at least an hour. Enjoy!!

3. Plan

Rating 4/5   Word Count 551   Review this Chapter

Victoria's hair was blowing like a red flame in the wind. Her smile was still upon her face, and her eyes were as crimson as a ruby. I started to shake all over in fear, I wondered if this is what Jacob felt like before turning into a wolf. The voice in my head was roaring with anger and hate.

"W-wheres Edward?" I stammered. Victoria just chuckled.

"Still trying to track me. He is horrible at it, all I had to do is give the Volturi one of my outfits and he fell for it. The fool."

"The Volturi helped you."

"Yes. When I saw Laurent get killed I knew I wasn't getting through those wolves. But when I saw you try a suicidal stunt I had hoped you lived ,so I had a chance to kill you myself. I watched the hole show, you were trying to swim out of the current."She laughed at my weakness but soon continued with her gloat.

"Soon one of the wolves came and saved you. If it had just been him around I would have an easier time killing you both, but then the pack leader came with him. I soon ran to Volterra and to the Volturi headquarters, they were interested once they knew you knew about our existence. So they sent a guard with me to go and kill you. The guard has a very special ability that I think is most chaotic-"

"How did Alice receive the letter?" I interrupted.

She picked me up harshly and gripped my arms with a lot of force . I heard my arms break and I screamed in pain. Victoria sighed in relaxation as if my earsplitting screams were a lullaby.

"How rude of you to interrupt." She said in a seductive purr. She cleared her voice to go on with her victory.

"He has the power to shape shift he can even copy the persons scent, vampire or human. He changed his hand into Edwards an forged his handwriting on the letter, he soon transformed into Alice. I showed him the car I remember you run away to Phoenix in and he stole the exact same car. He gave you the fake letter and was pretending to be Alice. All I had to do was wait for you here and here we are."

"Why don't you just kill me now." I said once I knew she was done talking. She laughed again.

"I want to make you suffer so bad that you wished you were never born and it wouldn't be any fun if I just killed you now."

She bent down to my level and bit the side of my shoulder. She must have injected a lot of venom because I felt the withering pain right away. My screams filled the entire forest. I soon heard a howl in the background.

"Damn!"Victoria swore and took off.

I soon saw Jacob appear in the forest in his wolf form. I sighed in relief but, then started to scream again in pain. He ran over to my side and held me up with tears in his eyes.

"Oh, Bella I'm-" he stopped and growled at the far end of the meadow. I soon saw 8 new shadows appear. What now. I thought.