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If.. Can It Be?

This is the way I would have written New Moon. Bella will always carry pain, but this time, who will mend her broken heart and will she ever forget her long lost loved one? Who will she end up with? It may not even be Jacob or Edward, you never know. This story will later conect with my story 'Why?' Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Mike, really?

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A dream. A dream that I always wished would never happen, but did.

I woke up with alarm that I knew that would not be calmed until I saw his crooked smile. Edward. I leaned over and looked at my kitty calendar. September 13th. I was a year older than Edward would ever be. He would never reach those 18 years. Well, not technically. He is 104 at the moment. Far beyond my age. That thought made me feel worse. When I marry him, I will seem like an old lady compared to how Edward looks.
I ran to the bathroom to see if I had a wrinkle or two. Wait, what is that? Oh, my imagination. I realized, I looked the same. So I went on with what I was going to do and brushed my teeth and combed my hair.
I hurried down the stairs and ran past Charlie. "I will be home later tonight, honey."
I ran right passed him and smiled, "I'll wait."
"Oh. Happy birthday." Charlie's voice called to me.
"You better not have gotten me a present!" I called back with a stern look on my face. He just winked. I ran out the door, hopped in the car, and hurried off to school.
As I arrived at school, it wasn't hard to spot my angel. He stood there next to his Volvo with his short pixie-like sister, Alice. Now that the "older" Cullen kid's were gone, these two were the only ones left. The Cullens have to redo high school over and over, because they are all vampires. Alice danced to me.
"Bella! Happy, happy birthday!"
"Alice. Shhh, no one is meant to know," I shook my head with embarrassment. "Edward, please tell her that she is not allowed to inform anyone about my birthday."
"Bella, you should be happy that you are a year older. I would be," he knew that the reason I was sad I was older is because I'm older than him.
"How can I appreciate my birthday when you will never be the same age as me?"
"Well, um, okay, when will you be at Mike's tonight?" Alice changed the subject.
"For what?" Alice was lip singing 'Happy Birthday To You,' "party?! Wait, no not going to happen! Even if you decide to electrocute me, not going to happen." Edward let out a growl. He knew that they would never do that, but he still hated the idea. "But I have to watch the second episode of 'Barney' for Child Care."
Both of them rolled their eyes. "Fine, I'll bring her over after the movies over. Bella, deal with it, we are trying to make you happy." Edward had a bit of sorrow in voice, but was trying to cover it up.
Alice skipped to class while Edward and I talked, "Edward, don't make me please." I stared at him with cheerless eyes.
"You have to go my dear." He replied as we walked to class, "but don't hang out with mike to much."
Edward was in all of my classes except one. That class took the longest. Mike Newton sat next to me, and I swear if that boy gave up on me, he would be perfectly happy, but no, he still has to love me.
"Hey, Bella. I heard it was your birthday, so happy birthday, sweetheart. Crap, didn't mean to call you that, because I totally know you have a boyfriend -even though I wish it was me, - I know you have a boyfriend." Mike is such a dimwit sometimes.
"Mike, I really didn't want anyone to know about today. I don't like all the attention. And yes, I do have a boyfriend." After all that I've said, Mike still put his hand on my thigh.
"Sorry. Umm, what time are you coming over tonight?"
"When ever the video Edward and I are watching is over."


I ran out of my classroom when the bell rang. I looked for the silver car. I didn't see it and then realized Edward was standing near my car instead. I walked to where he stood and asked, "where's Alice?"
"She took the car home, I'm driving with you." He started to lead me to the passenger side.
I pushed him aside and corrected him, "you're in the passenger seat, and it's my birthday."
"But I thought you said you wanted us to forget about your birthday." He looked down at me with one eyebrow raised.
"Oh really? But you're making me go to the party, right? So, I should be able to this." I knew he would say yes to make me happy.
He sighed and led me to the driver's side. I smiled at him, but he didn't smile back. On the way home, he just stared out the window. I got tired of this and tapped him on the shoulder. When my intensely hot guy turned to look at me, I asked him why he wasn't saying anything. He said that he was thinking of a conversation he had with Carlisle.
I walked into the house and took the video out of my bag. While I turned on the T.V., Edward laid down on the couch. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto him.
"Hey! I thought you were 'mad' at me." I smiled with sincere earnest.
"How could I ever be mad at you? And anyways, do you have to watch this? Can we watch anything else?" this lovable person asked me.
"What do you have in mind? I'm thinking 'Romeo and Juliet.'" I always loved those kinds of videos.
"Sure, love, but are you going to cry?" His smile reached to his golden eyes.
"I probably will. Are you going to enjoy that?" He nodded. I took out the video and put in the other one. I did cry, not only because they died, but because I knew that Edward and I would do the same thing. "Edward, if I died, what would you do?"
"I would have someone kill me, so I could fallow you. I don't think anyone I have here would do it, so I'd go to Italy. But I don't want to talk about what's in Italy. I just want to make you happy today."
Right then, the front door opened, "Kido, I'm home." Charlie came into the living room, "I have something to give you, so come into the kitchen. Now, don't get mad at me, because I listened to you, but your mother did not. She bought 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' You like Shakespeare, right?"
"Yes, I do. Dad, Mike's throwing me a party tonight, can I go?" I knew Edward was going to ask, so I saved him the air he didn't need.
"Mike is? Well, I guess so. What time do you think you will be home?"
"I don't know. Around nine-thirty, ten-ish." I didn't know how long Edward was going to keep me out tonight.


"Hey, Bella! Are you enjoying the party?" Mike asked me.
"Ya. I guess. So, umm."
"Edward, will you get a drink for Bella? I would like to talk to her privately." We watched Edward walk off and look back at me with a concerned look. I just smiled, knowing that something bad might happen. I fallowed Mike anyways.
"So, what do to talk to me about?"
"Follow me." Mike led me through the crowded room into the back room.
"Mike, why do we have to come back here? Couldn't we've talked out there?" I then looked at Mike. He had a wicked smile on his face.
"Well, we couldn't do this out there." He leaned in and placed him lips on mine. His hand reached towards the bottom of my shirt. The other one held the back of my neck. I fought back, but as soon as I started to, he grabbed my hands with his free hand. He began to put his hand under my shirt, then Edward came barging in. We both looked at him. He took Mike's arm and twisted it. Mike let out a scream of agony and I knew it was broken. Edward took my arm and led me through the crowd. They all gave me looks and I saw Emmett shake his head.
When we were outside, I looked up at Edward and I knew that if he could, he would have broke down right there and start to cry.