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If.. Can It Be?

This is the way I would have written New Moon. Bella will always carry pain, but this time, who will mend her broken heart and will she ever forget her long lost loved one? Who will she end up with? It may not even be Jacob or Edward, you never know. This story will later conect with my story 'Why?' Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Truth

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When we were in the car, Edward slammed his hands on the stirring wheel. It was so loud; I swear the stirring wheel was made vampire resistant, because it didn’t brake. He just sat there and I knew invisible tears were flowing down his beautiful cheeks. I touched his arms and he pulled away, shivering violently.

“Edward. List-”

“No, I knew what he was thinking, but I left anyways. I thought you could steer yourself out of that position. You didn’t though, you let him take control. How could you do that?” Edward let out a tearless cry.

“I didn’t do anything. How could you say that, I fought back and failed. Edward, please listen to me. I love you more than anything and I would never let anyone I don’t love take advantage of me without a fight.” I noticed after I said this, I was saying it with sorrow in my voice.

“Bella.” sigh, “Bella. I know, I love you, too. More than life it’s self.” Edward was gnawing at his bottom lip and he covered his nose and mouth with his hand. “It’s just unbearable to think how I hurt him, and maybe, just maybe, I would have snapped and hurt you.”

“No, Edward. You would never hurt me. Even I know that. You could try, but you would hit bottom, because you love me so,” Edward began to speak, but I put my finger up to his lips, “no, I know you won’t hurt me. And deep down, you do, too.”

“Bella, please don’t have that much faith in me. I know that if this goes on, it will end badly.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Nothing, love. Now let’s get you back home.”

I knew that it did mean something, but I was too tired to think of the consequences of not caring.


“Edward, are you coming up tonight? I would highly appreciate it.” I gave him my full on I’m-trying-but-I’m-tired smile.

“No Bella, I can’t do that. My family expects me home tonight. I need to talk to them about something important.”

I decided not to push it and just sighed, “Okay. Well, can settle for just a kiss then? As a birthday present?”

“That I can do.” Having a hint of a smile on his face, he bent down and softly pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my mouth harshly on his mouth. He leaned towards me, growling and then abruptly jerked away, “That reminds me. I have something for you.”

He turned away and reached inside his Volvo. When he turned around, he had two boxes in his hands. He then handed me a long short box wrapped in yellow paper. “This is from Esme and Carlisle. They wanted to watch you open it, but this will have to do.”

I tore off the paper and let it fall to the rocky ground. I then opened up the box and there, sitting inside, were two tickets for a plane heading to Florida. “Wow. Oh my gosh. Edward you do know you will have to stay inside.”

“Well, the other ticket is not for me.” He gave me a slight smile.

“Then, who is it for? Who else would I take?”

“Well, you never know.” He then said something too quiet for my ears to pick up.

“Ha, well, whatever. Who is the other present from?” I asked, taking the dark blue package.

“Myself, of course. Who else knows how to play in my family?” He said while I was opening the present. Inside was a CD. Written in Edward elegant hand writing, it said:


The meaning of my existence.

Happy eighteenth birthday.


I ran right into Edward’s arms and repeated ‘Thank you,’ over and over.

“Wait, there is one more present. It’s from Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and well I guess Rosalie. It’s in your car.” He walked over to the truck and opened the door. “Look inside.”

I glanced inside and looked around and the finally noticed the radio. They replaced my radio. Well, that was unexpected. I looked over at Edward. “Tell them ‘thanks.’”

“Now, Bella lets get you inside and into bed. You have had a rough day.” Edward took my hand and led me to the door. He looked down at me with pain in his eyes. He turned away and walked to his car. I stood by the door even after Edward’s car was out of view.


I put the CD Edward gave me inside my CD player and then went to lie down on my bed. Esme’s song played in my ears. The next song was my wonderfully sweet lullaby. I went to sleep with it still playing.

When I thought I awoken, I was lying on the cold, wet ground. Edward was in front of me, sitting at a piano, playing my song. I called to him and asked him to help me up and where were we. He tilted his head towards me and the got up. Instead of helping me, he just turned away and walked. He said, barely loud enough for me to hear, ‘Bye Bella. I’m leaving forever.’


At school, only Alice was there.

“Where’s Edward?” I asked Alice as she came to greet me.

“Edward and Carlisle had to talk to Mrs. Newton about Mike. I am pretty sure they will make us pay for the medical bills. His arm is broken at the elbow. He will probably have the cast for four to five months.” Alice then put on her I-want-to-know face. “What happened? I didn’t have a vision, so I was deathly surprised. No pun intended.”

“Mike said he wanted to talk to me, so Edward went to get punch. Mike led me to a back room and the he attacked me. Then Edward barged in, took Mike’s arm, broke it, and then led me the heck out of there.”

“What did you guys talk about afterwards? I saw parts, but it was kind of blurry.”

“Mainly about what just happened. Edward mentioned something’s which I don’t understand. He said the plane tickets were for me and the other one for someone other than Edward. What did he mean by that?” I knew I shouldn’t ask her, because she would just try to cover it up.

Reconization ran though Alice’s face, but she composed her features in a matter of mili-seconds. “Oh, well I don’t know, maybe he just doesn’t want to go with you. He might want you to bring your father.” There it was.

“Okay, fine, whatever. Just, please, tell me if you see anything. Please Alice.”

“Will do.” Then she turned and walked off in the opposite direction than her next class. I stood there, wondering what just happened. Why were they keeping secrets. Wait, I know. They are going on a trip and won’t be here. Yeah, that had to be it. What else could it be? Little did I know, it was all going to change.


Edward showed up four days later to tell me the ‘truth.’