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Daddy's Here, I Always Will Be

After Renesmee is born, and Bella is laying limp for the next three days, Edward shares his thoughts on his newborn daughter. Maybe she's not the monster he thought she was after all. Follow Edward's thoughts while he watches his little girl grow up.[I've decided to continue this story]


1. Chapter One

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It was truely amazing. Just amazing. I couldn't beleive that something that had to tear it's way threw my beautiful Bella could be something almost just as beautiful.

Renesmee. Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I glanced over at Bella's limp body that lay on Carlisle's table in one of Alice's satin blue dresses, then glanced back down at the baby girl in my arms.

I could hear her small heartbeat, and her even breathing as she slept in my arms. Carlisle had finally given me some time alone with my Bella - who'd been pretty much knocked out during transformation for three days - and my daughter.

Her brown eyes, her bronze curly hair, the way she slept... it was all Bella. The bronze hair belonged to me, but other than that, Renesmee was a miniture Bella.

And I loved them both.

I stroked Renesmee's hair as she slept, and sat down carefully at Carlisle's desk. Bella twitched, and pain had flashed across her face. I suspected it was nothing, and went on with examining my daughter.

I smiled down at her, "Renesmee." I stroked her cheek lightly, "I love you." Renesmee's eyes fluttered open. She whimpered, and a few tears fell. I frowned and held her closer, "It's OK, Renesmee, it's OK," I smiled at her. "Daddy's here, I always will be."

Kissing her forehead lightly, I glanced down at Renesmee once again. A smile had spread across her face. I smiled along, and thought back to when I thought the child inside of Bella was a monster.

I was far from correct.

The only thing I was really worrying about was Bella. Renesmee was healthy, and safe, and around people who love her. Bella would only lay limp on a metal desk, twitching and moaning.

I'm always thinking it was my fault she was in so much pain for what seemed like such a long time.

But I couldn't worry about it then. Bella was going to be fine. I'd always reassure myself on that.

Renesmee's breathing got heavier as she fell into a deep sleep. It was like she'd slipped into a coma. But wow, she did look adorable, and wow did she look like her mother. And that just made me love her even more.

Something else was bugging me, too. And it was pretty clear. Jacob had imprinted on her. It disgusted me at first, and it still does at times, but I had to bare with it.

He didn't love her like I love Bella, but at that time, he'd loved Renesmee like a little sister. He cuddled with her, played her, let her bite him. And mostly that didn't bother me at all. But the fact that he always calls her Nessie bothers the hell out of me, and I know it'll do more than just piss Bella off when she wakes up and hears Jacob call her the Loch Ness Monster.

And we've all learned something pretty wonderful about Renesmee. She also has a little power of her own. She can show people images and her own words and what she did that day just by placing her palm on your face.

That impressed all of us. Even Jasper. And he dosen't show that much emotion, if you ask me.

That's my story of Renesmee... for now. My beautiful, baby daughter Renesmee.

And I want her to know that Daddy's here.
I always will be.