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3: Happily Ever After

Third and final installment of the series Their Futures! This story wraps gives a brighter happily ever after for the Cullens and their friends!!!! Chapter 4 is up for validation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Birth

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Jacob’s POV

My dream was becoming more vivid by the second. Nessie holding our baby boy- in my dreams it was always a boy- in her arms. The subconscious part of my mind new what was next; the years passing through pretending to lose races, playing catch, and… all of the sudden I felt someone shaking me. My eyes flew open and I saw Nessie leaning over me.

“Jake, I think my water just broke.” Her eyes were wide, and then she doubled over in pain. “Call Grandpa,” she said. I grabbed the cell phone on the night stand and hit speed dial. Carlisle answered in the middle of the first ring.

“Nessie’s water broke.” I spoke quickly.

“Has she started having contractions yet?” he said calmly.

“Yes.” I didn’t understand how he could pull off the patient tone. I could hear a car starting in the background. “I want you to call Edward and Bella. Tell them to go to your house immediately.” With that, he hung up. I dialed Bella’s cell phone number.

Meanwhile and Edward and Bella’s house…

Bella’s POV

Edward’s lips trailed down my neck and a slight moan escaped my lips. Just as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, my cell phone rang.

“Ignore it. Please, just ignore it.” his voice was thick with desire. I almost listened to him, but then I recognized the personalized ring tone.

“I can’t. If Jake is calling at two in the morning then it must be important.” I rolled away from him and answered the phone.


“Bella, Nessie’s water broke. I called Carlisle, and he said to have you guys come over here now.” His voice was full of joy. “Carlisle’s here. I’ll see you in a little bit.” He hung up. I was out of bed and dressed in the same second. Edward had gotten dressed while I was on the phone. I smiled as we ran to the car. The twenty mile drive to Jake and Nessie’s house took less than five minutes. Even so we still missed it. Our Granddaughter was born a minute after Carlisle got there.

Jacob’s POV

In my dreams, I had always pictured a boy, but none of that mattered when I took one look into that little girl’s eyes. She looked a lot like her mother, but her skin was almost as dark as mine. She was beautiful. I sat next to Nessie on the bed and put my arm around her. She was holding our baby and looking at her with love in her eyes. Carlisle had quickly but thoroughly examined them both and gave a clean bill of health. Edward and Bella walked in.

“Aww… she is so beautiful. Have you decided what you’re going to name her yet?” Bella asked excitedly.

“I think that we had narrowed it down to Alice Marie, Leah Marie, or Emily Alice,” Nessie said looking at me. Edward smiled.

“She likes the first one. Hmm…Alice Marie Black; is that the one you like, granddaughter?” My little girl smiled. “I don’t think you have a choice. She loves that name. May I hold her?” Nessie smiled and handed the baby to Edward. “Hello, little one; you’re a beautiful baby girl.” He held Alice up in the air, and looked at her. “Bella, love, call the rest of the family, and then Tanya’s family. They’ll all want to see this little angel. Jake, you might want to call Billy, Sue, and Leah.”

Edward’s POV

As I stared into the eyes of my baby granddaughter, they began to change color.

“Carlisle, come and look at this. Her eyes just turned gold.” I was startled by the change. Carlisle took Alice from me, and began listening to her heartbeat. She was absolutely fine. Intrigued, I concentrated on her thoughts. I saw my face, specifically my eyes, in her mind. “Carlisle, give Alice to Renesmee. I have a theory about what’s going on.” Carlisle handed Alice to her mother, and I watched her eyes. Sure enough they turned the same color as Nessie’s. “Jake, you hold her,” I said mesmerized.

“Finally,” he muttered. This time, not only did Alice’s eyes change color, but so did her skin tone and hair color. “Whoa! What exactly is your theory, Edward?” He was staring at his daughter in amazement.

“Well, I was thinking something along the lines of shape shifting. She is part vampire so it’s not completely impossible for her to have some sort of gift.”

At that moment, Big Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, and Esme walked into the room. Alice immediately held her arms out for the baby.

“May I hold her? What’s her name?” she asked in an excited tone.

Jacob gave Baby Alice to her great-aunt and said, “Her name is Alice Marie Black. Edward, I think I’ll wait until about seven before I call the family members that sleep. It seems more polite. Besides, I’d barely held her for more than two minutes by the time Aunty Alice flew in here.” He looked at his daughter and gasped. Baby Alice’s skin was pale, her eyes were gold, and her hair was dark and spiky. “Did we miss something?” asked Jasper. I smiled and repeated my theory. My cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey, Edward, I just ran by your house, but no one was there. I checked Carlisle’s and nobody was home. Where are you guys? I got really bored and couldn’t sleep so I decided to go for a run,” Seth said anxiously.

“Hi, Seth; we’re at Jake and Nessie’s. I’m officially a grandpa, and my granddaughter is the most beautiful baby girl in the world.” I grinned proudly.

“The baby was born! What’s her name? You said ‘girl’, right?” his voice sounded excited. I laughed. “I’ll be there in two shakes of a werewolf’s tale,” he said, and then he hung up. I was still laughing at his choice of words when he ran through the door. As soon as he caught sight of the baby girl in Alice’s arms, he stopped dead in his tracks.