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3: Happily Ever After

Third and final installment of the series Their Futures! This story wraps gives a brighter happily ever after for the Cullens and their friends!!!! Chapter 4 is up for validation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Imprinting is an Odd Thing

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2015   Review this Chapter

Imprinting is an Odd Thing

Seth’s POV

It was like the whole world was standing still. I looked into her eyes and watched as they turned emerald green. Her skin changed from being as pale as Alice’s to slightly tan, and her hair turned bronze like Edward and Nessie’s. It dawned on me a few seconds later that this was unusual, but I was still marveling at how something so tiny could be so vital. I wondered why I couldn’t look away, but then I remembered that I was a werewolf; a werewolf who had just imprinted on his pack Alpha’s newborn baby.

Edward’s POV

I looked at Seth and took a deep breath. This was likely to get interesting. “Her name is Alice Marie Black.” Seth seemed to snap out of the trance but only partially. He slowly walked forward never taking his eyes off of Little Alice.

“May I hold her?” he asked. Jake looked at Seth’s expression.

“Seth, if I find out that you’re on some sort of drug, I’ll have to hurt you,” Jake said warningly.

Bella laughed and pushed aside her shield.

Seth imprinted on baby Alice, didn’t he?

I smiled and nodded. She laughed again. “Jacob Black, you are either very unobservant or extremely absorbed in Nessie’s motherly glow. He’s not on any drug. Look again.”

Jake concentrated on Seth’s face, looking at the wonder in his third-in-command’s eyes before following their gaze, and finally understood.

Well, Hell, I’m never going to get to hold my baby girl. He seriously just imprinted on my child. What the fuck?

“Welcome to our world, Jake!” Bella and I said simultaneously with a smile.

Jake smiled slightly, too. “Hey, at least I didn’t attack him! That’s up to Nessie!” He looked down and met Nessie’s confused expression.

“Does somebody want to tell me what’s going on here?” Jake gestured toward Seth and understanding lit up her features.

“Stop talking about me! Just because I’m not looking at you doesn’t mean I can’t hear you! And Nessie please don’t hurt me!” Seth never took his eyes off baby Alice, but the wonder in his tone was a little less noticeable. When he finally looked away, his gaze turned to Nessie and Jake.

Seth’s POV

“She’s the most beautiful baby girl in the world,” I said truthfully, and then I remembered her change of appearance. “Why did her skin tone and hair change?”

Nessie smiled proudly and said, “She’s a shape-shifter. I think this might be reason enough to wake up your sister and your mother, Seth. They’ll want to hear this. I wonder what Grandpa Charlie will say. He’s still new to the world of vampire and werewolf knowledge!”

Emmett laughed. “Yeah, I’m sure he’ll take this very well. I mean who doesn’t want to be woken up very early in the morning to hear that their newborn great-granddaughter will someday marry their step-son! This I’ve got to hear!” I rolled my eyes and hit the speed dial for Leah’s cell. She answered after the first ring.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Leah, come to Jake and Nessie’s house A.S.A.P. Nessie had the baby; a beautiful little girl named Alice Marie Black,” I said excitedly.

I could almost hear Leah’s eyes rolling as she said, “I’ll be there in five minutes.” She hung up and I snapped my phone shut.

“Leah will be here soon! She is going to flip!” I looked at little Alice again. Edward was holding her now, but she wasn’t altering her appearance to match his. Her green eyes were so beautiful. They were as clear as emeralds.

“Once upon a time, my eyes were green. I don’t really remember what shade though,” Edward said, smiling.

“Her eyes are an exact copy of what yours used to be, Edward. That was the first thing I noticed. It's amazing. I had thought the transformation would have erased that, but I guess we retain more than our personalities,” Carlisle said musingly. We waited in silence until Leah walked through the door. She took one look at me and hit me upside the head.

“Not you, too. I just talked to Rachel today, and she said that twin girls from Forks visited the rez, and both of them were imprinted on. One of the wolves that imprinted was Embry, by the way. I feel left so out. Even the newborn baby has someone. Poor girl, you’ll be stuck with my brother. I wonder if she’ll live forever, too,” she said with mild interest.

“It’s not my fault. I just looked at her, and I’m glad I did,” I said defensively.

“Do you know what this means?” Leah asked, a sudden sadness entering her tone. I shook my head. She answered her own question. “I’m the only one in the pack without someone. I’m the only one that’s alone.” she turned and walked out the door. Jake followed her. Confusion crossed Edward’s face.

“Bella, do you have your shield down?” he asked, his tone matching his expression. She shook her head. “I hear nine sets of thoughts in the room. There are only eight of us other than you and I because Jacob and Leah are in the livingroom.” He started looking around and zeroed in on Nessie just as she doubled over in pain. “Carlisle, I think there’s another one.”

Carlisle immediately went into doctor mode. “Everyone except for Bella and Edward out Tell Jacob to get up here now!” the rest of us left the room.

Edward’s POV

“Edward, what do you hear?” Carlisle asked patiently as Jacob burst through the door.

“What’s going on?” Jake asked loudly.

“Nessie might be having twins,” I explained. “The thought isn’t coherent. Just a strong sense of affection. I’m getting pretty much the same thing I got from Renesmee before she was born,” I said quickly.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Carlisle wrapped up a newborn baby boy, and gave him to his mother. His eyes were green, and his hair was bronze just like his sister’s. Seth brought Baby Alice back into the room, and handed her to Jacob. We all decided to leave the happy family alone for a few minutes, but before we could get out the door Bella gasped.

“What’s wrong, love?” I asked. She cocked her head sideways, looking at me.

“You didn’t hear that?” she asked, just as perplexed as I was.

“What did you hear?” I asked, answering her question with another question.

“I thought I heard a little laugh,” she replied. We turned and saw our grandson smiling at us. At that moment, I heard what, I guessed, Bella had heard; the laugh of a little boy, but he hadn’t budged. Next thing I new, Bella was laughing.

“I just remembered one of my old human dreams from before I found out that I was pregnant with Nessie. I had this dream about the Volturi advancing on me and a little boy with pale skin and green eyes. My grandson looks almost exactly like that little boy except for the difference in skin tone,” she said with a slight laugh.

“Mom, what did you say you would have named me if I’d been a boy?” Nessie asked.
“Edward Jacob,” Bella replied. Nessie smiled wider.

“How does that sound to, Jake?” she asked. Jacob smiled, too.

“Edward Jacob Black,” he said, testing the name, “I like it.” Just in time, there was a knock at the door.

“Can we come back in now? I want to see my great-nephew,” Alice said impatiently. I opened the door, and everyone filed back in-including Leah. She was the last through the door, and when she looked at little Edward Jacob I rolled my eyes. Leah, however, sighed.

“I had to go and open my big mouth,” she said, her tone not matching her statement. Jacob looked at her and groaned.

“I am so not looking forward to phasing anytime soon,” he said. The way he was looking at Leah made everyone else look, too. Emmett laughed.

“This day just keep getting better! We’re going to have to give Charlie a sedative after this,” he exclaimed. Bella hit him upside the head. “What? I was just stating the obvious!”

“The fact that you think my father is likely to have a heart attack because of this double imprint is NOT FUNNY!” she said angrily. Seth nodded.

“I don’t think my mom could handle losing another husband to a heart attack,” he said solemnly.

“I wish Dad could be here to see this,” Leah said wistfully. She sighed, and then tensed. “What was that?”

“What was what?” Seth asked.

“I heard a little laugh. It sounded kind of like it was inside my head,” she said. Today seemed to be my day for theories.

“Think, Renesmee can share her thoughts with you via physical touch. I can hear people’s thoughts from a distance. Maybe, my grandson can share his thoughts with people from a distance. For some reason, I can’t hear the thought when he does this, but I can hear what he’s thinking regularly. Maybe, a bit of Bella’s shield is showing up there, too. The projected thoughts could be shielded because I don’t hear the thought in the other person’s mind either,” I said, still calculating it all in my mind. EJ laughed out loud this time. I couldn’t believe how forever was turning out. It seemed that everyone could live happily ever after, after all! The Volturi was gone. My grandchildren were born. Both mother and twins were fine. I continued looking at the positives until something that worried me hit my mind. I turned to EJ.
“Can you understand me, Edward Jacob?” I asked. He nodded. I smiled. “I want you to bite my arm, please.” I said. The others gasped in unison. EJ lightly bit my arm, but it was enough to tell me what I needed to know. I grimaced. “I had hoped I was wrong. I was checking to see if EJ was venomous. He is, slightly; which isn’t good.” I had left my arm dangling near the twins, and Baby Alice bit me too. “No, you’re not venomous, Alice Marie. She was just testing whether or not she was venomous.”

Leah laughed. “Considering how much Nessie used to bite Jake, that’s good for you, Seth, but I hope EJ doesn’t think I’m a teething toy; though I doubt he’ll be needing one. I’m going to call Mom and Charlie. I wonder what Charlie thinks about being a great-grandpa.”

It was my turn to laugh. “When he found out, he shook his head and thought ‘I’m too young for this,’.”

“Dad is really strong! He got over his aversion to all things werewolf within two years, and a month after that he even asked Jacob what imprinting was because he’d heard Billy use the word! I’m proud of him! I just hope that hearing about this won’t upset him too much. Sue should be happy about it, and I’m sure Charlie will follow suit at some point,” Bella said. I nodded in agreement. Then I got to thinking about what had just happened. My wife’s step-siblings had just imprinted on both of my grandchildren! A low hiss escaped me before I could stop it.

“What’s up, Edward?” Jake asked.

“I can’t believe this is happening to me again! Think about it! Seth and Leah are Bella’s step-siblings. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law just imprinted on my grandchildren,” I couldn’t think of any other way to express how crazy this was so I just hissed again. I wasn’t exactly mad. It just bothered me.

“Great, my daughter is going to be my step-aunt, and my son will be my step-uncle!” Nessie said, picking up on the general idea of my rant. Alice laughed.

“Charlie and Sue are on their way! They were already awake! Apparently, Sue has been feeling a little sick this morning,” she said, amused. I could sense a double meaning to her words, but I had no idea what it could be. Just then, Leah came back from calling her mom.

“Mom and Charlie are on their way. They have something to tell us, and they want everyone to be here,” she said. I pieced it together, and looked at Alice. She nodded.

Alice and EJ’s great aunt or uncle will also be their sibling-in-law.

I shook my head and groaned. Was this day ever going to end?!