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3: Happily Ever After

Third and final installment of the series Their Futures! This story wraps gives a brighter happily ever after for the Cullens and their friends!!!! Chapter 4 is up for validation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. One Step Closer to a Fairytale Forever

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Fairytale Ending

Edward’s POV

Charlie and Sue arrived a few hours later.

Not a word, Edward. This is our surprise, Charlie thought as a warning. I laughed.

“Only Alice and I know!” I replied. Bella looked at me.

“Know what?” she asked. I shook my head. “What does he know, Dad?” she asked. Charlie grinned down at his wife, and Sue nodded.

“Sue’s pregnant!” he exclaimed and hugged her. Bella smiled widely.

“Really! That’s great! We have a few surprises, too. Come see the babies!” she said.

“Okay, wait, babies, as in more than one?” Charlie asked. I nodded.

“Nessie had twins, Alice Marie and Edward Jacob. That’s only half of the surprise, though!” I said. We went to Jake and Nessie’s room. Seth and Leah got there first, of course. Sue looked at her two children and smiled.

“You’ve imprinted,” she said quietly. Seth smiled and Leah nodded. Charlie was busy looking at Alice Marie, but when he heard the word “imprint” he took a deep breath. After a few seconds, he looked up just in time to see EJ bite Leah. Sue screamed, Leah screamed, I grabbed EJ, and Alice’s eyes slid out of focus.

“I can’t see her! Wait, nobody think of anything to do with Leah. Don’t plan for anything. Okay, I see her. She’s going through the transformation, but it’s different. It’s not going to take three days,” Alice said. She came back to the present. “Somebody carry her to the guest room.” Seth moved to pick his sister up, but Alice shook her head. “Somebody that I can see, please. Carlisle?”

“Yes, I’ll get her. I should probably put more venom in her system,”he said, but Alice cut him off there.

“NO! Pure vampire venom will kill her. I think the only reason she’ll make it through this is because EJ is only 1/4 vampire, and, maybe, because he’s also part wolf,” she trilled at top speed. Carlisle nodded.

“In that case, Esme, will you bring my bag along?” he asked. Esme picked it up and followed him. Sue was right behind her. Carlisle sensed her behind them. “Sue, is it okay if I draw some of her blood to examine before the venom seals her veins? I have a syringe and some vials in my bag.”

“Go ahead. Is she going to make it?” Sue asked frantically.

“She’s becoming a vampire, but she will live, yes,” he said. Sue breathed a sigh of relief and despair. Charlie put his arms around her. Jake and Seth were both pacing with worry as a thought crossed my mind. I went to the guest room.

“Does her blood smell human, Carlisle?” I asked. A look of confusion crossed his face, but he checked and the confusion was replaced with surprise.

“Aside from the venom, it does smell completely human. I wonder why that is,” he mused.

“I have no idea, but Marie did say something about sensing a latent gift from Leah. It was some sort of shield,” I said. Carlisle nodded in consideration. He took a microscope and some glass slides from his bag.

What’s happening?, Leah screamed in her mind.

“The venom in EJ’s bite is reacting with your body the same way my venom would react with a human. You’ll be a vampire soon, Leah. Alice has seen that your transformation will last half as long as normal, but it will still be complete,” I explained.

Tears leaked out of her eyes as she considered this, and Renesmee brought EJ into the room.

“He wanted to see her,” she said when I look at them with confusion. She pulled a chair from the desk and sat next to the bed. EJ looked at Leah with sad eyes. I could tell he was communicating with her in his own way.

“Jake is on he phone with Billy,” Renesmee said. “He’s happy about the imprints, kind of, but Leah getting bit was a major blow.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet Sam has a fit when he hears,” I predicted.

Alice came in the room.

“I almost envy her,” she said. “EJ’s venom is moving through her system at an unprecedented rate. This’ll all be over in an hour. We need to move her to your house or Carlisle and Esme’s.”

“Your right,” Carlisle said. “We’ll take her to my house. I want to test her blood anyway.”

I found Bella in the living room.

“Leah will finish the transformation in an hour. Something about EJ’s venom sped up the process so we’re taking her to Carlisle’s. He wants to run some tests on her blood,” I said to everyone gathered there. “Do you want to come with us, Bella?”

She nodded.
“Can I come, too?” Sue asked. I shook my head.

“I’m sorry. It would be too dangerous,” I replied. “When Leah finishes the transformation, she’ll need to hunt. I’ve only ever seen one case where a newborn fresh from the change walked away from a pure human scent.”

“How long will it be before I can see her?” Sue asked frantically.

“I don’t know,” I said honestly.

“I saw Bella a few weeks after she became a vampire,” Charlie said.

“Bella is the one case I’ve seen of a newborn resisting a pure human scent,” I said patiently. Carlisle rushed past us with Leah in his arms, closely followed by Alice.

“We’ll call you as soon as possible, Dad,” Bella said as we rushed out the door.