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3: Happily Ever After

Third and final installment of the series Their Futures! This story wraps gives a brighter happily ever after for the Cullens and their friends!!!! Chapter 4 is up for validation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Happily Ever After...... FINALLY!!!

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Happily Ever After... FINALLY!!!

Edward’s POV

Just as I was about to get into the car, an idea from almost seven years ago came to me again. Alice grinned as I turned to Carlisle.

“May I borrow one of those syringes? An injection of EJ’s venom straight to the heart might help Leah the way it helped Bella,” I explained.

“Leah isn’t inches from death, Edward,” he replied.

“It will make her transformation shorter is all,” Alice added. “It will hurt ten times worse than it already does, but it will also be over in about fifteen minutes.”

“Be quick,” Carlisle said, handing me a syringe. I ran into the house and straight up to EJ.

“Renesmee, Jacob, do you mind if I collect some of EJ’s venom? Alice has seen that an injection of it will make her transformation last less than an hour.” I asked.

“If it will ease her suffering, go ahead,” Jacob replied, the stress in his voice showing through his mask of calm. Bella was shielding his mind from me, but I could hear Jasper. He was marveling over the amount of pain emanating from Jake. I picked up my grandson. He was quiet as I withdrew a syringe of venom from his mouth. Baby Alice watched with mild interest. I wasn’t sure how their lives would be, but I had a feeling my grandchildren would grow faster than Renesmee had. Alice ran back into the house.

“I’m going to stay here,” she said. I nodded, keeping track of what I was doing. It only took a few seconds.

“Thank you, EJ,” I said quickly. I handed him to Jake and ran. We injected the venom into Leah’s heart on the way. Her screams grew much louder. Then the begging started.

“Kill me!” she screamed. “I don’t want to be a bloodsucker! KILL ME!”

“The transformation will be over soon, Leah,” Bella assured her. “Being a vampire isn’t so bad. Just think of EJ. He’s part vampire and part werewolf.”

Alice’s POV

I had a plan. The others would take care of Leah just fine without me. I could call if I saw anything important. Before I could test my theory, I had one thing to take care of.

“Jasper, I left one of the presents at the house. Could you get it for me, please?” I asked sweetly. He nodded.
“Sure, darlin’,” he gave me a quick kiss and walked out the door. I smiled after him for a few seconds before turning to Renesmee.

“May I hold him?” I reached for EJ. Nessie handed him to me. “I have a theory. If EJ’s venom can turn a wolf into a vampire, then maybe his venom could allow a vampire to see a wolf.”

I sat on the couch. “EJ, you understand me, right?” I asked. The giggle of a little boy echoed through my mind. “Will you bite me just like you bit Grandpa?” EJ smiled. He bit my arm lightly. I bit back a scream as flames flashed through my entire body. The future spread out in front of me like a movie. I saw Renesmee pregnant, again. I saw Seth and baby Alice’s wedding. My theory was right. The flames disappeared as suddenly as they had begun. I gasped, opening my eyes quickly. EJ was in Jacob’s arms now. Renesmee was leaning over me. I cocked my head to the side.

“How many children do you plan on having?” I asked sarcastically. She gave me a confused glance.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jake asked defensively. I smiled, rolling my eyes a little bit.

“Thank you, EJ,” I said. Jasper came back with two presents in his arms. He immediately picked up on my euphoria.

“What were you up to, Alice?” he asked, knowing me all too well. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

“It feels so nice to see again. No annoying blind spots, just crystal clear visions of everyone’s future!” I exclaimed. Charlie shuddered audibly. I had completely forgotten that he and Sue were here. “Leah is going to be fine. The transformation will be over in ten minutes. After that, Carlisle and the others will take her on a short hunting trip.”

“When they get back, I want to test her ability to resist my blood. My scent should repulse her, but I did the same thing with Bella before we let her near Renesmee,” Jake said. I took a glimpse at this plan.

“She won’t attack you,” I said trapped in the future. The vision was so clear that I had to wonder if it was real or just wishful thinking. I could see Leah sitting on the couch with EJ on her lap. She was laughing at something Billy said. This was going to happen around noon TODAY! I looked two hours into the future. She was talking to Charlie and Sue without holding her breath. There was no blood lust in her, not for human blood anyway. I watched her hunt. A hungry gleam entered her eyes when they came across a bear, but there was nothing of the sort when she was around the humans. I shook violently and returned to the present as my cell phone rang.

“We’re taking her hunting,” Edward said quickly. “You might want to send Charlie and Sue home.”

“There’s no need. I looked at your whole hunting trip. Leah’s going to bag herself a bear, but when she comes back to the house she won’t feel the least bit inclined to attack anyone,” I explained. “I’ve never had a clearer vision than the one I had of us all sitting in the living room at Jake and Nessie’s house around noon today. Jake’s pack and half of Sam’s will be here along with Billy, Charlie, Sue, and Quil Ateara Sr., and Rebecca. We’re all sitting, talking, and laughing.”

“Are you sure?” Edward asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “Jacob wants to test her just incase.”

In the background, I heard an irritated growl. “Stop talking about me. You said I’m supposed to hunt so let’s get it over with!”

“Bye, Alice,” Edward said quickly. I laughed, snapping my phone shut gently. Once again the future stretched out in front of me like a movie.

Leah sits in a chair with EJ on her lap, exchanging memories and thoughts. Edward and Bella are sitting on the couch.

“Ali looks cute as little wolf,” Bella comments, looking out the window at her granddaughter. Edward laughs. Little Alice is nipping at Seth’s ankles.

“I think the pink dress is a wonderful touch,” he adds. “I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Four years of development packed into one would scare the life out of me if Alice couldn’t see them living forever.”

“Tell me about it,” says Nessie. She walks up behind them and stares out the window. “Eventually the immortality will fizzle out of the bloodline, though.”

I smiled. Everyone loves a happy ending. This was a happy beginning!