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Meant to Be

While hunting, Edward and his family come across a wounded girl, dying from lack of blood. What happens when Edward suddenly falls in love with her? E/B Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

AU version of Twilight. Everything Twilight belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer!

1. You Found Me

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Edward ran behind his family, each searching for a hunting ground. He wasn't in the best of moods. In his depressive state only a few of his family members would try to talk to him. He mostly went unnoticed.

Carlisle was the first to catch the scent.

“Jasper, stop breathing!” he yelled. Jasper complied. Each of the other members took a breath, taking in the smell of freshly spilled blood.

Edward lost control.

He barely saw Alice's vision of him attacking the wounded young girl. He barely heard her yell out to Carlisle and Emmett. He barely paid attention to the arms that wrapped around him, restraining him.

All he could focus on was that girl. That floral scent that entered his nostrils, capturing him in a frenzy of bloodlust.

He did notice when his mother stepped in front of him. For when she did, she was automatically knocked to the ground by him. He heard Carlisle's growl. His father could do nothing, unless he wanted an innocent's life lost. The decision was killing him.

“I'm fine,” Esme said to her husband and their son. Edward was still struggling, but not as much. He was slowly coming to his senses.

“Stop breathing, Edward,” Carlisle commanded. Edward did what he was told, suddenly knowing right from wrong again.

Alice told them to let him go, and when they did, Edward dropped to his knees. Edward was in so much pain Jasper fled. It was too much for him.

Edward instinctively clutched his throat, as if trying to put out the fire that raged in there. He dared not breathe. His body was shaking from small sobs.

Esme gathered her son in her arms. Edward did not want to be comforted – he was never one to show weakness – but he was too weak to move away, or open his mouth. Alice joined Esme, while the rest looked on.

Edward used the last of his oxygen in a closed-mouthed scream. Esme was beginning to sob. Carlisle ran to the girl, Emmett and Rosalie on his heals.

They sat there for several minutes, Edward too caught up in calming himself to hear the thoughts of anyone around him.

“It's okay, baby, it's okay.” Esme was always a comforting woman. And with Edward being her first vampiric son she tended to worry about him.

Alice whined. Edward looked to her mind to find the cause.

There was no need. She stated aloud that the girl wouldn't survive.

Edward traced three words into the dirt in front of him.

Hold me back

He began to stand and his sister and mother took hold of him. He leaned against a tree, and took a long breath through his mouth.

“Ahhhh,” he moaned. The pain was unbearable. But he did it again, and again, and again, until the scent was familiar. He struggled a bit when he began to breathe through his nose, but not enough to break the women's hold on him. He slowly made his way towards the area in which this girl lay, dying. The scent was getting stronger.

He couldn't help but smile when the rain came. The fresh smell helped him through the red cloud his was enveloped in.

The rain also washed away much of the surrounding blood the girl had shed. So much blood.

They finally found their way to her. Edward was still holding himself back, but it was much easier now. There was less blood to hold back from.

Are you truly happy about that? He asked himself. How could he be happy that this girl was slowly dying?

“Hit and run,” Carlisle whispered. He then turned his head and to show them the two mountain lions who had obviously been fighting over the girl.

“Both of them lost,” he whispered. They had killed each other in battle. Their prey, though injured badly, still had a beating heart.

The girl's eyes fluttered open, blinking against the rain.

Edward dropped to his knees beside her, just staring. The whole family focused on them, in case the girl would say something, or Edward would lose control.

She whimpered and blinked again, rain getting in the way of her sight. What Edward did next shocked the whole family.

He placed his arms under the girl's head, holding her up just a bit, so the water wouldn't sting her eyes.

Those eyes.

Her eyes were nothing like anything he had seen before. The could practically swim in the brown depths of them. Those eyes were beautiful. Those eyes were pained. Those eyes were shocked.

Those eyes were focused on him.

“What happened?” she barely whispered, her voice hoarse. Edward was able to breathe freely, now. He was fully focused on the girl's pain.

“It seems you've been hurt,” he whispered back to her. Realization dawned on her face, followed by shock. After a few moments it faded into acceptance.

“I'm going to die,” she murmured. It broke Edward's heart to hear those words. The girl looked about his age. To lose your life before your life even began . . . it would be tragic. He didn't want a tragic ending for this girl.

The family could tell when her own tears mixed with the rain on her cheeks. Edward wiped them off, softly, stroking her face.

“Who are you?” It was a struggle for her to speak.

“Edward Cullen,” he stated. “And this is my family. Carlisle is a doctor.” He pointed to his father.

“We're miles away from any hospital,” she pointed out, mostly to herself.

“Yes,” Edward agreed.

“What's wrong with me?” she croaked. Edward winced, and couldn't say anything. He couldn't tell her why she was dying. It seemed cruel to him. Carlisle thought differently.

“When you were hit by the vehicle,” he began. The girl's eyebrow's puckered, as if confused. “It must have broken a few bones, and made you bleed. Can you move?” She shook her head. They had thought as much. Carlisle continued:

“Two mountain lions must have smelt your blood, and come to fight over you. They have obviously done some damage. I see some teeth and claw marks, but they got at each other more than you. They killed each other.”

She was sobbing quietly. Edward stroked her cheeks again. It seemed that she was about to pass out – or . . . Edward couldn't let himself think it – but she pulled herself together again and looked at the man holding her.

The way she looked at him gave him hope. Those eyes were determined.

But he wasn't expecting what she was so determined about. And when she voiced it, his jaw dropped.

“Kiss me,” she told him. It took a few moments before he could speak.

“Why?” he asked. He was thoroughly confused. Why him?

“I've never been kissed before,” she whispered. “And you're kind.” She smiled slightly, as much as she could.

Edward nodded. He took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. His family was watching him, questioning him through their minds. So they had something in common. He'd never kissed anyone, either.

He slowly, carefully, lowered his head until it was mere inches from her's. The rain soaked them completely, and she was shivering, but they paid no attention to that. For the moment their lips met, it was only them. The only factor there was that they were together.

When he pulled away, he was a different man.

Thank y . . . ,” she trailed off, fading away. Her heartbeat was still going at it's steady rhythm, but it would for long. Her breathing began to become more shallow.

“No!” Edward yelled, startling everyone else. This woke the girl, but only slightly.

“Are you going to leave me so soon?” he asked her.

“Wish . . . could . . . stay,” she breathed. She was fading again.

“Would you?” he yelled to her. “Would you stay? For me?”

“Yes,” she barely whispered.

“Even if it comes at a price? A price no one could even think of?”

“Edw . . . yes . . . .” She fell unconscious.

Edward didn't even look back at his family. He didn't even ask for someone's assistance. All he did was bite. He pushed his venom into her veins with his tongue, letting it help her heart beat. He could hear the gasps from his family, but he didn't care. He closed up the wound he had made, along with the others.

Her heart became stronger.

Her breath came faster.

She screamed as Edward held her.