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The Moonlight Chronicles

My life is tainted. When i turned fifteen, i was bitten. by a creature. and since that time i've led two lives. the life of sunlight, and the life of moonlight. Human and Werewolf. Moonlight Chronicles This is part of the cross-breed series. HOWEVER! It is not part of the main bit. but you should read the first four stories before you read this. Otherwise, you'll have no idea who these people are.


3. Rafe

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When I woke up, I was human again. I was lying, naked on the moors. My nails were encrusted with blood and dirt. I remembered what I had done last night and nearly cried out in horror. Mother, father, and little Robyn. All dead. All slaughtered by my hand. I gazed at my hands. Not by my hand but by the paws of a hideous beast with no thoughts except for meat. My muscles ached and as I stretched out, I realized that I was not alone. A man was standing nearby. He was quite tall, with dark hair. His eyes were a startling shade of green that pierced my heart.

"Who...who are you?" I stuttered. I detested the way he was looking at me as though I was a creature of strange implications. As if he knew what I'd spent my evening doing. Could he know, know that I'd slaughtered family, eaten their flesh, and enjoyed it? He spoke, finally, his voice filled with a complex mixture of emotions.

"You know me. But not like this, not in this frail form. My name is Rafe, but for ones such as you or I, names are not important. Tell me, what is that on your arm?" I looked down at the bite on my wrist.

"A cut"

"Not just any cut, the cut of the moon. Made by wolfen teeth," he said, still staring at me. I was self conscious about the fact that I wasn't wearing anything while conversing with a stranger, which as a young lady, went against everything I'd been taught. He seized my wrist. I tried to pull away but he brought it up to his mouth. I saw that his teeth were unnaturally sharp and came to a deadly point. The ring of teeth on my wrist matched the ones that gleamed in the dawn light as he smiled at me.

"You did this. You turned me into a monster," I said, realization hitting me full on.

"Not a monster. An immortal. A creature of unimaginable strength and speed. A wonderful thing" he said, sounding as if that was the most obvious answer ever.

"Why? I killed my family! I killed them in cold blood!
How is that a wonderful thing?!" he shrugged.

"But you don't need them now. You can start a new family, one that is like you, your equal in strength, agility. Your perfect match. You can join me"

"What do you mean join you?" I asked, suspicious of the stranger's intentions.

"Travel with me. You can't stay here as the only survivor of a wolf attack. The second wolf attack you've been involved in within the last two months. I'm searching for a mate and a spirited girl like yourself would be perfect," he said. I shook my head, backing away from him.

"I love you. I've often watched you and I knew that we should be together forever. You may not love me now, but in time you would"

"I will never love you. And I will never join you! I'm not a monster like you are! I'm me!"

"You won't survive without me. You'll die," he taunted. I ran away. I hoped never to see him again.