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The Moonlight Chronicles

My life is tainted. When i turned fifteen, i was bitten. by a creature. and since that time i've led two lives. the life of sunlight, and the life of moonlight. Human and Werewolf. Moonlight Chronicles This is part of the cross-breed series. HOWEVER! It is not part of the main bit. but you should read the first four stories before you read this. Otherwise, you'll have no idea who these people are.


4. Scotland

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I returned to my house briefly to get some clothes and then I headed out of York. I didn't know where to go but I needed to get away before anyone saw me. I had also collected some money and I used this to get a coach up to London. When I arrived in London, I lost myself to the busy city. I intended to search for work but a horrible truth dawned on me. I couldn't be near people. I bought some food and then I left the city. I couldn't stay there, or I'd kill some more people.

Instead, I headed out, up to Scotland. The rugged wilderness soothed me. I found myself a rocky chasm, which I adopted as my home. There was plentiful wildlife and I managed to adopt hunting techniques of the local predators. I had much more success this way then with the clumsy tools of man.

My dresses became torn until I could bear it no longer. I had been brought up to appreciate the values of tidy clothing so I left my hideaway briefly and went to the village. I had some money saved and I wore the only dress that was not torn to ribbons. I bought some needle and thread at the store but was confronted with a nosy village lady.

"I haven't seen ye around here before" she said. With her harsh Scottish accent, it was practically a growl.

"I am new to the area" I responded.

"Where ye come from?" she asked.

"I have come from York. I am merely passing through on the way to visit my aunt further along"

"What's ye aunt's name?"

"Aunt Agnes" I did have an aunt Agnes and she did live in Scotland. Or she had, until she died four years ago. I felt an unexpected tear come to my eye.

"Aw, is she poorly ye aunt? Suffering from the fever?"

"Yes" I said.

"Then go along ye lass. Ye'll do no good to dally"
thankfully, she left me alone then and I was able to return to my home with my purchases. I sowed all my dresses, turning them into overalls of sorts. I has also purchased some scissors and lock by lock, I cut my hair. I now resembled a boy in most ways. Dresses were to wearable and it was frowned upon for a young lady such as myself to dress like a boy. So I needed to become a boy, for now at least. I hunted harder, dreading the next full moon. However by then I was expecting it so I stationed myself far from the Scottish village. An entire loch separated me from the people.

It didn't help. The next day, I woke once more in my new home, only this time my nails bore the tail-tail signs of death. Blood stained me and there was a stench, such a stench I had never smelled before. Decaying flesh. I dressed myself and went to the village, confident that my human side was once more in control.

"Excuse me?" I asked. There were people everywhere.


"What has happened here?" while I dressed and tried to act like a boy, I could disguise my voice which was pitched to perfection as my mother had once said.

"Some beast killed two kids. They were walkin' home and it got them. No one's safe any longer"

"What will be done?" I asked, anxiously.

"Oh we know about that there beast. It'll be back and when it does, it'll be slaughtered by our here hands!" oh.

"Ya, lad, ye speak mighty fancy for a boy o' your age" he said, gazing at me suspiciously.

"I was born and raised in London" I lied.

"Ye are a liar! Ye are a lass!" he shouted. Everyone turned. Only when a girl had something to hide did she disguise what she was. The people swarmed at me. I ran. Fast as I could.