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The Moonlight Chronicles

My life is tainted. When i turned fifteen, i was bitten. by a creature. and since that time i've led two lives. the life of sunlight, and the life of moonlight. Human and Werewolf. Moonlight Chronicles This is part of the cross-breed series. HOWEVER! It is not part of the main bit. but you should read the first four stories before you read this. Otherwise, you'll have no idea who these people are.


5. Return

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I dared not return to my home after that, fearing that the villagers would find it and drive me from it. Instead, I dived into the loch and swam. The water was that of ice and it drew my breath from me painfully. I swam across the loch and emerged, soaking on the other side. The villagers dared not swim the dark waters so I struggled back to my den, shivering. I knew I could not stay. I changed and packed all my stuff away. Then I left, leaving no sign of me behind but the deaths of two innocents and the thoughts of the villagers.

Fifty years later

After wandering alone for so long, I returned to my hometown in York. It was a dangerous move. I remained at fifteen, though my hair had grown back to its original length and longer. Though many that I knew where grown they might still recognize me and wonder where I had been these past years. I stood outside my old house.

"I'd stay away from there," said a voice. I turned. A boy. About sixteen with wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes.

"Who lives there?" I asked.

"No one. There was an animal attack fifty years ago and no one dared go near it since"

"Animal attack?"

"Yes. It happened twice fifty years ago. People says that a girl was involved in both. Reckon she was bad luck, an omen," he said. I smiled.

"That's a ridiculous story"

"I know but most of the old folks around here believe it. Some were even friends with the girl! Says she always was strange"

"Are there any of them still around here?"

"A few up by the old mill. Quite a few said they didn't feel right staying here, worried that they would get the bad luck next. Said that she'd summoned a demon from hell and it would get them next. Because, you see, they never found that girl's body. She just disappeared. They thought she'd come after them next"

"Well, thanks for the story, but I have to go" I walked away but when I glanced back he was still watching me. When he saw me looking back at him, he smiled. I smiled back and continued walking away. Then I heard quick footsteps.

"I was wondering. Would you like to maybe meet up sometime?"

"Sure" I said.

"How about tonight? Six o'clock?"


Over the next week, we met up every single night.

"Are we meeting up tomorrow?" I'd ask him.

"Yes. Unless you don't want too?" he'd say.

"Of course I do"

The next night we were sitting on the moors under a tree, watching the sunset and the horses running about.

"So, why did you suddenly appear here?" he asked.

"Oh, I just knew someone here and I wanted to see if they still lived here. They don't"


"Oh, just a cousin of mine" the sunset and the moon started to rise.

"Wow, look at that. It's a full moon. Wolves be out tonight" he laughed. I looked up in shock.

"Oh no" I muttered. The moon was full. I shuddered.

"What's wrong Holly?" I looked at him and growled.