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Book Of Shadows

Bella was upset. Four people arrived from England and showed her a new path. Wicca. She and Jake are part of a coven. If Edward returned, how would their relationship be different...now that she is with a group of boys every weekend? [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite]

Set, seven months after Edward leaves her. After the motorbike incident but before Jake became a werewolf.

2. decisions, decisions

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My phone rang twice more that day. Once in trig (which earned me a stern telling off) and once in gym, which meant it was in the locker room so no one noticed. I was halfway home when the phone rang again. I couldn't drive and answer the phone so I ignored it, but that persistent ringing was annoying. I reached my house and was just reaching for the phone when...it cut off. Typical.

I headed inside and dumped my bag but I kept the phone close. He'd rang four times today; surely, he'd try once more. I shouldn't be hoping for that! He probably just wanted to stick the knife in a bit more, carve a new hole in my heart. I slammed the phone down and decided to go upstairs, check my emails. I logged on. My computer was being irritatingly slow. The phone rang. I ran. I mean, I actually ran, down the stairs to get it. But when I picked it up...I couldn't bring myself to answer it. I just let it ring off.

I returned to my computer and opened up my emails. Spam mostly. An email from my mum and a message from a sender I didn't recognize. Cullen@family.net it could be any of them! But it was from one of them. I couldn't read it. I deleted it without looking. I wasn't doing this. I replied dutifully to my mum's and went downstairs. I noticed then. The home phone's red message light was flashing. Absentmindedly I pressed it. It must be Charlie or Jake. Edward wouldn't leave a message...that thought died as his velvet voice floated from the machine.

"Bella...it's me" I had to stop it! I had too! But the voice removed all my resolve.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I...I..."

"He screwed up! Big time!" shouted an angry voice. Alice. I almost laughed.

"Alice, this is a private conversation!"

"Not even a conversation. You're preaching to a voice machine! That's what you get for being an ass!"

"Anyway, I screwed up. I can't apologize properly on this thing. Please...ring me. I just want to hear your voice"

"Or email him and tell him he's an idiot!" shouted Emmett "Alice emailed you so you'll have the address"

"Guys! Shut up! Anyway...please...call me. You had my cell number...you probably don't anymore. And Alice said she emailed you the new home number. Even if you just tell me to get lost. Please Bella...tell me I haven't lost you forever" the machine died. I felt grief swelling up on me.
I picked up the machine and stabbed the button. I had to hear his voice again.

"Message deleted"

"NO!" I shouted. I slumped down and cried. I couldn't ring him. I couldn't. I crawled upstairs to bed.

"Bella! You've got a phone call!" my heart stopped beating. Despite my tossing and turning, I was still awake.

"Who is it?" I asked, fearing the worst. Surely...Charlie would sound unhappy if Edward tried to call me?

"Jake! Wants to know whether to pick you up tomorrow. If so, what time" phew. Jacob, my life support. I ran downstairs.

"Hey Jake!"

"Bells! So, do you need me to pick you up?"

"Sure. Say...nine? The circle's not until ten. We could get stuff set up"

"Okay. Do...do you fancy...I don't know...staying the night?"

"Err...what? Did you just suggest I sleepover at your house?"


"You only have one bed. I don't like making you sleep on the sofa"

"We could share?"

"Charlie would be really happy with that"

"He wouldn't mind. You are an adult after all"

"Yes, but I wouldn't mind living here for a bit longer. And Jake...I'm not ready"

"I just wanted to know if you'd like to stay over. I promise. Nothing malicious"

"Maybe Jake. Maybe. So, I'll see you at nine?"

"Unless you want to hang out earlier?"

"I've got homework. But let's make it seven and then we can do something fun"

"Bike ride?"

"Shh" I hissed, worried that either Billy or Charlie would overhear the comment.

"Okay. I'll see you then!"

"Bye Jake" I hung up. I longed to hear a voice. But not Jake's. Edward's. Should I call him? I picked up my cell and hit redial. The last number that had rang me.