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Book Of Shadows

Bella was upset. Four people arrived from England and showed her a new path. Wicca. She and Jake are part of a coven. If Edward returned, how would their relationship be different...now that she is with a group of boys every weekend? [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite]

Set, seven months after Edward leaves her. After the motorbike incident but before Jake became a werewolf.

3. Seeing is believing.

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The phone rang twice.

"Hello? Hello?" asked his voice. I took a deep breath.

"Bella? Is that you?" I couldn't do it. I hung up. I groaned. There must be someway to find out what he wanted without ringing him. A flash of inspiration. He'd given me an address book with his family's numbers written in. I'd completely forgotten about it, having just shoved it on a shelf as a slightly unnecessary gift. I skipped Alice, and went straight to C. Carlisle. He could explain. Ring ring.


"Is this Dr Carlisle Cullen speaking?" like there are any other Carlisle's in the world with exactly the same phone number.

"Yes. Who is this?"



"Shh...I don't want Edward to know. Is he nearby?"

"He's outside with Alice but he can probably still read my thoughts"

"Don't think about me, I just need to know..."

"I've lost her! I just know it!" wailed Edward's voice in the background "Carlisle? Who's...that?" I could just imagine what Edward would do if he found out.

"I've got to go"

"Bella! Bella!" Alice shouted down the phone. I hung up. I was doing a lot of hanging up lately. My phone rang as Edward called me back. I disconnected it. It rang again. I switched the phone off. No, I wasn't doing this anymore. He left me. It shouldn't be me paying for his mistakes.

Jake picked me up as seven, just as I'd finished my homework and was looking for something to do. He drove me to La Push and we spent two hours on the bikes.

"So, have you got the stuff?" I asked.

"Yes. Incense, candles, salt, you name it, I've got it"

"Great" we were sitting on his sofa, waiting and watching TV. The doorbell rang at ten to ten.

"I'll get it," I said. I opened it. It was Holly and Jo.

"Hey guys" I led them in.

"Aww" said Jake.

"What's up?" I asked, worried.

"It looks like there's three highly attractive women with no boyfriends! Poor them!"

"Slow down boy. Our boys will be here soon. Leo volunteered to pick Angela up," said Holly.

"Err, I have a question" said Jake "How do I tell Mike Newton and your boyfriend Mike apart? I mean, in conversation"

"Well, you can call my Mike, Mikey if you want Jacob," said Jo. We laughed.

"Nah, just he spells his name differently. Mik. Pronounced My Ca"

"My car?" asked Jake.

"Just forget it. Just call him Mike" Leo, Mik and Angela arrived next. Then Mike and Jessica.

"Okay. Tonight we are going to do a banishing circle, to banish things and start afresh" Jo opened the circle and we held hands. We walked round and chanted.

"I banish confusion," said Jo.

"I banish loneliness," said Holly.

"I banish sadness," said Leo.

"I banish prejudice," said Mik.

"I banish gossip," said Angela.

"I banish unreturned feelings," said Jake.

"I banish boredom," said Mike

"I banish fear," said Jessica. Jess had changed since
we'd started. She was less, narrow-minded.

"I banish uncertainty," I said. Our circle seemed to glow with magick. Jo closed the circle.

"Next week we're meeting up at Bella's house, right Bella?"

"Yeah, sure" I said. I was busy thinking. I knew what to do now. I had to call Edward.