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Book Of Shadows

Bella was upset. Four people arrived from England and showed her a new path. Wicca. She and Jake are part of a coven. If Edward returned, how would their relationship be different...now that she is with a group of boys every weekend? [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite]

Set, seven months after Edward leaves her. After the motorbike incident but before Jake became a werewolf.

4. The strength of a coven

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It was quite late but that didn't matter. The moment Jake dropped me home I dialled the number.


"Hi Edward. It's Bella"

"Bella! You rang!"

"Yes I did. I have no idea why and you have about five minutes before I turn this phone off and get on with my life"

"Bella, I'm really sorry"

"good, you should be"

"I was an idiot. I thought leaving you would keep you safe. I just couldn't see any other way"

"So hurting me would keep me from getting hurt? That makes very little sense"

"Okay, I was an idiot"

"So you keep saying"

"But I was"

"I don't know who you're trying to convince. I already know this"

"The real reason I wanted to talk to you was...to see if I'd really blown it with you...if we might be able to have another go?"

"So...you don't love me huh?"


"You're tired of being human?"

"You've lost me"

"Those ‘lies' cut my heart into shreds Edward Cullen. Even the sound of your name makes me wince. Goodbye" I hung up. Then I sighed and hit redial. He didn't answer. I got voicemail.

"Edward, I'm sorry. I just...I loved you so much and you hurt me so badly. I would love to see you again but I'd be worried you'd hurt me again. Anyway, you probably have given up on me. I keep dialling, hanging up and all. I miss you. I love you. Bye" I hung up.

I woke up revitalized the next day. I hung out with Jake. I tried exceptionally hard not think about Edward. I went to a movie with the coven and Ben. Mike and Jessica made out in the back row when they thought no one was looking. An usher caught them and threw us all out. But it was normal life! And it was quite funny.

On Monday, I had the feeling that something was different. I don't know why. I arrived at school and headed to English. There was a kind of whisper in the class. I listened to what the girl next to me was saying to her friend.

"Did you see them? Yes! They came back" it made no sense. By lunch, I was very confused.

"Bella!" shrieked Angela when she saw me "have you..."

"Are you going to ask me if I've seen them? I don't even know who them is," I said.

"You're about to find out" said Jo, pointing at the door. It opened. My heart stopped and my eyes widened as...they entered. The Cullen's. Well, Alice and Edward at least.

"Bella?" said Holly "is that the family that abandoned you?"

"Yes" I choked out.

"Right" she said. Holly got up and so did Jo.

"What are you girls going to do?" asked Mike

"We are going to show how close covens are. Bella, come with us" said Mik.

"What are you doing?" asked Jessica.

"Well, a coven is like a family. We're close. So Bella, to me and Jo, is a sister. As are Jessica, Angela and mike"

"I'm a boy!" said Mike in protest.

"Are you? I hadn't noticed," teased Holly "Anyway, we look out for our family" Mik and Leo nodded. Leo put an arm around me and Jo took my hand. Holly led our procession to the Cullen table. Edward wasn't looking our way. He was talking quietly to Alice.

"Excuse me?" said Holly. He turned.

"Yes?" he said, sounding mildly irritated.

"I believe you hurt our sister?" she said, pointing at me. Edward's eyes widened.

"Er..." nearly one hundred and ten and all he could say was er?

"Well, we're just here to let you know, you break her heart again and we break your face" she said. Edward took
in Leo's arm around my shoulder.

"It doesn't look like I'll be able to even if I wanted to. She looks taken"

"That's my boyfriend. He's just looking out for her," said Holly. Then she turned and marched off. We followed. I didn't look back.

"Oh god" I muttered, "I have biology next. Edward sits next to me in Biology. Or he did"

"Fake illness?" said Mike "I'm glad you girls showed him what's what! I would have done the same thing"

"Really? Cause I didn't notice you getting up to help" he shrugged.

"Thanks guys" I said, "I'm going to face him but I'm glad I've got your support"

"You have our support to the end of the earth. I wouldn't even blame you if you put a spell on him," said Jo.

"I'd love to, but remember the threefold law?" I said. She sighed and nodded.

"Well, I'm going. Bye guys" I turned, ready to face the