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She was turned into a vampire by her own love but was left... After a hundred years of pure agony Bella is bumped into a horrible sight. And it was all Edward's wonderful plan!!!!! Will the plan work??? read to find out...

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight.... Stephenie Meyer does.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward’s POV

I stared ahead finding a scent. A scent that was now mixed with an inhuman scent. Where is she?

My question was answered when I saw a strikingly beautiful woman staring at the plain land where Charlie’s house once stood a hundred and eight years ago.

I stared at her, her face seemingly familiar. The face that I first saw sitting across me in biology class. “Bella” I whispered. Maybe it’s just another woman. But that can’t be especially with those familiar angles of her face. She has the same brown hair, floating with the wind.

“Bella!” I screamed. She turned around with a devil smile slapped across her face. I gasped─ her eyes were bloody red.

“Bella, what happened to you?” she smiled but not the smile that I see after I kiss her. As I took a step forward toward her she took a step back holding her red nail polished index finger up.

“What happened to me, what happened to you Edward?” she shrieked. I flinched. “You left me in the forest changing to a vampire until Jacob came to get me. Poor Jacob, he had to break the treaty just to save me. You left me Edward, and now I’m leaving you!” I stared at her. I noticed she was wearing a black robe.

“You joined the Volturi clan?” I whispered.

“Yes, they forced me to.” She said menacingly.

“Forgive me Bella… you know it was for the best.” She laughed sarcastically. She bit her lip looking like she was about to cry.

“I heard that excuse before. You said that before you left me,” she explained. Then she ran away in a blinding speed, leaving me to feel the emotional pain coursing through my body.

Bella’s POV

I sobbed tearlessly as I ran through the forest. Thousands of questions were running through my mind. Why was he here? Did he really believe all those lies? Does Edward still love me?

Are all the Cullens coming back? Where was Alice? Where were the rest of the Cullens?

I finally saw familiar trees and the entrance to the meadow. Our crooked house stood in the middle of the meadow. Beside the house a small burgling brook was meandering nearby to a small lake. Wild flowers, Sitka Spruces, Yews, Hemlocks, and Maple Trees encircled the meadow in a perfect circumference.

“Angela? Ben?” I said in a conversational volume, knowing they could hear me. I walked through the barren landscape to the front door. I felt a light burning feeling in my throat as I smelled the fresh air. Ugh, visitor I thought. Now who could this vampire visitor?

“In the dining room Bella,” Angela called in her most soothing voice. While I walked through the mazelike hallways, I took off my black robe─ stolen from one of the Volturi guards. And my almost dissolved red contacts.

“Hello.” I stopped at the door looking at the one dimpled man blocking the entrance to the kitchen.

“Ugh, who are you?” I hissed stabbing my finger on his chest. Angela came up and stepped in the middle of us.

“Bella, we would like to introduce you to our son, Austin Cheney.” My mouth hanged open on the word son. I was expecting a new friend, or just a long lost cousin.

Well, he does king of look like Angela in a way with the curly dark brown hair, the light olive toned skin. I pushed the thought away.

“Who else is coming?” I asked eyeing the baby mountain lion, and bowls of fresh animal blood on the dining room table. Usually, the dining table was used for special events only.

“That’s why Austin is here. He’s having a bachelor party here with a couple of friends from college.” Ben grimaced obviously not agreeing on the thought that his son was getting married.

“Wow! Cong─” I was about to congratulate Austin and give him a pat in the back when I was interrupted with a light knock on the door. My smile disappeared when I remembered there were going to be more visitors.

“I’ll get it.” I grumbled, walking halfheartedly toward the door. Opening the door was the biggest mistake. I was suddenly in front of a bronze colored hair man, with a perfect crooked smile smeared on his face─ Edward.

I gasped. He tried to push the door wider, as I tried to close it. Edward opened his mouth to say something, but then we heard muted footsteps walking toward us. Austin walked up and hugged Edward tightly like they were brothers.

“Bella, I see you met Edward. He’s my best man at the wedding. And guess what? You are the maid of honor!” Austin grinned. I had never felt this way before─ like my chest was going to burst of madness.

“What!” I shrieked. I turned to look at Edward and saw that he was grinning with Austin too, seems like he was planning this all along. All that mattered was, I wasn’t on the floor kneeling, for Edward to take me back and to tell me that he still loves me. Because that’s what cowards do.

Edward’s POV

My plan was working! I’ve never felt so much joy in decades. Austin finally decided I was going to be his best man and my love was going to be my maid of honor. Austin and I were grinning at each other with different reasons. He was grinning because he was just happy, while I was grinning because my plan, of making Bella love me, was going great.

“Edward, can I talk to you for a minute?” Bella asked interrupting my laughter with Austin. I was surprised she would talk to me alone. She passed by the door beside me, expecting me to follow. I was about two strides behind her when she stopped and turned around facing me.

“Whatever your planning Edward, don’t expect it to work.” She hissed harshly. Bella looked more beautiful than ever. Without the red eyes and black robe, there were the smoldering golden eyes and clothes that hug her figure completely.

“Bella, I know deep inside that you still love me.” I explained gazing directly into her eyes. But I saw Bella making a disgusted face then looked at me like I should be embarrassed.

“Edward, I. Do. Not. Love. You. Anymore.” She stated carefully. I didn’t believe that lie coming out of Bella’s mouth.

Our heads turned when we heard the leaves rustle. I looked back at Bella and saw her mad, clenching her fists. She was clearly mad at the person coming. When Angela appeared beside us, she then stopped in mid-stride, tensed and, jaw clenched tight.