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White Horse

When Lily comes home with a note from the missing Edward cullen. While moving to Esme's island Renesmee and Jake go through some though times with Lily aroundthings get even more complicated!! [banner removed by admins - larger than site regulations permit]


1. chapter 1

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Renesmee’s p.o.v.

I woke up thinking Jake was gone, so I looked around and found him laying next to me. Relived, I went into the kitchen and screamed. When Jake came out he was surprised to see Lily sitting on the counter, and so was I considering the last time we saw her was when dad went missing.

“Hello, Renesmee. How are you?”Lily got up and went over to Jake smiling. “I see you found a boyfriend. My boyfriend didn’t want to come and ruin our little family reunion, so he stayed behind in Denali. You really have to visit me, dad, and the rest of the family.”

“You found dad?” I asked

“Well, yeah.” Lily had to use that snotty little voice. “Dad wanted me to give you this.” It was a letter addressed to the Cullen’s.

Went I read the letter I started to cry and Jake came over and read it out loud

Renesmee please give this to your mother when you are done reading this.

I love you and your mother and your sister but I had to leave or they said they would kill you. I am in Denali and will be waiting to be saved. I am going to try and brake free when lily gets back so get packed up and ready to go. I will run to the forks house so send Emmet. Ask Carlisle and Esme if we could go isle Esme because they know were every other house is.

“Wow that was heart breaking. He said that twins were too much and that he liked having no kids.” Lily was starting to get on my nerves

“MOM, GET OVER HERE NOW!”I screamed at the top of my lungs and herd the entire family running here.

“What?”She asked when they all got to my house.

“Well for starters you can get Lily out of my house for now and second you can read this letter that she brought clamming it is from dad!”I was really mad that she would pull something like this for a joke.

“Well it is definitely from your father, but why would they pull something like this. They knew he was a father and knew he was a father of twins.” mom needs to get out of the house more.

“I have a twin!?”I asked. It was weird that I knew this but I didn’t know what happen to her

“Yes, but I can’t tell you who until your father escapes and we are at the house.” mom said in a know-it-all voice that I was always yelled at for using

“Grandma, Dad wants to know if we could use the island to get away from Tonya.”I told her it would be the only place they wouldn’t be able to find us

“Well, the boys could go and build room for all of you so yes.” Grandma sounded a little upset about the sudden move but I think that she will love to be on her island again