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White Horse

When Lily comes home with a note from the missing Edward cullen. While moving to Esme's island Renesmee and Jake go through some though times with Lily aroundthings get even more complicated!! [banner removed by admins - larger than site regulations permit]


2. Lies

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Jane’s pov

I get a call four or five years ago from Tanya asking if I would help to bring the Cullen’s down one by one starting with Edward and his daughter Lily. When I answered she told me to fly to the Seattle airport and we would go from there.

Edward’s pov

It has been five years since I had seen Bella and Renesmee. Lily and I have been planning to escape when she came back from visiting and I wanted to see Bella and my little girl. I hear that they are building a second story and maybe more to the house at Isle Esme.

Lily’s pov

Dear diary,

It has been two months since I have seen my father. I have never met my mother. I was told she had left and took my sister with her. I heard that she said she didn’t love him and she wanted to leave. She told him to take care of me even though she didn’t love me and left with out another word. But when I’m here I feel twice as whole than I do with my dad. I feel like that I met my mother and sister but who are they. Is it Esme or Bella? Could it be Rosalie?

I love my dad and I wish I new my sister, but I feel like I need to protect Renesmee. I feel like Jake will hurt her and I don’t want to do something to hurt her. I mean I feel a connection with Jake, but I know I will hurt her and I mean I think that her and Andrew would be perfect together but I don’t like how I feel about Jake you know. I love how they are together but I think I would be better than her in Jakes arms. He is hot and all but I don’t want to Renesmee. She is nice and I really don’t want to hurt her. Dad’s letter made Bella and Renesmee cry and I think that they ARE my family. Andrew called this morning and said that they are planning to dispose of dad if I didn’t get back soon. I am scared but I am happy at the same time to be out of that house when I get back.



Renesmee pov

I got up and this time I really did find Jake gone. It had been months since I had the dream and now it came true.

“Why does this always happen to me!!” I yelled and Jake came running in with no clothes on

“What the hell were you doing in the kitchen with no clothes?” I asked him

"I was on patrol and forgot to take my cloths off when i turned!"Jake was still panting so I knew he was lying so I pushed past him and into the kitchen before he could say another word. What I saw next I think scared me for like and for once I felt hopeless. I didn’t know why, I just felt like my world was crushed.