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A New Dawn

This is a tale of action, adventure, love, tragedy, comedy, and so much more. Renesmee is turning seven and Jacob has yet to reveal his true feelings. There will be a life altering event for some of our wolf frientds and the Volturi are a greater threat than ever. Join your favorite Veggie Vamps on a journey even Alice might not be able to predict. BD Spoilers.

Stephenie Meyers owns all things Twilight. No copyright infringement is intended. I just love to take Edward Cullen out to play. Please enjoy.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s POV

As always I began my day beside my husband, Edward, the love of my life. We were lying together watching the sunrise over our tiny private ocean that Esme had lovingly provided. I could not believe we had been married for seven years. This month was August. Looking back I could instantly recall any point of the past seven years with crystalline clarity thanks to my vampiric senses. I did so now dropping my shield so he could share the memories with me. The first time I held our daughter Renesmee, the first time he kissed me after the change, the first time we made love, followed by more recent memories, and then I showed him last night. I wanted him to see that he meant as much to me now, if not more than ever before. Our time together has only brought us closer.

He placed his hands on the side of my face, brushing his thumbs across my cheeks. “I love you more every day Bella. You and Renesmee are my life,” he declared staring into my eyes.

I lost myself for a time in his gaze. We tended to be very self absorbed sometimes, forgetting about everything but each other. A noise from outside caught my attention and I turned around to meet my daughters eyes as she walked in.

“Oh come on guys. You are not making me late. Mom, daddy, please,” Our daughter was almost fully matured and well beyond mentally capable, however she was still in some ways a teenager. I really wasn’t sure if she would ever grow out of it. Maybe she was just destined to be melodramatic I thought.

“Maybe she takes after her mother,” Edward whispered in my ear.

“What? How did you? My shield was up,” I said confused.

“Bella, my love, I spend almost all of my free time watching you. I’m getting better every day at reading your expressions,” he laughed as he said this and if I could have blushed I would. Even after all this time he had the same effect on me. I was dazzled by him constantly. I guess the good thing was that I could do the same to him.

“Gross, dad. I’m standing right here. Are we leaving or not,” asked Renesmee impatiently.

“Are you ladies sure you want to go,” my husband asked with a smile on his face.

“As if I have any choice. I already promised and besides Renesmee would be disappointed if I backed out now. Wouldn’t you,” I asked looking over at her.

“Yes. I can’t wait to see Zafrina and the others. It’s been a year. Come on. Everyone else is ready and waiting,” she said pulling Edward and I out of bed. “You know it’s a good thing that Aunt Alice thought to repack your bags for you. We would be late if not,” she stated as she was walking away.

“Alice.” My husband and I both said together. With that we ran out behind our daughter catching up to her.

Actually I truly was excited to be going. Zafrina, Kachiri, and Senna had become wonderful friends to Renesmee and I which in turn strengthened their friendship with the rest of the Cullens. In fact the three Amazons had spent so much time around us in the past few years that they decided to try our way of life, veggie-ism as Renesmee likes to call it. My daughter has been a tremendous influence on that decision. When we first went to visit when Renesmee was young I was worried about her attachment to the wild women, but over time I have come to really care about them.

Everyone was gathered around their respective vehicles waiting on us to join them. It had been so long since we had all gone somewhere together. I was apprehensive. Worrying was not something that left me after the change. Truly you would think I would be used to the antics of the Cullen family, but they still had the ability to surprise. Also living with a wolf pack can be a little irritating as well, especially when the two mythical species always want to argue with each other. That was why I was glad it was only Jake and Seth going with us. Leah would have just been a drag anyway.

“Well, finally,” Rosalie said. “We were thinking of just leaving you know. Get in. We’re ready,” she stated as she got in her car. Rosalie’s newest present to herself was a BMW M5. It was painted her new favorite color Indianapolis Red Metallic. She loved this machine. I however still liked the understated. That is not to say that I haven’t developed a liking for speed. It seems inevitable as a vampire anyway.

“Alice I really hope you didn’t over do it on the clothing, I mean we are spending part of our time in the Amazon. I don’t think we need to be fashionistas there,” I stated.

“My darling sister, you have never, and to my utter disappointment probably never will be a fashionista. And, since you are not, you have no idea when it is appropriate and when it’s not. In fact I don’t know what any of you would do without me. You would all go around looking like fiends except for Esme and Carlisle. They at least can dress themselves without me,” she declared and with this she jumped into her Porsche 911 Turbo. It was a speed demon and was painted Speed Yellow. It fit the pixie perfectly. Jasper gave us all a ‘you know better’ dose of guilt for Alice’s sake and got in the car too. In seconds they were off and down the drive.

“Alright, is everyone else ready,” asked Esme, always mom in every situation. Getting a nod from everyone we dispersed into our vehicles. Emmett of course rode with Rosalie. Edward, myself, Jacob, Seth, and Renesmee rode together in his Volvo XC60. This was actually one of my favorite cars. It wasn’t as fast as the Porsche or the BMW even with modifications, but it was class wrapped around sex. The Black Sapphire Metallic colored car fit my husband perfectly. It was a squeeze with both wolfs, but Rose refused to let them ride in her car and neither one would fit in the back of the Porsche. Carlisle and Esme took his Mercedes CL Class AMG coupe and one could have ridden with them, but they were flying out of a different airport. They were going to check out our possible next residence first.

Everyone was taking different vehicles because when we got back we were moving. Each couple had a different task to attend to while Edward and I would be coming back here with Renesmee to tie things up and say our goodbyes. It was going to be difficult, but we had to move. People were starting to question, and we wanted Renesmee to have a chance at a more normal or as normal as can be life. She had finally stopped noticeably growing; she was not fully aged, but close. She now resembled a teenager of about seventeen. Taking Nahuel and his sisters into account, Carlisle did not think she would end up aging but another year or so. Permanently eighteen just like her mom.

I reached over to my husband dropping my shield and letting him share in my contented thoughts. I was just so lucky to have everything I ever wanted and everything I didn’t know I wanted as well. My existence now was perfect. Sure, we had issues and the Jake imprinting on my daughter thing was likely to become an issue soon, but overall things had never been better.

We arrived at the airport and checked in waiting to be cleared. We had rented a private plane for this adventure. It was really just more feasible since there were nine of us flying together. After boarding our swanky digs for the next twenty-two hours or so we all settled down for the long trip.

I hoped everything would be well, but taking the eleven of us into account, I thought this ought to be a pretty eventful trip. We decided to pass some time by playing chess.

My abilities as a shield have grown in the past years and I am now able to isolate and separate parts of the shield totally from myself. I can still cover like a blanket, but I can also pick out individuals and leave others standing beside them out of their shield. I can make several different shields at a time and I can also for lack of a better term tie them off. I can walk away and not have to maintain if for a time. It is like a weaving that I snip the thread to. Eventually it will pull and the weave will come apart, but it takes a while. All of this being the case my family decided Edward could play if I would shield their thoughts from him. I did so easily and we let the games commence.

The two wolves and Renesmee eventually had to give up and pass out. That left the rest of us to amuse ourselves until we arrived. Since we were all tired of playing chess we ended up pairing off and spending some quiet time with our mates. I even kept Edward shielded so he could have some peace from Emmett who was convinced we cheated because we won even with my adorable husband shielded. As soon as the game was over he started in with sexual thoughts about Rosalie and then started projecting images of Jacob kissing Renesmee. When Edward told me what was wrong I knew then that I might as well just shield him the rest of the flight or at least until Emmett was distracted.

Finally we landed in Rio and gathered all of our luggage. Two cars were waiting for us and we all loaded in.

Chapter 1

Bella’s POV

We spent the first night in Rio de Janeiro at a hotel letting Renesmee, Seth, and Jacob have a night to relax. After checking in and getting those three settled I put my plan in action for some private time with my husband.

Edward, I thought, follow me.

Immediately he walked away from Jasper and the conversation they were having. He didn’t even say anything. Of course from the look in his eyes I’m pretty sure Jasper could feel his desire and hence the reason he was so absorbed. He came close to me and pressed his lips to mine.

“Where are we going,” he asked with my favorite crooked smile.

“As long as it’s private do you really care Edward? Come on, I have a surprise,” I said leading him out of the door.

“Does it include you undressing Mrs. Cullen? That would be the ideal surprise to me,” he whispered behind me.

“We’ll get to that Edward,” I responded. We tread quietly down the hall at human speed until we got to the elevators. I indicated that we should enter and followed him in.

“Are we leaving,” Edward asked placing his palm on my face.

“Yes, you and I have a date with a yacht. I thought it would be nice to go out with just the two of us and I even brought some new lingerie for you to devour,” I giggled as I said this as if we haven’t made love thousands of times. “But remember, we have to come back tomorrow. Carlisle and Esme will meet us with everyone else at the boat dock before sunrise,” this said we stepped from the elevators and proceeded outside. I had a taxi waiting for us and finally we arrived at the boat dock.

Edward’s POV

God she was beautiful. I think every time I looked at my wife I became more enamored of her. Just to see her amber eyes look at me with such love, I just could not see how I was so lucky. Arriving at the dock I carried my wife onto the yacht and began to set off.

We went out far enough to lose the lights of Rio. We were surrounded by seas on all sides and mercifully no vampire ears to hear for once, except of course our own.

“Show me what you’re thinking Bella,” I asked my wife as we lay together in the moonlight.

I need you Edward. I want to feel your hands on me, touching me everywhere. I want your lips on mine, I want to taste you, I want to taste myself on you…

With this I lost it grabbing Bella by the back of her head and pressing her close to me. I whispered sweet nothings in her ear as I made a trail with my tongue across her chin, down her collar bone, and into the cleft between her breasts. I wanted to rip her clothes off but instead I made myself carefully peel back each layer. I moved again to her mouth letting her have control of the kiss.

Her taste was intoxicating. It just was not something you get used to. Thank god. I always wanted this feeling with her, and we had forever to try. The kiss deepened with our shared need. I removed my mouth from hers only to place my lips on her perfect breasts. Her scent combined with her taste had my head reeling. My cock was so hard if I were human it would have been painful.

I made my way slowly down her body tasting and touching every inch of her. I just could never get enough of my Bella.


Much, much later we made our way back to the docks. I was sorely disappointed that we couldn’t sneak away for more time, but this trip was about my daughter and the rest of the family as well. Renesmee would stop growing soon, very soon. We have had her for such a short amount of time that it is almost unbearable to think of her as grown. Her birthday was right around the corner and we were planning on celebrating with friends here and then in our new residence as well. I really do love spoiling my girls, even if they don’t appreciate it. At least Renesmee had the dignity to nicely accept her gifts; Bella was still the most irritating being in existence to give a present to.

I chuckled to myself thinking of the last present I had tried to give her. She still would not open it; I mean really I thought it was kind of rude. If the pixie hadn’t given it away I could have got her to open it, but no. That is definitely my Bella.

When we got to the dock the rest of the family was there waiting. After loading everyone up we set off on our rendezvous with Nahuel, Huilen, and the Amazons.