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A New Dawn

This is a tale of action, adventure, love, tragedy, comedy, and so much more. Renesmee is turning seven and Jacob has yet to reveal his true feelings. There will be a life altering event for some of our wolf frientds and the Volturi are a greater threat than ever. Join your favorite Veggie Vamps on a journey even Alice might not be able to predict. BD Spoilers.

Stephenie Meyers owns all things Twilight. No copyright infringement is intended. I just love to take Edward Cullen out to play. Please enjoy.

2. Chapter 2

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Edward’s POV

We made our way north up the east coast of Brazil to Salvador da Bahia. During the trip all everyone wanted to talk about was the game we would be hunting and meeting with Nahuel and Huilen.

“Well Uncle Em, are you going to make it,” Renesmee asked her uncle with a grin on her face. “I mean there aren’t any bears, but I hear there are some giant rodents. That ought to be fun for you,” she giggled.

“Yes they’re called capybara,” Carlisle interjected. “But I would reconsider before eating one, after all have you ever tasted a rodent before? Although, they do get to be upwards of 200 pounds, but aaagh the smell.”

“I’m willing to try pretty much anything at least once. It can’t kill me right, so why not,” Emmett stated.

“Emmett if you even think about going near one of those stupid rats you won’t touch me for a week! How could you consider feeding from a rat,” Rosalie threw at her husband.

“Aw babe, come on. It was just a joke. Ed, tell her I was kidding,” he said looking to me.

“He was kidding, sort of.”

With that Rosalie stormed off and headed through the forest. “Great. Thanks Edward,” Emmett called as he went after her. They headed towards the rendezvous point near Gurupi in the state of Tocantins located in Central Brazil.

We all followed and as we neared the city Renesmee was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She just couldn’t wait to see Nahuel. They have been friends and pen pals for years, but this is the first time they have seen one another with Renesmee as a mature women despite her physical age. It was something that both Bella and I were worried about.

We had to cross the Amazon River which really wasn’t much of a challenge. Making our way through the forest at a rate that Jacob, Seth, and Renesmee could keep up with made the trip a little longer, but we still made it there in less than an hour. I knew we were close because I could hear the thoughts of Nahuel and his aunt. Strangely I heard another voice in my mind as well. This was definitely someone I did not know.

“Just a warning, but they have someone else with them,” I told my family.

At that moment three figures came through the dense foliage towards us. I recognized Nahuel and Huilen of course, and the third was the woman I did not know. Immediately I could pick out her heartbeat as could the other members of my family and I realized she was a hybrid as well.

“Renesmee, everyone, welcome back to the Amazonas,” Nahuel greeted us warmly. He moved over to my daughter to hug her in welcome and I could hear the growl coming from Jacob.

“Huilen, Nahuel,” Carlisle began. “It is so wonderful to see you again. I see you have an addition to your group, yes?”

“Everyone this is my sister Tala,” Nahuel introduced. “She has only been with us for a couple of years. She actually found my aunt and I,” he stated.

“Hello,” she said. “I am Tala and you are the infamous Cullens, but there are more of you than I expected.”

I quickly introduced Jacob to Tala and turned to do the same for Seth. “Oh wonderful,” I muttered looking at Seth. Even before his thoughts slowed enough to become clear I knew what had happened. Apparently so did Jacob.

“No way man,” Jacob yelled shoving Seth in the chest.

“What, like I can help it,” Seth asked.

“What is going on,” Huilen questioned. “Why do you all have that look on your face?”

“I am afraid Huilen,” I began “that our young friend here has imprinted on your sister. Actually it is kind of ironic that her name means Wolf.”

“What do you mean imprinted,” Huilen asked.

“Jacob, could you?”

“He doesn’t have to,” Tala spoke up. “I know what it means. I have been told by my father to possibly expect this. He did however fail to fully explain the intensity of what I am feeling.”

“Well I guess that makes it more simple Seth,” I said. “She has imprinted on you as well. I think this must be a first.”


What, is that possible?

She’s not a wolf!

Tala. She wants me too?

Edward, what…?

“Everyone please,” I begged. “Let Tala tell you.”

“Well, I guess you are all wondering how I could imprint like a shape-shifter if I’m a hybrid right? Actually I am both.” She stopped for a moment and looked to Nahuel who shook his head and motioned for her to continue. He was aware that I already knew and would inform the rest of my family whether he wanted me to or not. This was too important.

“You are correct Nahuel. I would,” I said eyeing him.

“My father, Nahuel’s father Joham he is a bit of an experimenter. When Nahuel and Huilen came back from Forks seven years ago Joham was waiting for them. He wanted to try to persuade Nahuel to join him, again. Well they told him of what transpired and warned him that the Volturi would be looking for him.” She stopped there and I knew why. This had to be hard for her.

“Instead of heeding their advice Joham went looking for shape-shifters,” she whispered.

“What,” Jacob exclaimed. “I didn’t know there were others. I mean I guess it makes sense but, I just never thought about it.”

“I’m not sure that the tribe my father stole my mother from is quite the same as yours. They are shape-shifters and some can phase while others do not, but they are a very secretive people. I don’t even know the origins of the people I come from, but Joham passed on what information my mother would give.” She stopped again and looked to Seth this time, who had been slowly making his way toward her as if he was being pulled. I don’t even think he realized he was doing it. He reached her side and just stood there gazing at Tala.

I had to admit she was beautiful, nothing on my Bella of course, but there it was. She had the same faint glow to her skin that Renesmee had but she had an olive complexion. It was very exotic. Her eyes were striking. One was a deep gold while the other was so dark as to be almost black. She was tall, coming just a few inches shy of being the same height as Seth. She could also rival Rosalie. Voluptuous was the only way to describe her.

“Earth to imprints,” Jacob said. “Do you think you could get back to the explanation of how you’re a shape-shifting hybrid?”

“Jake,” Bella began.

“I’m sorry,” Tala said. “I guess it’s just all a lot to take in. Really about all I know is that my mother’s people come from the Hi-Merima tribe. They live between the Jurua and Purus rivers which are not far from here, but I am not welcome. The only reason they haven’t tried to kill me is my mother was the Chief’s only child. Out of respect for him they leave me alone, for now.”

“Don’t worry Tala,” Seth whispered to her. “I’ll take care of you. Whatever you need,” he declared.

“Okay so this is fascinating, but what the hell is imprinting,” asked Renesmee.