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A New Dawn

This is a tale of action, adventure, love, tragedy, comedy, and so much more. Renesmee is turning seven and Jacob has yet to reveal his true feelings. There will be a life altering event for some of our wolf frientds and the Volturi are a greater threat than ever. Join your favorite Veggie Vamps on a journey even Alice might not be able to predict. BD Spoilers.

Stephenie Meyers owns all things Twilight. No copyright infringement is intended. I just love to take Edward Cullen out to play. Please enjoy.

4. Chapter 4

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Renesmee POV

I don’t know how long we laid there with Jake holding me in his lap and us talking. I didn’t care. This could go on forever and that would be fine with me. I had always led a privileged if odd life, but I have never been more content than I was at this moment. I felt complete, finally. It was hard not to want this kind of connection when you lived with four vampire couples. They had a way of shoving it in your face without trying. Not that I begrudge them their happiness and love, but it was really hard to watch.

I heard a noise off to our right in the dense jungle foliage and saw that Jake had heard the same thing. He reluctantly let go of me and we stood up together. He refused to let go of my hand though. I think he wanted everyone to see and frankly so did I. I might as well just go ahead and get the teasing out of the way now. Emmett was really going to be a drag for a while. Jake laughed and I realized that I had been so focused that I projected without thinking about it.

“Shut up Jake. He’s going to mess with you even more than me. You don’t have a daddy vamp to take up for you,” I said smiling at him sweetly.

“You are evil aren’t you,” he asked teasingly. We both turned to see Emmett and Rosalie coming towards us.

“So what’s this,” called Emmett. “Are you two like, an item?”

“Yes,” I said defiantly. “Jacob finally told me about imprinting and what happened when I was born and how he,” I hesitated blushing, “loves me.” I squeezed Jake’s hand more for my own support than his and he squeezed back and moved a little closer to me.

“Don’t get your shorts in a twist Ness. I was just asking,” he said looking innocent.

I wasn’t fooled at all. Knowing Emmett he was probably just waiting for a bigger crowd. He liked to have maximum exposure for his antics. We heard my father’s laughter behind us so I knew I was right.

“Yes Renesmee, your uncle was waiting for the rest of us so he could try and embarrass you. Em, Alice may see the future but I still wouldn’t bet against my daughter. She seems to know you almost as well as I do and I can read your twisted mind,” my father said walking over to playfully punch Emmett in the shoulder. That instantly brought on a full out match and of course Jake wanted in on the action as well. In no time at all the rest of the group had returned and all of the guys were engaged in a massive supernatural creature wrestling match. Nahuel and Carlisle were the only ones to stand aside. It was a sight to behold.

“Mom,” I called. “What did you do to my father? He seems so relaxed. I really thought he would be… Well I don’t know, but something.” I said questioningly.

“Renesmee, your father knows you’re becoming a woman. He just needs to be reminded sometimes that some things are just meant to be,” Bella said. “If not where would Edward and I be now? He knows how much Jake loves you, and despite the fact that you have been trying to hide it he knows how you feel too. He’s just been trying to let you work it out for yourself.”

“Wow. I guess I’ve been really underestimating dad,” I said.

My mother just laughed. She patted my cheek and said, “No sweetie. Don’t be fooled. Alice and I have had to coax him the whole way. He is very reluctant to let you progress into this relationship with Jake, but he also knows how happy it would make you.” She sighed and looked at me lovingly. “He is at war inside himself Renesmee. He wants to keep you as his baby girl no matter your age, and he also wants your happiness. He wants to keep you safe and have you turn to him as you have always done. He is once again jealous of Jake. It is kind of ironic how this all turned out though,” she said with a far off look on her beautiful face.

I knew all about Bella and Edward’s story and I even knew Jake’s part in it to an extent. I know that he once helped my mother in a way that my father could not when he was gone from her. That was also when Jake began phasing. That was a very dark time for them and they didn’t like to talk about it much. I could see the guilt cloud over my father’s face when mention of that time was made. Most of my information had come from Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. Carlisle and Esme always told me that it wasn’t their place to tell my parent’s story so I didn’t have all of the details, but I knew enough.

“I guess so,” I said quietly.

“Boys,” Esme called. “We are kind of on a schedule you know. Time to wrap up the party. We have friends waiting for us.” She was as excited as I was to see the Amazon coven again.

The boys broke it up after a few moments all of them looking the worse for wear. Jasper had an arm across Jacob’s shoulders and Seth was grinning from ear to ear teasing Emmett about letting a wolf get past his guard. As much as I loved my uncle Emmett he was not a good sport. In fact he was downright pissed.

“Yeah, well I want a rematch. Just you and me wolf boy,” Emmett declared forcefully.

I laughed along with everyone else at Emmett and his bad sportsmanship.

“Maybe another time Em,” Seth told him laughingly.

Emmett stalked off with Rosalie not far behind him. Good I thought, maybe she can get him out of his mood. No one could stand him when Emmett was mad. He could truly be an ass. Of course it still wasn’t as bad as my Aunt Rosalie. I heard my father’s laughter and turned to him grinning. “What,” I asked. “Do you disagree?”

“Not at all Renesmee,” he said smiling. “I am starting to realize that you inherited your mother’s intuitiveness,” with that he lifted me for a hug. “I love you Renesmee,” he crooned. My father was the most amazing man, vampire, or human, or whatever.

“Daddy,” I said. “Don’t worry. No matter what else happens in my life in some ways I will always be your little girl.”

“Your mother has been talking about me again hasn’t she,” he murmured.

“She just wanted me to understand why this is so hard for you, but you have to know that no one could ever replace my father in my life,” I told him. I put my hand to his cheek and tried to show him in pictures and emotions what was so hard to express in words. I showed him my most favorite and special memories of myself with him to try and help him understand that he was and always would be an integral part of my life.

“I know Nessie,” he whispered. “It’s just so hard to let you go.” His eyes told me what he couldn’t say. That he was scared. I knew it was something he would just have to get over, but it still hurt to watch my father in any kind of pain.

“Dad,” I said with a grin. “It’s going to work out fine. Jacob and I love each other and this is all going to take some adjusting, but it will work out,” I told him my voice full of confidence.

“Alright Edward,” Alice said coming over to us. “Enough. Jasper is going to lose it if you don’t change your mood a bit. It’s really depressing and you’re ruining all my fun,” my pixie of an aunt whined.

“Tala,” Carlisle said. “Will you run with Esme and myself? I have a few questions for you if you wouldn’t mind?” My grandfather was always so formal in his speech, the product of having been born in the 1640s.

“Of course,” Tala replied though she looked to Seth first. There it was again, that look, only now I didn’t have to be jealous. I smiled to myself.

“I’ll be with you Tala,” Seth stated.

With that the two of them made their way over to my grandparents. We all began moving in the direction of our meeting place with the Amazons. Jacob and I stayed close by my grandparents, Seth, and Tala. Tala proceeded to explain about herself and what she was capable of. She had some special powers of her own. Tala as a shape-shifter was able to phase, but that wasn’t even half of what was in her arsenal. She also had all of the strength and speed of any hybrid, but it was even stronger, almost on a level with the full vampires, because of having the wolf and vampire mix in her genes. She also had the ability to induce hypnosis and with that she could control a person’s actions or wants for a time. All she had to do was suggest something to them, vampire or human, while she had them in a hypnotic state and depending upon their own willpower they would obey accordingly. Some people were easier. They just didn’t have any defense. Others who are more sure of themselves and their course were harder to sway. It was definitely a powerful gift.

Tala also had something else in common with my family. She would not hunt humans. When Carlisle heard this he spoke up. “That actually makes a kind of sense Tala. You have the wolf gene, for lack of a better term and they are hunters of other animals only. Any other shape-shifter would also be horrified by the thought of hunting other humans. Of course this is all based solely on what I know of the Quileute tribe, their history, and their customs,” he stated. “I am woefully ignorant of any other shape-shifting tribes I am sorry to say.” He frowned and looked to my father. There were times I wished that I had gained a larger part of my father’s talent as well as my mother’s. It was so inconvenient not to know what they were communicating to each other.

We had been making good time through the dense jungle all of us spaced less than a mile apart from each other. Bella and Edward were out ahead of us with Jasper and Alice. Suddenly my father and my aunt came to a stop. Alice’s face was a mask of horror.

“No,” Edward screamed. “No! Alice search, now! There has to be something else.”

Everyone converged around the two of them at once clamoring to know what Alice saw. My family was used to the way the visions took hold of her as were the wolves, but it was something new for Tala, Nahuel, and Huilen. The three of them were unsure what to make of what was going on.

“Aunt Alice is having a vision,” I explained quietly.

“I remember being told of her visions,” Nahuel stated. “I guess we were all just taken by surprise. Seeing the future is a heavy burden,” he said with compassion.

“She deals with it amazingly well,” I told him. “But, this time something is really wrong.”

While we had our quick and quiet conversation my grandfather and the others had managed to calm my father down. He called my name in a tortured voice. I ran into his arms asking for an answer. ‘What is it? What did Aunt Alice see? Dad I’m scared.’

“Don’t worry Renesmee. We will never let anything happen to you.” My father said emphatically. His eyes were desperate and I was worried. I leaned away from my father far enough to hold my hand out for Jacob’s and he was right there with me, where he belonged.