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A New Dawn

This is a tale of action, adventure, love, tragedy, comedy, and so much more. Renesmee is turning seven and Jacob has yet to reveal his true feelings. There will be a life altering event for some of our wolf frientds and the Volturi are a greater threat than ever. Join your favorite Veggie Vamps on a journey even Alice might not be able to predict. BD Spoilers.

Stephenie Meyers owns all things Twilight. No copyright infringement is intended. I just love to take Edward Cullen out to play. Please enjoy.

5. Chapter 5

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Edward POV

How could this be happening? Was there to be no peace for myself and my family? I would fight. We all would, but what would it cost? I didn’t care. Nothing would ever be allowed to harm my daughter, anything for Renesmee.


The noise outside of my head was nothing compared to what was going on inside. Everyone’s minds were in overdrive trying to figure out what was going on and I just desperately wanted to hear Alice. The cacophony was almost overwhelming.

“Everyone, please,” I begged. “Alice is still trying to see.”

“Edward,” Carlisle began. “Tell us what is happening.”

“Father, I…,” I had to stop. I couldn’t go on. How could I tell everyone what my sister has seen? I looked to Bella; my strength, my light, my love. She let her shield down to give me her encouragement which she of course knew I needed. “Alice saw Renesmee with Nahuel and they were surrounded by the Volturi guard.” Bella’s eyes grew wide. She came over to me and Renesmee wrapping her arms around our daughter. “She can’t tell where they are yet. It is a forest, but she hasn’t seen anything to distinguish a location.” Bella looked up at me with misery and desperation in her golden gaze.

“She can’t fully see what is happening,” I said. “There are large holes which suggest the presence of wolves. The problem is we are not in Alice’s vision, any of the Cullens. So it means that Renesmee, Nahuel, and possibly wolves or a wolf could be facing the guard alone.” I sighed heavily wishing things were more clear. Alice was replaying the scene over and over in her mind trying to see if she missed anything. I followed along with her for the hundredth time, but I could not get past the image of my daughter’s beautiful face contorted in fear. I still held her in my arms as well as my wife. The three of us were tangled together with Renesmee holding on to Jacob’s hand.

‘Please Edward, I need to hold her.’ Jacob’s face was a mask of pain.

I gently released my hold on Renesmee and pulled Bella to my side. Immediately Jacob was crushing her to his chest.

“What else is Alice seeing,” Carlisle asked. “Can she see what has made them want to attack our family and friends?” His arms were around Esme and she looked as if she would be weeping if she could. The thought ‘Not my beautiful granddaughter, not my Renesmee’ kept running through her mind.

“Not yet,” I told him. “She does see Demetri which suggests to me that he found them, but who is he searching for? I hate to say this, but I think it must be Renesmee. What would the Volturi be looking for Nahuel or Huilen for?” There were as yet no answers to my questions.

“Daddy,” Renesmee called in a small voice. “What does this mean? What should we do?”

“We will do whatever has to be done,” I vowed to my only child. I winced inwardly hoping to find a way to keep that vow. No. There was no hoping. I would keep my promise.

“Wait,” Bella whispered. “What if I keep them under my shield? Demetri wouldn’t be able to find them that way. It’s at least a temporary solution anyway.”

I had to admit that the idea had merit. Even Carlisle thought so. “Yes, I suppose that could work for a time at least.” I looked to Nahuel and Huilen standing together both with shock on their faces and then I looked to Tala who was scared, but not showing it outwardly. She was still with Seth. I don’t believe he has let her out of his sight this entire time.

“Nahuel, Huilen, Tala this involves you as well so I need to know. Do you want what protection we can give you?” I did not want them to take this lightly. There would be consequences if they accepted our protection and we didn’t even know if the Volturi wanted any of the three of them or if it was just a coincidence that Nahuel was there. “You have to understand,” I began. “Alice can see you there Nahuel, but not your aunt or sister. She has holes in her vision which from our past experiences mean that there are wolves or shape-shifters involved, but we don’t know if the Volturi are after you or Renesmee or what. Alice’s visions are already difficult when they involve Renesmee or any other hybrid. We are just not as informed as we would like. You can take your chances on your own, or you can join with us,” I finished.

“I think we should stay with them Nahuel,” Huilen stated, “at least for now. We really don’t know anything yet do we?”

“I agree,” he answered. “Tala what about you?”

“I will be wherever Seth is.” She stated this with such conviction. No one could doubt the connection the two of them had. Seth wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on top of her deep mahogany locks.

“Of course you will,” Seth said smiling down at Tala with adoration.

“Alright,” Bella said. “I have everyone shielded. Edward you can still hear Alice right?” I nodded to my wife. “Okay then. I say we go meet Zafrina and the others. Carlisle what do you think?”

“Bella’s right,” Carlisle answered. “We should go meet the Amazons. I wouldn’t mind having their input on this as well and maybe Alice will see something else soon.”

Everyone was quiet as we made our way through the lush and verdant jungle. That did not mean their thoughts were quiet though. Emmett was one of the loudest. His thoughts didn’t have much range, but I was totally in agreement. We would take out every last one of the Volturi if that’s what it took. My daughter would be safe. Rosalie’s thoughts were just as violent, but she was quietly seething; forming plans to inflict as much pain as possible on those that threatened the closest thing she had to a child of her own. Rosalie was fierce in her love of Renesmee. Jasper was the tactician. He was thinking in numbers, thinking that we should call out to the other covens for help as we did before. I had to agree. It could not hurt us to have as much help as possible. Alice was still focused on her visions and trying to see through all the holes and shadows.

We made it to our meeting place with the Amazons however our greetings were somewhat stilted. The three Amazon women looked the same. They wore their animal hide clothing with leather ties and laces. Kachiri’s dark hair was long and wild while Zafrina and Senna’s were done in long dark braids. The elongated faces of the three spread into smiles of joy when they saw us, but they were quickly replaced with frowns of worry.

“Carlisle what is wrong,” Zafrina questioned. She was by and large the speaker for the trio. Her concern was genuine. She could tell by our expressions that something was very wrong, as could the other members of her coven.

“Zafrina, my dear,” Carlisle greeted her. “It seems that we must bring a heavy burden to what was supposed to be a happy gathering. Alice has had a vision, a vision involving Renesmee and the Volturi.”

“Do they try to harm her again?” There was anger in Zafrina’s voice. Renesmee had that effect on people.

Carlisle sighed and took her hand. “Alice is trying to see. We know very little right now.”

“Carlisle you must tell us what you need. We will help protect the young one. We will not let Renesmee come to harm,” Zafrina declared. Senna and Kachiri both nodded their agreement.

Renesmee ran and hugged the three Amazons. They were used to her exuberance and hugged her back warmly. “Thank you,” she told them. “I don’t want anyone risking themselves though. You all keep talking about protecting me, but what about you? If they’re coming after me shouldn’t I go to them to keep the Volturi away from everyone else?”

My daughter was just as self-sacrificing as her mother, of course. “Renesmee,” I called to her. “You know very well we will keep you from harm. This is absolute nonsense. Bella right now she is your daughter so talk some sense into her.” I couldn’t help the growl that escaped my lips. It would be just like Renesmee to try and take care of this on her own, just like her mother. And just like her mother I would be forced to rescue her from an even bigger dilemma. Fate was definitely twisted.

Jacob who had yet to let go of Renesmee’s hand spoke up for the first time in so long that his voice was hoarse from not being used. He may have been silent, but his mind had been racing. “Ness, you will not run off to the Volturi,” he screamed.

Renesmee POV

Damn it! I had to quit doing that. I was projecting without meaning to. What was going on? I have had total control of my gift since birth. What was wrong with me? “Jake, I am not planning on running to the Volturi. It was just a random thought,” I hedged.

He saw straight through me. “Don’t even try it. I know you Ness,” Jacob said.

My father looked like he was going to be sick, like he was in pain, like he was on fire. “Renesmee you won’t! That was not a fleeting thought. You are seriously considering this. Did you stop to think that this is why you might be without help in Alice’s vision? I mean two hybrids and possibly a wolf are not enough protection against the fucking Volturi,” he finished in a roar. My mother was at his side in an instant, but she too glared at me with disappointment plain on her face. Geez! A girl can’t even have one thought to herself in this family.

“Nessie,” my aunt Rosalie called. “Did you just think that you couldn’t have a private thought to yourself?”

“What, how did you know,” I asked her. I hadn’t been touching anyone but Jake. My father was silent and looking at me intently.

“I heard it too,” Bella spoke up.

“I did as well,” Jasper called.

“Yep, me too,” Emmet said.

“I too heard you Renesmee,” Nahuel stated.

“Wait, did you all hear me,” I asked my family and friends warily. I got nods and yeses all the way around. Whoa. What did this mean? I could project without touching someone, but how did I do it. I wasn’t trying.

“It appears your abilities are growing,” my grandfather said. “Bella was your shield open to let Edward in when you heard Renesmee? “

“No,” my mother said. “I guess this means no one can keep you out even without touching them Renesmee. This could be a very useful part to your gift if you can control it,” Bella said thoughtfully. “Hmm maybe you and I should practice.”

This was just too much. Imprinting, visions, powers, too much.

“Alright,” my father called to everyone. “Let’s all take a few moments okay. Renesmee needs a break for a minute and Alice could use the time to search. Bella will you stay close and keep your shield on them as well as Nahuel?”

“Of course,” my mother answered.


Finally, a few minutes of peace. My family and friends had scattered out of sight, but I wasn’t stupid enough to think they weren’t close by. I was pretty sure they were forming a perimeter around Jake, my mother, and I right now.

“Mom, do you think Jake and I could have a little privacy,” I asked.

“Sure baby. I won’t be far,” she reminded me.

I looked at Jake squeezing his hand, the hand that had refused to let go of me since Alice had her vision.

“Ness,” he whispered my name. Jacob pulled me into his chest and I inhaled the fresh earthy scent of him.

“Kiss me Jacob,” I pleaded. “I need to be close to you.” I was almost embarrassed to bare myself so completely, but he looked at me with such longing that I knew I wasn’t the only one. Jacob was as deeply in love with me as one creature can be with another.

He tenderly placed his hands on the side of my face slowly bringing our lips together. With the first touch of his mouth I came undone. I wound my hands into his long silky hair reveling in the feel of his tresses falling through my fingers. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself up closer to him. Jacob picked me up and I straddled his waist. His mouth was so warm on mine, his tongue wet and smooth. He held on to me with one hand bringing the other up my leg, up my thigh, my waist, my breast, and to my face. He caressed my cheek as our tongues played together. His hold was becoming tighter and his free hand tangled in my hair roughly.

“Jacob,” I half moaned.

“Nessie, you taste so sweet,” he murmured. The sound of his voice roughened with passion was doing things to my body. “I love you,” he whispered.

This had to be heaven. It was unbelievable with everything else going on, but how could it not be heaven when Jake was holding me so lovingly in his arms. I was desperate to touch his bare flesh so I ran my hands under his shirt. This was not enough. I ripped his shirt off throwing it to the ground. Well, the thing was offensive, not letting me have what I want. Jacob laughed and I laughed along with him. “I’m sorry,” I told him. “I couldn’t seem to help myself.”

“S’okay,” he chuckled. “I kinda liked it. You really are something when you don’t get what you want aren’t you,” he teased me.

“Jacob, have you looked in the mirror lately? Let’s see. I think yummy would be the word,” I said kissing him fiercely.

“Uh-oh. I think we have company,” Jacob said letting me down but still holding on to my hand.

I turned to see my father striding our way with a thunderous look on his angelic face. Well, too bad if he didn’t like it. Jacob was mine.

My mother made it to us right before he did. “You hid this from me Bella,” he said. “Why?”

“Just for this reason,” my mother told him patiently. “You always overreact Edward. They deserve to enjoy each other now in case, in case… Edward please. Just let this be okay?” My mother looked pleadingly into my fathers eyes. I would dearly love to know what she was telling him with her thoughts.

“Alright, but I am not going to watch you mauling my daughter Jacob,” my father said grudgingly. “And Renesmee if you could, please try to keep those thoughts of Jacob to yourself. I really don’t want to know some things about my daughter. It just is wrong,” he finished with a grimace marring his features.

“What’s the plan Dad,” I asked.

“Let’s wait on Alice,” he said. “Maybe she will have some more information for us.”

I looked around the clearing we were gathered in. My father and mother stood holding each other. Nahuel was standing with Huilen, Seth, and Tala. He was gazing at me with the strangest expression. Huh? I wonder what that’s about. Carlisle and Esme were standing together gazing out at the setting sun, while Emmett and Rosalie stood by their side. We all waited for Alice, Jasper, and what news they might bring.