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Deja vu but in a different place.

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Leah is running through the forest thinking about the time a family member died, but then compared her position to the moment now. running... *ONESHOT*


1. Chapter 1

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As I ran through the mud and moss that covered the forest floor, all i could think about was the searing heat that flew up my legs from my feet. I thought about what had happened only a few hours ago. I had dreamt a day of such sadness dawn on me, but when i was much older. Right now was probably too early to have to deal with such a horrific thing. My family were distraught, but they were able to put a charade on, whereas i could not. I had the only option of running. Since i was a fast runner, i did not mind of such a rational response. I thought about the day it really happened. I was in the hallway, sitting on the blue plastic chair, with my head in my hands, listening to the disserting noises of the hospital. I could hear screaming, i could hear the beeping of my grandfather’s heart monitor. I heard the breathing of my brother sitting next to me. I could hear from the room next door, the cry of pain and shock as the heart monitor went to the white noise of death. I saw the mother and father fall from the doorway, in each other’s arms; i saw a handful of doctors rush past into the room. I heard many callings that were to make the baby live. The noise suddenly went blank when i saw the scene from next-door replay again but instead in front of me. i saw my mother and father fall away from the room, my mother was sobbing so hard, her chest heaved for more oxygen, my father had two streams of water silently fall from his eyes, he caught eyes with me, realising i had not realised what had happened. I saw the handful of doctors barge past into the room, shouting about something about a cardiac arrest. Words like so were foreign to my ears until i realised what happened to my grandfather. I could see him through the doorway. He lay there still, drained and most of all at peace. His body jerked after a doctor calling out a number, this happened three times before the door once closed on me. My brother was sitting next me, his tall body was bent so that his head was in his hands, and tears fell from the gaps between his hands. I was trying to comfort him, but could not find the energy to move my arms, and come to think about that i could not move my whole body. I listened to my mother sobbing

‘Dad...dad...dad...dad...dad...dad’ i heard my father comforting my mother with, ‘it will be ok. Honey be strong.’ I took deep breaths, enough for me not to pass out. As we sat thinking about him, one of the doctors from before opened the door, and walking up to us.

“Ms. I am so very sorry.” He spoke in a gentle voice, trying to hold it, but sadness and tears were leaking and coming fast.

My mother let out an almighty bloodcurdling cry of pain, the doctor got on his knees and held Seth and i, while my dad kept my mother in his arms. That day had to be the worse day on my life. That is how it led me to a place not far from here, running as fast as i could through the dark, dense forest. A repeat of that night happened today with my own father, Jacob was comforting me, as Seth and Billy held mom. She bled tears, as they told us he was gone. Jacob said that i was to go and run off all the pain i was feeling right now, he told me to do that four hours ago. I ran around the forest in desperate need of release, but the faster i ran the more i wanted to get rid of. I felt like everything burnt to my feet as i thought back to how i felt when the doctor came. Everything suddenly fell, leaving me standing there vulnerable and scared; i no longer had the protection of my father, to keep my safe and happy.

I watched as the brown and green fled behind me, i was running for nowhere. I just needed to get away. I could sense the presence of something around me, keeping the speed i was going at. I could see that something was around me; a fog of some sort impaired my vision, but i nonetheless kept running, none of the fresh emotion had washed away i had to kept running it away. The fog was not the only thing i could sense near me. It felt more human than the fog; i could faintly hear the heartbeat. However, it went much faster than that of a normal human.