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The Cullens&Jacob move to england, this is the first time at school for Nessie. Disclaimer, I dont own any of the twilight characters they are Ms Meyer's Can't decide if i should carry on or not

This is my first Fanfic, so sorry if its not that good :)

1. Bella

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This was it, we were moving to a whole new country. We decided to move to England a small country at the edge of Europe. We were going to live in a city right in the middle of England, The town is called Derby.

We were living on the edge of the city near some woods, instead of the separate smaller houses for some of the couples. In England we were going to live in one huge house. Each of the couples have their own room, Jake had moved with us and so Renesmee was sharing a room with him.

Renesmee was sleeping on her bed, in her room, in mine and Edwards’s cottage. I love sitting at the end of her bed and watching her sleeping, it was so calming. There was a quick knock at the door, I got up quickly Edward was out for the weekend with the boys also he wouldn’t have knocked.

Eager to find out who it was, I rushed to the door, I soon realised I should have hid, or ran. It was Alice she was practically bouncing with excitement, which could only mean one thing, Shopping!

‘Eurghh Alice do I have to?’ I groaned at her.

Yes’ She said with a huge grin ‘you and Nessie both need some new clothes and we all need outfits for school.’

‘Fine, I’ll go wake up Nessie, Meet you back at the garage in 10 minutes?’ I said hoping to hid the fact that I was going to do no such thing.

‘Bella you are not getting out of it that easily, plus I need to do your hair and makeup.’ With that she stuck her tongue out at me and went to get Nessie up. Yes Nessie had finally stuck. I quickly went and changed into Jeans and a t-shirt before Alice could force me into something else. Alice Dragged Nessie out to go and get ready in Alice’s room.

We were all going to enrol at Bemrose Secondary School. Me, Alice, Renesmee and Edward would all be starting year 10. Jake, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie would be starting Year 11. Oddly I can’t wait for term to begin. It would be nice to get back into the familiar rhythm; hopefully English school wouldn’t be too different to school in America.

‘Come on Bella, your turn’ called Alice from the other room.

I went to join her and Renesmee, it didn’t take too long to be ready, Alice was of course in a mood over my outfit but she was eager to explore the shops so didn’t make me change. There was a shopping centre in the middle of Derby. Alice was rather disappointed with the size.

‘Next time we are going to London’ Alice vowed.

‘Ok I want to explore all the touristy places’ I replied.

When we got back Rosalie was in a bit of a mood, well she was until Alice explained how bad the shops actually were. Rosalie was also going to come with us when we went to London.