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The Cullens&Jacob move to england, this is the first time at school for Nessie. Disclaimer, I dont own any of the twilight characters they are Ms Meyer's Can't decide if i should carry on or not

This is my first Fanfic, so sorry if its not that good :)

2. Renesmee

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I sat up in bed, I only needed a hour of sleep now, Carlisle said that when I was fully grown I wouldn’t need any. Mum and Dad had finally decided that my growing had slowed down enough for us all to be able to go to school without too much of a problem. I was about 16 or 17 now Carlisle had decided, but really I was only 6. I only had my first hair cut last month; Mum had managed to win the argument against Auntie Alice and Auntie Rosalie, finally!

I looked at the uniform hanging on the back of my bedroom door. Auntie Alice hated the fact that we had to wear uniform to school. Alice had already customized lots of different sets of uniforms to try and get it so we could wear different outfits each day but was still upset about it. Another problem with English schools, well in fact England in general was that you can’t drive until your 17 and seeing as the oldest any of us was going to be was 15. So Esme and Carlisle would be driving us to school.

I ran through our story in my head, Jasper and Rosalie are the Hale twins, me and Dad are the Masen Twins, Mum and Alice are the Swan twins, Jacob was sticking with the surname Black and Emmet was going for his original surname of McCarty. I decided to get dressed as I was pretty certain Alice was going to come barging in any time soon to do my hair and makeup.

We got to school a bit early so we could go and get sorted before form time, we walked in through the already crowded entrance and walked human speed to the reception.

‘Hello, we’re new here, we’re Dr Cullen’s kids’ said Dad in a calm voice.

The receptionist still looked a little ‘dazzled’ as Mum put it. It was going to be really weird calling this guys Edward and Bella. The Receptionist looked down at the clipboard in front of her and ticked of our names. She gave us all timetables, school diaries and a little map.

We quickly compared schedules. I had,

8.50 - 9.50, Maths, Room 33, Mr Mistry

9.50 - 10.50, English, Room 10, Miss Jones

10.50 - 11.10, Break Time

11.10 - 12.10, ICT, Room 12, Mr Dale

12.10 - 1.10, Lunch Time

1.10 - 2.10, PE, Gym, Miss Dickenson

2.10 - 3.10, Biology, Room 26, Miss Blood

Well that was for today, we had different schedules each day, much harder to learn then the American ones. The good news was that I had Alice with me all day, Edward and Bella were with me most of the day just not in PE. They had French with Mr John instead. We all laughed when we saw the name of me and Alice’s teacher, Miss Blood!

‘Bye, see you guys at break meet you on the back field’ I called out to the others.

I gave Jake a quick kiss and walked to room 33 with Alice, Edward and Bella. Maths shouldn’t be too hard well at least maths should be the same as in America. The table were set out so you could sit in groups of 4 which was very good for us. In the end it turns out I was right, the lesson wasn’t too hard but I think me and mum were more interested that the others seeing as this was my first and her second time through school instead of however many times dad and Alice had done it.

During our second lesson was when things got a bit more interesting, the teacher Miss Jones had the same colour eyes as us, which at the moment was a very pale butterscotch colour. I decided it was nothing and went to go and sit next to Alice. She read out the register and when she got to Edwards name she paused as though she had seen a ghost. She shook her head and carried on, most of the other students seemed to be too bored to have noticed.

I leaned over the aisle and placed my hand on Dads arm asking him in my usual way what that was about. Dad didn’t answer though he was sitting staring at the teacher; Mum was busy poking him trying to work out what had happened. He finally looked round at me and said in a quiet voice,

‘She was in the hospital at the same time as I was; well I think it’s her. If I'm right her name was Lucy Jones she was about the same age as my mother we talked a bit but then she died she was taken to the morgue. Oh don’t mind me I'm being silly I think I’ll go talk to her after lesson.