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The Cullens&Jacob move to england, this is the first time at school for Nessie. Disclaimer, I dont own any of the twilight characters they are Ms Meyer's Can't decide if i should carry on or not

This is my first Fanfic, so sorry if its not that good :)

3. Edward

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Chapter 3


I was still in shock, it couldn’t be her, I mean Carlisle would have told me if he had changed her too.

Edward what's going on? I heard everyone practically screaming at me in their heads, I mouthed the words ‘I’ll tell you later’ Bella took Alice’s hand and lead her out, the others followed. I had almost forgotten Lucy, I mean Miss Jones, she was slumped in her chair a million thoughts all going round in her head at once. The most prominent was, It can’t be him, it just can’t, he died everyone said he died.

‘Lucy err Miss Jones, yes it is me Edward Masen. You may remember Dr Cullen from the hospital it was he who changed me, do you remember who changed you?’ I said in what I hoped was a calm voice.

‘Edward I was sure it was you, I knew as soon as I saw you, it’s just your eyes I remember the lovely green they once were and I managed to convince myself it wasn’t you. Oh anyways to answer your question I never found out who it was, I managed to almost starve myself before I accidentally drank from a deer. I have never tasted human blood from your eyes I can tell that you are also a vegetarianif you excuse my poor use of the word’ she said n a rush.

‘Oh that's the same way we describe it’ I said laughing ‘ I would like you to come back and meet Carlisle er Dr Cullen, you’ll be able to follow the trace ok?’

I suppose I could go and meet the doctor, Edward sure was being kind. Well he always was such a good boy. Yes I think I would go and meet his family.

‘That's great thank you’ I said smiling at my old friend.

‘I haven’t told you my decision yet’ Miss Jones said with a very puzzled look on her face.

‘Oh I can read minds’ I said and with that I left to go and find my family. I had some explaining to do.



It sure was boring waiting for whatever Edward was doing, that boy sure was strange sometimes. While jasper had his back turned talking to Alice I decided to take advantage of the autumn leaves scattered about and threw a huge handle at his head. Ahh not so bored now after all. I ran trying to keep to a human speed in case anyone was looking, but Jasper was cheating.

‘No fair’ I groaned. ‘You gotta keep to human speed’

Just as I had a fistful of leaves smushed in my face I decided to hide behind Rosalie. Yeah she would stop Jazz from getting me. Oh no she had been hiding a clump of leaves too, and I got another lot thrown at me, this really wasn’t fair. Luckily that was when Edward decided to return from the land of the oddballs and tell us what was going on.

‘I’m sorry for freaking out like that on you guys. Well that is Lucy Jones’ Edward explained slowly.

‘Really I wouldn’t have guessed’ Jacob said sarcastically.

‘Yes, anyways’ Edward continued ‘she was at the hospital at the same time I was, she was in the bed next to mine and so we talked a bit. Turns out another vampire changed her. Unfortunately she doesn’t know who and as you could tell from her eyes she found out about animal blood. Well I’ve invited her over to meet Carlisle; Alice is that going to be ok?’

We all turned to see what Alice would say.

‘Yep that seems fine, I can’t wait to take her shopping she needs some serious advice.’

Bella and Nessie high fived each other, I didn’t Edward to work out that they were both relieved to be of Barbie doll duty.