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Vietato per Ricordare

Bella jumps off of the cliff in New Moon...but it wasn't Jacob who saved her. Tanya Denali and her sisters offer to take care of the delirious Bella. She can only remember one thing- her name. What happens when Edward shows up after he finds out Bella has died? If Bella can't remember, and she's so altered completely after her transformation into a vampire, how will they know? And was this someone's plan all along? Who was in on it? It's finished! Look out for a sequel (:*AND IF YOU READ IT, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW IT!*Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget- it's a hard line to walk.Vietato per Ricordare Banner by poptartsandshoelaces Ahem, banner by me(: I stared at him, trying to find an answer for what he just said. He was right. There might not even be a heaven for all we know, and here I was, attempting to get his hopes up that there was when I knew he had no hope for anything left. “Love never fails.” I said simply.It's finished! It's so sad to see it end! But I'll be back before ya know it :D


14. Memories

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“Aro, you can’t possibly think that this will prove anything…do you?” Edward asked, tentatively.

I looked back at Tanya who looked like she was struggling to keep composure. Kate was just as stiff, but Irina was smiling wider than I had ever seen her.

I could feel my eyebrows slowly pulling together as my confusion rose. I didn’t like how Edward and Aro had silent conversations which inevitably involved me in some way.

“Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?” Aro asked, simply.

Edward looked like he wanted to say something quite rude to Aro, though I knew it had been an afterthought in his mind. Edward looked sheepishly at him before nodding once.

Aro turned to me reluctantly, and smiled. “Lillian, are you…aware of the incredible gift that I possess?” he asked.

I pouted my lips out a little bit, sifting through the contents of my mind and trying to remember anyone mentioning any of Aro’s abilities. “No.” I said.

“Ah, I see…” Aro said, walking around me, and scrutinizing my expressions. Once again, he was making me feel uncomfortable. “Simply by touching somebody, even in the slightest, I am able to review in my mind their entire life. Every thought they have ever had, every fantasy, every memory- it will all come to me.” He touched Edward’s arm ever so slightly, and Edward looked over at him, despondently. “I’m sorry.” Aro said, taking his hand off him.

I became glowing with my excitement. I put my hand against my cheek as I thought.

“So…you would be able to see everything?” I asked.

“Not only me- Edward as well. If Edward reads my mind at the same time that I filter through your thoughts, he will see y our memories, your thoughts, et cetera. He’ll have a chance to read your thoughts for once.” Aro said, looking over at Edward.

Edward’s lips were pursed together slightly, and his eyes were anxious. “Will I be able to see these thoughts, too?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not. Unfortunately, that is not how my powers work. But, Edward will know who you are and that is all that really matters, isn’t it?”

I nodded. I guess that was all that really mattered. But I didn’t know how it would feel to go through the rest of my life having no real human memories.

“Are you two ready?” Aro asked. I looked at Edward who was vaguely smiling. He nodded once, looking me directly in the eyes. I turned away to look over at Tanya and Kate. Tanya was biting her bottom lip furiously, and I knew she was just waiting to explode. Kate’s eyes were directed at the floor. Irina had come much closer, and she was now standing at the wall beside us, grinning.

“Yes.” I said, reluctantly. I was so afraid of what he would see. Would he see exactly why he left, and decide to leave again?

I looked down at my hands, which were beginning to shake wildly. I felt my bottom lip tremble as Aro’s hand reached over and touched my arm.

Aro was wrong. I caught small flashes of the thoughts that he was extracting from my head. I was still fully aware of reality though.

I watched in amazement as the quick flashes of which seemed like absolutely nothing flashed by me. The first thing I saw, seemed like a normal family portrait. It was a small girl, a blonde woman, and an older brown-haired man. I assumed that I was the little girl, and the elders beside me were my parents. I looked up at Edward who had his eyes closed, his face was emotionless.

The second memory, was a plain brunette girl in shorts and a tee shirt out in the desert. She was standing in the middle of a field, her hair was blowing in the slight breeze. She was standing next to a pretty blonde girl- tan and smiling. They were polar opposites. Edward’s expression was surprised. This was working out well.

Soon, I realized that I was the brunette. I thought about the way I looked now and the way I spoke. I could see why Edward wouldn’t have recognized the love of his life. My excuse was obvious.

In the third memory, I was sitting in what looked like a classroom. Beside me, was Edward. His messy bronze hair and perfect features still stood out, but they weren’t as beautiful- they did him no justice. But what really caught my eye- were the black orbs looking back at me. Even in my mind, I cringed back at them.

It took a while for me to see the fourth memory, but it seemed to hurt Edward terribly when it came. Edward and I were sitting in a large field. He had his cheek pressed up against my chest. His eyes were closed and seemed to be inhaling. His gorgeous crooked smile was in its rightful place.

I watched Edward’s expressions for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t see anymore flashes for the time being. Edward’s eyes opened slowly, and the same smile I saw in the fourth memory was planted on his face. He seemed to be dazed as he swayed slightly back and forth.

The next memory came at me like a bus. We were standing in a forest, his hands were pinning mine to my sides, and I was staring down at the ground. It was the portrait- the portrait that Tanya burned in the fire. Edward’s eyes shot open, and his lips parted. He stared at me, as if realizing for the first time through this whole experience that I was standing before him.

There were faint voices that I could here in the memory. “Bella, I don’t want you to come with me.” Edward’s melodic, emotionless voice said. I could almost feel the emotion and the struggle as I strained to keep the tears from overflowing. My legs were trembling as I watched in intent as I put the words together.

“You don’t…want me?” My scratchy, imperfect voice questioned.


In the next instant I was lying on the ground, sobbing. It was nighttime, and the blanket of trees were covering me, not even showing a hint of moonlight. I looked up at Edward who was now hunched over slightly with his arms wrapped around his torso. His eyes were clenched shut as he watched.

The last were going by much too fast. I was standing with a tall Indian boy in a garage, sipping at a can of cola. In another, I was sitting in my bedroom, screaming into a pillow, next I was crawling through an empty wood with dirt and blood on my hands. In the last one I was barely strong enough to watch, I was hunched over a steering wheel in a big red truck, sobbing and screaming. My actions copied Edward’s current ones- my arms wrapped around myself, holding my torso tightly to keep myself from falling apart.

I could barely breathe. I felt like the last memory was pushing me down, making me weak. My legs began to buckle and as I looked back up at Edward, he was sobbing quiet tears. Aro still kept one of his hands on my shoulder, even as I shook. My head was shaking back and forth, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

Impossible. I realized, then, that that was the aftermath. That was a flashback to what happened after Edward left me. It made me sick to my very core that Edward could’ve possibly done that to me. If he hadn’t explained it all to me in the woods that day, I without a doubt, would’ve ran out and never returned.

Aro’s hand lifted from my shoulder, and I was brought back to reality. I began to fall, but before I could hit the stone floor, two hands caught me by my torso.

I opened my eyes to see Edward’s face desperately close to mine. I blinked in amazement as I stared into his eyes. They were glistening with excitement. The distance behind them seemed to have melted away, revealing the true beauty that lied beneath them.

He stood up, still with one hand on the small of my back and the other on my neck. My eyes never moved from his face as a small smile played at the corners. The hand that was on my neck moved to the side of my face.

“I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to see the drawing.” He said, letting his thumb rub small circles on my cheeks.

I didn’t speak- I couldn’t speak. This was the moment that I feared most, but also the one I yearned for. I was in Edward’s arms, and I would stay here forever.

“Bella…” he said, bringing his face closer to me.

“Y-You called me Bella…” I said, biting my bottom lip.

There was a hiss coming from the other side of the room. I tore my eyes away from Edward to see Tanya’s chest rising and falling, and the golden iris’ seemed to be freezing over right before my eyes.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her glare- it was icy and cold, and it made me shiver. Edward pulled me closer to him as Tanya stepped away from the wall.

“Tanya, please. I think you should leave.” Aro said, sternly but still with evident politeness.

Tanya didn’t move and inch. I noticed that Kate had already left, and she and Irina were the only other ones here .

“Tanya.” Aro said one last time. She looked between Edward and I, and then over at Irina.

Irina was still standing up against the back wall, staring blankly over at Tanya. Tanya began to stalk forward towards her. Irina’s chin raised up higher.

“Tanya!” Aro yelled, before she leaped forward.

My arm whipped out towards Irina reflexively and suddenly, Tanya flew backwards against the wall where she was standing before.

I looked down at my hand in amazement. Did I just…throw Tanya off of Irina without even touching her?

I felt Edward’s eyes on my hand as well. I peered up at him, and his expression was the same as mine. Aro looked behind himself at Edward and I.

“Bella…did you do that?” he asked.

I shrugged. My eyes were incredulous, and I shook my head. “I-I’m not sure.” I choked out.

“Jane! Alec!” Aro called as Tanya began to stand back up.

Two petite vampires walked through the wooden door. The first was male. He had dark brown hair, and looked very young, even for a vampire. The second was a female. Her hair was also cut to her shoulders and dark, but she had fuller lips than the male. Both of their eyes glowed red.

Aro’s eyes shifted to where Tanya was standing. “Please...” was all he said.

The little vampire called Jane kept a devious little smile similar to Kate’s in place on her lips. The difference was that Jane’s shot through you, and it could make you cringe.

Jane looked over at Tanya, and she began to thrash wildly.

“What’s happening to her?” I whispered to Edward.

“Jane Volturi can pursue the illusion of torture on a person.”

Tanya stopped her thrashing, and laid perfectly still on the floor. Alec and Jane picked her up, and brought her out the door.

“Where are they taking her?” Irina asked suddenly from the left of us. She came forward to stand next to Aro.

“Irina, it is illegal in our world to attack another without a verified reason.” Aro said calmly.

“What are you going to do with her?” Irina asked through clenched teeth.

Edward stepped around me. “Irina, you understand that she was going to kill you out of spite, right?”

“Yes…” Irina said, and put her face in her hands. “But she was still my sister.” She sobbed.

I stepped forward and put an arm around her. “It’s okay.” I said, trying my best to comfort her.

As much as I despised Tanya, Irina was right. Tanya saved me when I was dead, and in a way, she saved both Edward and I. If it weren’t for her, we would’ve never found each other and we would both be dead.

“Now Bella…I believe you have a gift.” Aro said suddenly, looking over at me.

“Excuse me?”

“You stopped Tanya from attacking Irina in some way. Almost like…a force field. A shield would be a better word for it. But either way, you saved Irina simply by putting your hand out. How did you do it?” he asked me.

I shrugged. I didn’t know how or why I did it. It was a reflexive movement to help Irina and it ended up saving her life. I couldn’t explain it.

“That is your gift- a shield.” Aro concluded.

I was glowing. I had a gift just like Edward did.

“Edward, Bella, would you consider joining the Volturi coven? We could use your abilities.” Edward looked down at me, and smiled. He shook his head.

“Thank you, Aro. But we’ll have to decline.” He said.

Aro pouted his lips. “That’s too bad.” He turned towards Irina. “Irina, I understand you also have a useful gift.”

Irina looked up, and smiled slightly. “Yes, that’s correct.” She replied.

“Would you like to become a member of our clan? Your gift may come in handy, and we’d love to have you.” Aro said.

Irina’s eyes lit up and her smile spread across her face. “Oh my God. Yes! Thank you, Aro! Thank you so much!” she said, throwing her arms around his neck.

“It’s no problem at all, Irina. Now, outside waiting for you, will be two escorts. Their names are Felix and Demitri. Surely you know them?”

Irina nodded.

“Great. They’ll take you to Marcus and Caius- tell them the joyous news!” Aro laughed while Irina looked between Edward and I.

She walked up to Edward, and hugged him. “I was rooting for you two all along. I’m sorry I couldn’t say anything before.” She said to him.

“It’s quite alright, Irina. Thank you for bringing Bella and I together again.”

Next Irina looked at me. Her eyes looked sad, but her smile was genuine. She hugged me tight. “I hope you two have all of the happiness in the world.” She whispered.

“Thank you Irina. Thank you for everything. You have been the greatest friend through all of this.” I said, gently squeezing her one last time before letting go.

“Keep in touch. Goodbye!” she said and gave one last wave before gliding out the door, into the stone hallway.

It was silent for a few moments before Aro spoke. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

When Aro was gone, Edward looked down at me. He pulled me closer to him, and played with my hair.

“Bella, you don’t have the slightest idea how sorry I am. For all of this. I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you, but honestly, I was afraid. I was afraid that I would’ve found what I wanted most, and for some reason, that scared me.” He said, hanging his head.

I put one finger under his chin, and I brought his head up to meet mine. “You weren’t as scared as I was. I was afraid that you would die before I had the chance to tell you,” His hand moved around to cup my face. I shut my eyes as I breathed in his wonderful scent.

“I just wish that I could remember…” I said.

His answering smile was one that I could never forget in a thousand years. “Let me remind you.”

He moved closer to my face until his lips rested on mine. It was soft and gentle, and his hand never moved from my face. When he pulled back, his eyes sparkled and I felt dizzy.

“I love you, Bella.” He whispered.

They were the words I had been wanting to hear for months. The words I never thought I would hear coming from his mouth. They were sweet and melodic.

“I love you, Edward.” And then he kissed me again in a way that made me forget my own name…but only for a moment.