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Vietato per Ricordare

Bella jumps off of the cliff in New Moon...but it wasn't Jacob who saved her. Tanya Denali and her sisters offer to take care of the delirious Bella. She can only remember one thing- her name. What happens when Edward shows up after he finds out Bella has died? If Bella can't remember, and she's so altered completely after her transformation into a vampire, how will they know? And was this someone's plan all along? Who was in on it? It's finished! Look out for a sequel (:*AND IF YOU READ IT, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW IT!*Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget- it's a hard line to walk.Vietato per Ricordare Banner by poptartsandshoelaces Ahem, banner by me(: I stared at him, trying to find an answer for what he just said. He was right. There might not even be a heaven for all we know, and here I was, attempting to get his hopes up that there was when I knew he had no hope for anything left. “Love never fails.” I said simply.It's finished! It's so sad to see it end! But I'll be back before ya know it :D


4. Unusual

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Chapter 4: Unusual

I got up quickly from the piano, and hearing Tanya squeal down the hallway, I laughed to myself. I walked to the door in wide strides, and pulled it open. I immediately stepped back, reflexively.

The man standing in front of me was impeccably gorgeous. All of his features were perfectly squared off, his cheekbones sitting high on his face. He was smiling a beautiful crooked smile that reached his deep golden eyes which seemed to sparkle. I had to remind myself to breathe.

He extended his hand. “Hello, my name is Edward. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that we have met.” He said.

I took his hand, and he shook it firmly. I smiled. “You’re right. Hi, my name is B- Lillian.” I said, not quite accustomed to my new name.

He nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lillian. Did you just move in with Tanya and her sisters?” he asked, honestly curious.

“Yes, I moved here about a year ago,” I lied carefully, remembering the story I was obligated to tell anyone who asked. “Tanya found me in Upper Alaska. I was changed, but I don’t know who did it. They took me back here, and so now, I’ve joined their family.”

“That’s very kind of Tanya,” he said. “May I come inside?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Of course, make yourself comfortable. Tanya will be out in a moment.” I said, as he walked by me, and into the living room.

“Yes, she told me.” He laughed lightly.

“She…told you?” I said, my voice revealing my bemusement. He turned, and cocked his head to the side.

“Yes, Tanya didn’t tell you about my gift?” he asked.

I shook my head back and forth.

“Oh, I can read minds.” He said, casually. His eyes narrowed as he looked at me speculatively.

I was immediately embarrassed, and I looked down. If he could read minds, he knew what I had been thinking when I opened the door and saw him standing there.

“Oh, well, that’s got to be embarrassing…” I said, walking away from him to go sit on the couch.

“It shouldn’t be. I can’t hear your mind for some reason…” he said, trailing off, looking off into the fire, a distance in his eyes that made me wonder what he was thinking about. At the same time though, I was relieved that he couldn’t hear my thoughts.

“Are you okay?” I asked him hesitantly.

He looked up at me suddenly, as though I pulled him from another train of thought. He smiled a little and shook his head. “It’s very nerving not being able to hear the thoughts of someone. I’m not used to it.” A trace of anger was evident in his voice, but before I could ask, Tanya stepped into the room.

“Ah, Edward. I’ve missed you,” she said, stepping into the living room, looking beautiful in a white casual sundress, and her strawberry blonde hair hanging in loose ringlets down her back.

“I’ve missed you too, Tanya.” He said, standing up, and taking Tanya into a hug. Kate and Irina stayed back by the hallway, smiling.

I watched as she kissed his cheek, and he gave a half hearted smile. “May I ask why you’ve come to visit on such short notice?” Tanya asked.

I turned to get a better look at Edward, and I saw his face flicker to something that looked like pain. His eyes narrowed a little bit, almost a wince, and he sighed.

“I’d rather not talk about it right now, if you don’t mind Tanya. It was a very devastating experience.” He said, looking back at me, then back down to the floor.

“I’m sorry, Edward,” she said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “We don’t have to talk about it right now. We’re just all very thrilled for you to be here.”

Edward looked back up at Tanya. “Thank you very much, but the moment that I get to be a burden, I’d like you to kick me out.” He smiled a little at the end, and Tanya laughed a bit too hard.

“You’re no trouble at all, Edward. We love having you here,” she looked over at me, who was still standing more towards the foyer than he living room. “I see you’ve met Lillian, our newest coven member.” I still jumped slightly hearing my new name- I’d have to get used to that as long as Edward was staying with us.

“Yes, Tanya. You didn’t tell us you had a new sister.” He said, looking over Tanya’s shoulder at Kate and Irina, still standing at the living room entrance. As soon as they met Edward’s gaze, they moved forward quickly.

“I tried,” she began, shrugging. “But, I couldn’t find you. No one was there when I left, it was around last spring.”

Edward tensed up a little bit, and winced again, hurt filling his divine features. “Yes, we were…away.” He choked out.

“Are you alright?” Kate asked, solicitously, and reached around Tanya to touch his arm.

“Yes, I’m fine. Anyway, thank you again for your incredible hospitality. It is muc h appreciated.”

As Tanya pulled him away from the living room, Kate and Irina followed, leaving me still standing near the piano. I sighed and sat down, setting my finger s lightly on the keys, careful not to make them sound off.

I wondered why he acted so guarded when Tanya asked him why he was visiting, the way his eyes drifted every so often when you weren’t speaking to him directly. Inside, I felt terrible for him, whatever the reason was. A man like him shouldn’t feel so sad; it hurt to even watch.

My fingers grazed the piano lightly again, and I pressed down on t he highest note, hearing a little ting erupt from the back of the keyboard.

I heard Irina enter the room, and she said my name.

My head snapped up, and my eyes wandered to her face. “Yes?” I asked.

“Come join us all in the living room,” she said, gesturing me to come towards her with her hand. “You’re our sister now, you go where we go.”

We went into the fantastic dining room, where Edward was sitting at the head of the table, with Tanya on the left of him, and Kate at the right. I took the seat next to Tanya, pulling the chair across the wood floor, hearing it screech loudly for the second time.

“So Edward,” Tanya began, folding her hands under her chin, giving Edward her undivided attention. “How’s your family?”

“They’re all doing very well. Rosalie and Emmett have gone to London to live the married life for a while, as far as everyone knows, they’re at college. Jasper and Alice are living in Seattle, and Carlisle is studying some medical sciences in Russia, Esme with him.” He explained, pursing his lips together as he finished.

“Well, that’s very nice. Next time you see Alice you’ll have to say hello for me, she’s such a sweetheart.” Kate said, admiringly.

“She feels much the same about you, Katrina. Next time I speak with her, I’ll be sure to tell her.” He said, tapping his fingers lightly against the top of the cherry wood table.

Tanya’s eyes wandered to his fingers, and she looked at Kate, her eyes growing wide in confusion in Edward’s indifference. Irina looked over at me, and rolled her eyes.

Edward looked up at Tanya. “I’m sorry I’m being so rude,” he said, standing up and pushing his chair out, more quietly than I had. “I’d just like to be alone for a little while if you don’t mind.” He said, and strode off into the hallway.

Tanya sighed, and pushed out her lips in a pout. Her eyes closed, and she pushed out her chair as well. “Terrific! Just plain terrific!”

She threw her hands up, and went back into the living room where immediately the piano began playing a slow, melodramatic tune.

Irina looked over at me and rolled her eyes again. “She’ll be fine, she’s used to it.” Irina said and Kate leaned over and smacked her shoulder.

“Irina! Don’t say that!” she said, relaxing, and slumping back down into her chair.

I looked between the two of them who shared a look of discomfort and annoyance, I assumed at Tanya’s expense, and I stood up as well without a word.

I walked to Irina’s and my room, planning to look through the bookshelf to see if I could jog my memory of any books that I used to enjoy as a human- if I even was a book person.

I opened the door, and saw Edward lying across the small futon in the corner of the room. He looked over at me suddenly, and a look of surprise crossed his features.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I said, and turned to close the door again, feeling bad for disturbing him after he asked for no one to bother him.

=0 A

He shook his head, and smiled. “No, it’s fine. Please, continue with whatever it was you were planning.” He said, about to stand up.

“No, no!” I said, a little too anxiously, and a crooked smile etched across his face. I blinked twice, and shook my head, temporarily deprived of competency. “Stay, I won’t bother you. I was just going to find a book to read.”

“Oh, alright.” He said, relaxing his muscles, and laying back down on the sofa, facing upwards looking at the textured ceiling.

I walked over to the bookshelf and sat down on the floor, looking through the different titles. I saw a few that caught my eye, jogging my memory a little bit: Sense and Sensibility, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, but one made me stop suddenly. I pulled it out, and looked at the cover. On the front, was the picture of a small blue house, with WutheringHeights printed across the top. I stared at the book, sifting through my memory, trying to find this title and this author somewhere in its contents.

I stood up slowly and opened up to the first page, and began to read. I walked to the little chair in the opposite corner of Edward and sat down, crossing my legs.

“What are you reading?” Edward asked, grimly.

I looked up, stunned at his cold tone. I held up the book, showing him the cover. “WutheringHeights,” I said.

He took in a heavy breath, and looked back up at the ceiling.

“Do you like that book?” he asked quietly.

“Well, I’m not sure. I can’t remember much of human life.” I said, looking back down at the book, but I felt his eyes looking at me. I looked back up at him tentatively.

He snorted. “You’ve been a vampire for over a year now and that’s your excuse when I ask you if you like the book?”

I scrambled, trying to find words. I realized what I said- that I had forgotten about my new story…my new life. I laughed nervously, and looked back down at the book. “What I mean is,” I began, but he smiled, and cut me off.

“I know you haven’t been a vampire for anymore than a few months,” he said.

I looked up at him incredulously. How could he possibly know that? Did Tanya tell him the truth? Did he hear it in one of their thoughts? I felt my stomach rise into my throat, and I began to ask him how he knew. But he stopped me.

“Your eyes, they’re still red. They turn gold after a year if you live a life such as mine, and your other sisters. Now, when were you really changed?” he asked, inquisitively, sitting up on the couch.

As he stared at me, I realized that I couldn’t lie to him. It wouldn’t be fair, and who knows? Maybe he really wouldn’t be mad if I told him the truth. Why would he be mad?

I stood up slowly and paced the room, back and forth before I looked over at him from under my lashes. I sighed deeply and sat cross legged on the floor, defeated by his simple stare.

“I was changed very, very recently,” I said carefully,

watching him as his expression turned amused.

“How recently might that be? ”he asked.

Very,” I repeated, touching the shag rug that was next to me. “Tanya told me not to tell you because you may not have approved or something along those lines. Please, don’t tell her that you know, she would kill me.” I pleaded.

His smile faded, and he looked confused. “She thought I would be offended?” he asked, incredulous.

I pursed my lips and looked out of the corner of my eye as his stare became brooding. “I…guess.” I said hesitantly.

Then, there was a quiet knock on the door, and Tanya stepped in. “Oh, Lillian, didn’t Edward say he wanted privacy?” Tanya asked, and I saw Edward roll his eyes.

“Yes, I was just getting a book, and well, we starting talking a little bit.” I shrugged my shoulders indifferently.

She stepped in a little more, peeking around the corner at Edward, who was still looking at me.

Tanya smiled. “Oh, well then I’m sorry I interrupted.” She said, looking offended, and shut the door again.

When I was sure she left, I looked back at Edward, who was looking up at the ceiling again.

I stood up quickly, taking the book with me. “Well, I should probably go before we push Tanya much further. It was nice meeting you, Edward.” I said quietly.

He didn’t answer as I strode out of the room, shutting the door behind me. I looked up and down the abandoned hallway and smiled, sinking to the floor. I leaned my head against the back of the wall, thinking about the way I felt as I said his name.

I instantly felt horrid- I never thought about what it would make Tanya feel like if she found out how I felt about Edward. And it was foolish for me to even feel this way. I shouldn’t feel this way. My new plan had to be to stay away from Edward at all costs for as long as he would be staying with us. I’d have to at least try.