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Vietato per Ricordare

Bella jumps off of the cliff in New Moon...but it wasn't Jacob who saved her. Tanya Denali and her sisters offer to take care of the delirious Bella. She can only remember one thing- her name. What happens when Edward shows up after he finds out Bella has died? If Bella can't remember, and she's so altered completely after her transformation into a vampire, how will they know? And was this someone's plan all along? Who was in on it? It's finished! Look out for a sequel (:*AND IF YOU READ IT, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW IT!*Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget- it's a hard line to walk.Vietato per Ricordare Banner by poptartsandshoelaces Ahem, banner by me(: I stared at him, trying to find an answer for what he just said. He was right. There might not even be a heaven for all we know, and here I was, attempting to get his hopes up that there was when I knew he had no hope for anything left. “Love never fails.” I said simply.It's finished! It's so sad to see it end! But I'll be back before ya know it :D


6. Revenge

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Chapter 6: Revenge

“Where did you guys go?” Tanya asked as Edward and I stepped into the kitchen.

I looked over at him, and he was smiling to himself, probably at something that he heard in Tanya’s mind.

“Lillian mentioned that she was thirsty,” he said, casually looking over at me from the corner of his eye, and winking slightly. “And I was a bit uncomfortable myself, so I went with her.”

“Oh, I see.” Tanya said, plastering a smile so fake on her face it looked like she was in pain.

“Well, I think I’m going to go read,” I said nervously, as I faced Tanya’s glare unwillingly. “I’ll…see you all later.”

I turned on my heel, and walked back out of the kitchen, passing the living room as I went. I took a quick look inside out of habit, and saw my sketch book sitting on the coffee table beside the fireplace.

I went back into the kitchen, where Tanya and Kate were laughing, and Edward and Irina were exchanging glances.

I coughed to let them know I was there, and they all turned to look at me. “Something wrong, Bella?” Kate asked, unusually friendly.

I stammered, and my breath caught in my throat. “Did someone look through my sketchbook?” My nerves betrayed me, and my voice came out less severe than intended.

“Oh, I’m sorry Bella,” Tanya said, coming around the counter and putting her hand on my shoulder. “That was me, I was cleaning up around the house and it was in my way.”

“It was in Irina’s room.” I said coldly, staring up at her eyes which showed no signs of remorse.

“Yes well, I put it out in the living room. Sorry about that.” She smiled, and walked back to her spot by Edward.

I stared at her, rolls of nausea swirling in my stomach. I turned around again, more quickly this time, and ran into the living room and grabbed my sketch book. I quickly flipped through it, and realized that it was empty.

I turned slowly to the fireplace, and there burning in the three shades of the fire, was the drawing of the beautiful boy and the girl in the forest- my favorite sketch.

Suddenly, I felt a hatred towards Tanya that I had never had in the whole week. I couldn't believe that she would stoop to such a level, that she would actually burn my drawings. She was horrible, an unstoppable menace.

I looked back at the fire, and watched as the drawing became nothing but a pile of ashes. I closed my eyes as the fire began to burn through my iris’s. “How could you…” I whispered so quietly that a vampire wouldn’t have been able to hear it.


Later that night, I sat in Irina’s room like I always did, sketching the same picture that was burned in the fire. But, it didn’t look the same. It didn’t have the…ambiance the last picture had. I didn’t feel anything in this picture. I didn’t feel anything for either of the sad characters...

I heard faint mumbles in the next room, which I knew was Tanya’s room. Against my better judgment, I set my sketchbook down on the ground quietly, and moved more towards the wall dividing the two rooms.

The voices became louder and clearer as I pressed my ear against it. I shut my eyes, and listened intently.

Tanya’s voice was loud, even for a whisper. “Edward, you must get over her. Isn’t that why you’re here?” she hissed.

“Yes, Tanya. It is. But you’ll have to give it some more time.” He said quietly, his voice no longer a whisper


“Edward, I’m trying as best as I can,” Tanya said, and I wondered what Edward saw in her head. “But it’s so hard watching you hurt so terribly.” She coaxed.

“I know that, Tanya. And be that as it may, I want you to know that I’m trying a little harder than you are. You must understand what I’ve gone through.” Edward said.

The voices ceased, and then a closing door. I quickly ran back over to where I was seated before and picked up my notebook.

A quiet knock on the door startled me, but any sort of movement in the room would’ve- I was a little jittery from spying.

Edward stepped inside the room again, and shut the door. “I know you were listening, Lillian.” He said coldly.

I put my pencil back down on my lap and looked up at him. The icy planes of his face looked different now, they looked scarier. I cringed back against his frightening stare.

“I’m sorry…I was just curious, I guess.” I said, tentatively, afraid that I had offended him.

“You want to know more, don’t you?” he said, coming farther into the room and standing in front of me, his hands folded across his chest.

“No, I just want to know why you came here and why you didn’t just stay with your family.” I said, and because of how mad I was at Tanya already, my words were sharper than I intended.

His face relaxed, and he unfolded his arms. He walked toward the chair I was sitting in, and placed his hands on either side of me. “Because I’m afraid that I’m not strong enough,” he said through clenched teeth. I felt his sweet breath sweep across my face, and I could taste his wonderful scent on my tongue. I tried to keep my head about me as I looked into his golden eyes- deeper and more beautiful from just hunting. “I’m a coward.”

With that, he closed his eyes, and stood up straight. He picked up one of the glass figurines that Irina kept on a shelf, and he threw it at the wall.

I watched it as it shattered and listened as Edward’s breathing came harder, and then softer as he stared at the wall where it hit. He let out one final breath. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, and strode back out the door.

I stared at the door, shocked at his behavior. I had never seen Edward so angry, and I didn’t even know what he was angry at. I thought about following him, asking him why he acted that way, but would use would that be? Did I actually think that he would tell me what he meant by ‘I don’t have the strength.’? I felt so horrible for him, that he had to go through things like this.

And Tanya, from what I heard, it seemed that Tanya could care less about his feelings. She was heartless; she didn’t care about anyone, just herself.

I jumped up from my chair and strode to the door. I walked through the hallway, past Kate’s curious eyes and Tanya’s suspicious glare.

I wasn’t actually positive what I was going to say to Edward. I bounded out the back door, going over things in my head, and I caught a quick glimpse of him running through the back woods.

“Edward!” I called out to him, but he didn’t even look back at me. He kept running through the woods until he was invisible to me.

My speed was satisfactory compared to Edward’s- he was much too fast. But as I began running, my pace quickened, and my strides seemed wider. I made it to the entrance of the woods very quickly. I ran through them, avoiding the trees swiftly- second nature Kate called it once. As I ran, the things I planned on saying to Edward still ran through my mind. I had so many questions, and I would demand the answers.

Much too soon, I saw Edward sitting on a large rock in the middle of an open field. I stopped running and stood quietly in my place, about ten paces away from where he was sitting.

I could hear him mumbling quietly to himself, and I could feel the warm breeze rustle through the trees. I stared at him as he held his head in his hands, his elbows on his knees.

“Edward…” I said, taking a step forward. My arm was outstretched towards him.

“Lillian…when you think of forever, what do you see?” he said, never looking back at me. His voice was kept carefully low, almost a mumble, but I could hear the distant fear that it held.

The question he asked was impossible to answer. It was like asking what water tasted like. Forever was forever- no questions asked.

I tried my best to answer his question, but I had come here with questions, and he would have to answer mine.

I took another few steps toward him, and he took his head out of his hands, looking straight forward. I stood next to him, and lightly put my hand on his shoulder.

“Forever is everything. Forever is endless possibilities. I can’t tell you what I see, because I don’t have anything yet. My forever is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on…”

He turned his head to look at me, his golden eyes held the most pain that I had ever seen. Something in his eyes told me that he was truly broken, and that nothing could ever fix him.

“Lillian, that’s the difference between you and I. Your forever has just begun, mine is finished. My canvas has been painted, but it will never be truly complete. The painting was a masterpiece. It was beautiful, and it was something that I’d never forget…but it was lost.” He said, looking up into the graying sky.

“Edward,” I began, bringing his attention back to me. His eyes were brooding, holding my gaze. I blinked, gaining back my competence, and continued. “What happened to you?”