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Freaky Friday Night

Bella wakes up and something is terribly, terribly wrong. She's in Alice's body! Alice is in Rose's body, and Rose is in Bella's body.

How will the boys take it?

It was just an idea I had been toying with

I do not own anything.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella’s POV I gasped and my eyes opened as I sat up straight. Then I blinked and looked around thinking I was still dreaming. My dream tonight had been odd. I had been dreaming that I was a pixie and I was flying around Edward’s head trying to get his attention. I was about to kick him in the ear when I had woken up to find that I was in Alice’s bedroom. And that I was on the bed next to Jasper. That was strange. I was about to ask him what was I doing in here and where was Alice when I saw something in the mirror to make me almost certain that I was dreaming. The mirror was on Alice’s dresser and was right in front of the bed so you could see yourself in it while you were on the bed. In the reflection I saw Alice and Jasper on the bed sitting side by side. I stared in disbelief, then I looked at my hands and I felt my mouth drop, the Alice in the mirror did the same. It was like that awful dream with Gran. Only it wasn’t my Grandma’s face in the mirror. It was Alice’s face. And hands. And body. “Alice?” Jasper asked nervously “Is something wrong? You blacked out when you were in the middle of talking about what we were going to do tonight. Now you’re confused and scared. Did I do something wrong?” “Jasper, I think I need to see Edward. Right now.” I said in a voice that was Alice’s. “Alice you’re frightened, what did you see?” Jasper was calming down now and was sending waves of calm through me as well. I shook Alice’s head back and forth, trying to clear it. I looked solemnly into Jasper’s deep topaz eyes, the same color as Edward’s and bit my lip. I was about to explain when Rosalie flew in through the door looking frightened. She was followed closely by Emmett who was only wearing boxers. I noticed that Rosalie was only wearing underwear as well. I thought of the reason for that and waited for the blush, but it didn't come. Then Rose saw me and her eyes widened to a look of disbelief that I had never seen on Rosalie’s face before. “I need to talk to Carlisle,” Rosalie said in a weak voice, “I saw it but I didn’t believe it, I thought my visions were muddled. I thought, I thought…” Rosalie turned into a statue like vampires tended to do when they were under great deals of stress. “Rose!” Emmett put his arms around her, trying to comfort her but she didn’t move. Carlisle appeared out of nowhere, no doubt having heard what had happened. He quickly started checking out Rosalie trying to see what was wrong. Then something clicked in my brain. Rosalie had said “her visions” but it was Alice who had them. Alice whose body I now occupied. “I think I know what’s wrong” I squeaked in a very unAlice-like way. “What is it, Alice?” Jasper put his arms around me and asked. I wasn’t able to say because just then, two more figures came into the room. It was a very stunned Edward and a very angry looking me. Only it couldn’t be me. I was in Alice’s body, and I was certain that Alice was in Rosalie’s body. Then I realized who had to occupy my body. “Rosalie?” I gasped, stunned. “Bella?” a very shocked Edward asked me. I nodded, too stunned to speak. “What!?” said Carlisle, Esme (Who had appeared along with Carlisle), Emmett and Jasper all at the same time. “I think we have a very serious problem.” said Alice from Rosalie’s body. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~