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Angels Come Back

What if Bella died? What if she could come back?


1. Chapter 1

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She was gone. It was an unavoidable fact. She was gone and it was my fault. The one day I hadn’t been there to protect her was the one day that she needed my protection the most. I remembered that morning distinctly it was burned into the very fiber of my being.

It was one of the rare sunny days in Forks, so neither Alice nor I could go to school. I had tried to convince Bella to stay home to no avail; her want to stay with me was overridden by her desire to keep us both out of trouble with her father.

It wasn’t until 10:47 AM precisely that Alice had the vision. The vision of the freshman going out of control and going on a shootout in the cafeteria, the vision of Bella being the first one to go down. He hadn’t made a decision until right before he went on the spree, his original intention having been to take his own life, instead he took the life of the person nearest to me, my Bella.

Now here I was at her funeral, undeniable proof that she was dead was right before my eyes, in her open casket. I saw her lying there lifeless, and I wanted nothing more than to fling myself into the ground with her, to hold her for eternity, but Emmett was there, making sure I didn’t do anything rash.

I leaned down over her and gave her one last kiss on her forehead. It was startling to feel how cold she was, as warm as she had once been. “Goodbye my Love. I am sorry I couldn’t save you,” I whispered.

50 years later

I had not listened to any music in fifty years. My every attempt to die was thwarted by my family, I no longer even responded when asked a question. I knew from their thoughts that they were worried about me. Rosalie was surprisingly sympathetic. She had been beyond furious with me the last time I had been like this, but then it was my doing, this I could not have helped.

Alice felt extremely guilty. As if she could have seen it any sooner, it was not like anyone was that omniscient. Jasper and Emmett were filled with brotherly concern, after the first three years they had given up on trying to cheer me, and had taken to taking shifts, staying with me for long periods of time, and bringing me my meals.

Esme and Carlisle were beyond worried. It hurt me to see them so upset, but there was nothing I could do to ease their pain as nothing could be done to ease my own.

I wished I had done what I had been too stubborn to do. I wished I had changed her, given her what she truly wanted, and what I could now admit to myself I had wanted too.

I shut my eyes, wishing for the thousandth time that I could sleep, that I could dream. I had plenty of pictures, but what were pictures compared to dreams, in dreams she could feel real.

There was a knock on my door. “Just come in,” I whispered, I knew it was Alice, but there was something wrong, she was shielding her thoughts from me, a worrisome idea. “What’s the matter Alice?”

She seemed undecided on whether or not to tell me her news, “Edward, I’ve had a rather disturbing vision.”

I chuckled darkly, “Disturbing?”

“Yes, Bella was in it,” Now she had my full attention, “She was here with us, but we didn’t know it. I was almost like a dream; some things were crystal clear while others were unendingly blurry. Edward, do you think it’s real?”

I sighed, I couldn’t dare to hope, to believe that Bella could be anywhere near me, “I don’t know Alice, you could have imagined it.”

“Ahhh, but Edward you don’t really believe that, now do you?” I sat bolt upright, that was Bella’s voice.

“Bella?” I called out scared.

“Turn around,” My angel’s voice whispered.

I turned around and saw the sight I had been longing to see for fifty years, my Bella.