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Angels Come Back

What if Bella died? What if she could come back?


4. Chapter 4

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The kiss was magical, it was almost like his goodbye kisses in it’s recklessness, but it was slower in urgency, like he was savoring the moment. I tried very hard to behave myself, something that was not easy to do after so much time apart. Eventually Edward pulled away from me and leaned his forehead against mine. He was breathing almost as hard as I was. After that I was content to just lie in his arms until the car stopped and we got out.

Our destination was not one I had ever really appreciated, and certainly one I would never choose with Alice in the vicinity. We were at a huge shopping mall.

“Ummm, Alice, I thought we were going to get something for me to eat, this doesn’t look much like a McDonalds.”

Alice started at me like I had just grown a third eye, “WE are going to get you something to eat, but you didn’t bring any clothes with you. Face it Bella you have no choice! You have to let me play dress-up with you now!” The look she had in her eyes was frightening.

I groaned, “Just promise me you won’t go overboard.”

She looked at me grimly, “That is a promise I cannot make.” Then she turned and started walking towards the entrance, I assumed I was supposed to follow her.

When we got into the mall Edward insisted I got something to eat before Alice took me anywhere. I was grateful for this, as Alice tended to ignore me when I tried to talk her out of shopping for any reason. We went to the food court and Alice went and brought me back something on a stick. After I’d eaten, she dismissed Edward.

“Go get yourself a car. You’ve got a girl to impress now! We’ll meet you in four hours.”

I grimaced, “Four?”

Alice had an evil grin, ‘Yes four.”

Edward protested, but eventually left. He couldn’t argue with Alice’s logic that he needed a way to get around. Alice dragged me into shop after shop, forcing me to try on endless piles of clothes in blues, greens, yellows, and purples. Mostly I was complacent enough to let her get whatever she wanted, but every now and then she would pick something up that I knew I would never wear, I made sure those got put back on the shelves. We were more or less done after about three hours, and Alice took me back to the food court to grab a snack.

“Alice, why did you tell Edward we would take four hours?” I asked.

“I wanted some leftover time to talk to you! He can’t have you all to himself you know.” Personally I would have been more than content to have Edward keep me all to himself, but I wasn’t about to let Alice know that, “Besides if I know him, he’s probably bough a small arsenal of cars by now, all of his are vastly outdated, and he has such a need for speed.”

Alice and I talked lightly for the next half an hour, getting caught up on her life. It hurt me to learn just how deeply Edward had been hurting while I was gone. “It was horrible,” Alice said, “He wouldn’t move or listen to music. And it wasn’t like the first time, when we could all tell him to go back, because there was nothing to go back to.” I’d seen Edward’s pain, but to hear someone else talk about it was almost unbearable.

“It’s too bad I only have a year,” I whispered to myself.

“WHAT!!” Alice screeched, “What do you mean you only have a year???”

I was aghast, “You heard me?”

Alice, “You’re damn right I heard you, now what are you talking about?”

“I only have a year to be with him, it was part of the deal. If he doesn’t change me, I’ll die all over again. I don’t know what’s going on, I shouldn’t be able to tell anyone this.”

Alice looked thoughtful for a moment, “Maybe you can tell me because if I looked I would know? I would probably just see you dead or changed, but I would see something.”

That made sense, I nodded. “It really stinks.”

“I can only imagine, it’s like you’re some kind of cancer patient who’s only been given so much time, and the one guy who has the medicine won’t perform the surgery. Can someone else do it?”

I shook my head, “No, it has to be Edward, he has to prove that he can do it, not that someone else can. It just makes everything so much harder. I mean, I’m back, the last thing I want to do is start arguing with him straight off the bat! And I want him to want it.”

“We’ll come up with something, don’t worry. Besides after losing you once, he’s not all that likely to let you go a second time.”

I sighed, “I hope you’re right Alice.” Just then my own personal Greek god entered the food court.

“How was it? You didn’t tire her out too much I hope Alice.”

“Not too much, “ I said, “although she did spoil me far too much, you really shouldn’t let her do that. A girl could get used to it.”

He grinned, “You never got used to it before. I would have bought you your own country just to make you smile, but knowing you you’d be more likely to chew my head off about it.” I laughed because he was 100% right, I would have yelled at him until he returned the country to whoever he bought it from. “Come on, see what car I bought!”

“Car?” I asked, trying to confirm the singular object.

“Okay, cars, but I only have one with me right now, the others are being dropped off tomorrow.” He led me over to a dark blue two-seater convertible. He immediately began talking his own car language while Alice nodded and asked intelligent sounding questions. I just kind of stared.

“Well, come on lets get going!” I got into the car with Edward.

“Please, please, please let’s not go to fast! I don’t know if my stomach could take it.” He just laughed, but we set off at a semi reasonable pace. We had to stop at the grocery store before we went to the house to make sure I had something to eat at home, but we made it quick. I managed to convince Edward not to buy anything to exotic.

By the time we got back to the house it was nearly 11pm, and despite my best efforts I could feel my eyes drifting closed. Edward carried me up the stairs to his room, where a king size bed had miraculously appeared. He came with me and held me in his arms, humming my lullaby while I drifted.