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Angels Come Back

What if Bella died? What if she could come back?


6. Chapter 6

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I was soon swallowed up in the arms of my family as they passed along congratulations, and wishes for our happiness.

“Oh Bella, now we’ll really be sisters in the legal sense,” Alice said. I spent the rest of the day hashing out wedding ideas with Alice, Rosalie and Esme, but Edward never left my side, even though I knew looking at floral designs on-line was probably not the most fun for him. Edward made few requests about the wedding, only that it be as soon as possible, and that I showed up, two items that I agreed to easily.

Later that night when Edward and I were lying in bed, he asked me a question, “What made you change your mind?” he whispered in my ear, “Last time I saw you, you seemed to be under the impression that marriage was completely pointless, and you couldn’t get off the topic fast enough.”

I thought about that for a moment, “Well, for one thing, I grew up a little bit. When you first asked the question, all I could think about is what people would say if I married you straight out of high school. I thought all that mattered was that I was I loved you absolutely, that you already had me and no one could take me away from you. Now I don’t feel eighteen anymore, and I’ve been out of high school for quite sometime. I always planned to marry you someday, just not until I was at least thirty or so. Also, I love you absolutely, I can think of no way in which I don’t want to tie myself to you. I can’t go on with out you.”

Edward seemed content with my answer, and we lay there in silence for a while, before I asked the question that had been at the back of my mind all day, “Edward, I want to be with you forever. Will you change me?”

Edward became quite still, and I began to get nervous. It seemed that after all, Edward still wanted me human. “Isabella, it is my intention to make you mine in every way possible. I have learned that it is impossible for me to live without you. But at the same time, I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish I could be human for you! There are so many things you’ll be giving up! You won’t be able to have children. You will not be able to try out new foods. Do you know how often I’ve wanted to try a pop-tart? They smell and look absolutely disgusting, but the mere thought intrigues me. I hate to ask you to give these things up, especially for me.” He looked so sad, after delivering his little speech that I felt the need to comfort him immediately.

“Edward, have you not seen me try to walk ten feet? I can’t do it without someone to catch me. I am essentially a danger to small children. Besides, kids hate me. Renee made me baby-sit once, and the kid locked me in the bathroom for six hours. As for food, my mother was a very interesting chef, that made me wary of so many foods, that I would probably welcome the simplicity of blood. I love you, I want to spend forever with you, I no longer want you to change me, I need you to change me, to let me be with you forever, to let me be yours.”

I sighed and looked into his eyes, and he kissed me and nodded against my lips, “I need you too, I only want one thing before I make you one of the dammed. I need you to marry me first, to let me give you that one last human experience before I take away your life and soul.”

“Fine, but you could never take away my soul, because you are my soul, my life, me reason to live,” It was with these last words that I closed my eyes and fell asleep on his stone chest.