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Angels Come Back

What if Bella died? What if she could come back?


7. Chapter 7

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“Isabella Marie Swan, soon to be Cullen, get your bridal butt down here!” I groaned and rolled over, I hadn’t even woken up yet. I whispered, “Good morning Alice,” and I heard her giggle beside me.

“Good morning sleepy head! I thought you’d never get up!” I turned to look at a clock, it was 7:30. On a Saturday.

“Alice, did Edward ever explain to you the concept of how long a human should sleep? By the way, where is Edward?” I had fully expected to be kissed awake by my Greek god and fiancée, and it was making me very grumpy to wake up to this awakening.

“He went hunting with the boys, something about Armani,” Alice said. She must have seen the confusion in my eyes because she continued, “They went tux shopping. Edward’s is tremendously outdated, and Jasper and Emmett are still trying to win best man privileges. Its going to be interesting,” she frowned, “It’s getting very frustrating for all involved, Edward keeps changing his mind.”

“So why did you get me up at this ungodly hour of the morning?” I asked, my mind still trying to catch up with Alice’s.

“You need to get ready, we have some shopping to do for the wedding. You need a dress, and we need to get a florist! And the caterers need to be chosen, not to mention bridesmaids’ dresses! Why are you still in bed? Get moving!!!!” Somehow I’d forgotten how enthusiastic Alice could be when there were credit cards involved. No doubt she was enjoying this more than usual, because I wasn’t making her let me buy anything myself. When you die, they usually think it’s a little weird if money starts being withdrawn from your account again. I groaned and got out of bed.

We pulled up to an airport, and I gave Alice a look. “What?” she said innocently, “Do you really think I’m going to let my baby sister walk down the aisle in something not from Paris?” I sighed, and gave in. We’d had a small dispute about the caterers earlier, I’d said they were unnecessary and Alice disagreed, but after I’d pointed out that I wouldn’t eat anything from a caterer Alice gave in. I figured it was only fair to let Alice have her way on this one thing.

We got on the plane, and I immediately fell asleep. When I woke up again we were in Paris, and it was night. I was worried about having to spend the night, but nothing was a problem for the Cullens, and we walked into bridal boutiques without issue. At the first one we found the bridesmaid dresses for Alice and Rosalie. They were a soft pink color and cut at about knee length, they looked stunning.

We spent the next hour walking into stores, but after we were in there for about thirty seconds Alice would shout, “ No, it’s not here.” And we would leave. After this happened more times for me to count, Alice walked in and said, “It’s here.” She and Rosalie began to look around while Seem and I sat down. Alice and Rose each came back five minutes later holding a gown. I went back into the changing room obediently, but when I got there I couldn’t put either dress on, because there was something already in the changing room, and it was perfect. It was floor length, and cut in a ballroom style, it was completely made out of white satin, except for the sash, which was a shocking blue. I put it on, and for the first time in my life, I felt truly beautiful. When I stepped out, I heard all the Cullen women gasp.

“It’s perfect,” Alice whispered, and there was no more discussion as the dress was wrapped up, and shipped home.