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Ashes to Ashes

AU The Volturi have not only been overruled, but overpowered. With the strength of many skilled nomads brought together to form armies, the rule-enforcers fell to ashes. Now vampires are known to humans as the monsters that kill for no reason. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! But what will happen when a young girl named Isabella Swan enters the lives of the ones she once called killers?

A Twilight AU. Stephenie Meyer own Twilight. Not me. *sighs*

1. Finding him

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I gasped awake. It was – most likely – the longest I had slept in months.

Six hours. Oh, my, what could happen in six hours.

I rolled out from under the bed – I knew it was useless and stupid. They could find me anywhere I tried to hide – and jumped to my feet. I was in a small motel room located hidden deep on an unknown road in a small town named Forks. It was rainy and dark most of the time – most of the time, I thought in despair as I looked around the light, sun-filled room. It was hardly ever like this.

I used to hate the rain. I used to love the sun. And – even though I knew it truly did no good – I felt more hidden in the dark. The sun could expose you so very easily.

As for the rain, it washes the scent away faster than it would fade if I were still in Phoenix, Arizona.

I loved Phoenix. I lived for the sun, for the light, hot outdoors. Now I lived for nothing. I didn't even know that by the end of the day I would still be living.

I was actually born here in Forks. That's how I knew to come here. My father lived here and when Renee went missing, he was the only one I knew to go to. There was no one else. The law enforcement couldn't control these beasts. These monsters.

These vampires.

Everyone knew by now that if you saw one, that you would most likely be dead soon. They tried to run – we all did – but for most it was just in vain. They're just too fast. They aren't human, they aren't mortal.

The military came in with bombs and other weapons, only to find that it only kept killing the humans in the areas. They knew when we tried to strike, and they ran, or got to us first.

As it turns out, they have been living among us for centuries past. No one knows why they decided to destroy us now.

My trip to Forks, Washington was a long and dangerous one. I mostly ran, catching rides with frightened people heading in a similar direction as me. I stole from stores, as everyone else did. I did whatever I could to stay alive.

My father wasn't there when I arrived. The blood covering his recliner explained why.

That was around three months ago – or so I thought; I wasn't keeping much track on time.

I ran through the woods near the motel, trying to keep my balance – luckily it had gotten better through these times. The motel I had been at was -of course – deserted. I think it was on a hiking trail road, but I couldn't sure. I wasn't on a vacation, though, so I wandered off of it, heading into the deep woods where the trees became more dense.

I spent most of my journey through the forest running then resting, running then resting. By the time the sun was high in the sky, blazing down on me – it wasn't that hot to anyone else. I had been running for so long – it had been many hours. My breath was fast, as was my heart. I was sweating profusely. Such a strange day. Even through the high treetops, the sun could still reach me.

I looked ahead and saw a bright spot just a minutes walk away. A clearing? I needed a long rest. I ran for it, hating the forest more and more each second, even if it gave me cover. I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached it. Immediately, it turned into a horrified gasp.

I didn't pay attention to how circular the clearing seemed. I didn't pay attention to how the flowers danced in the light breeze. I didn't even pay attention to the rainbows being thrown across the trees.

All I could truly notice at the time was the person laying in the middle of that strange little meadow. The boy. The boy with skin that sparkled like diamonds. The boy with defined muscles that threatened. The boy with the unruly bronze-colored hair.

The vampire.

I couldn't help but to be captivated. His shirt was off, and he was laying in an odd position: slightly leaning up, as if surprised, with his eyes wide open. I could see a music player on the ground next to him, only one earphone still in his ear, the other dangling down. My first reaction was to be terrified.

Suddenly – so quickly that if I had blinked I would have missed the motion – he stood, dropping his music player to the grass. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see my death coming for me.

Wind gusted around me, and instinctively, my eyes opened again. I was standing in front of him, near where he was standing before. Both of his hands grasped my waist. His eyes were black, hard.

He looked behind me,and then pushed me to the ground to where he was on top of me, holding me to the ground. I threw my head to the side, sadly leaving my neck exposed. With that action, I saw two other vampires that approached us. Their red eyes stood out, and scared me even more. The vampire holding me down growled.

“My kill,” he snarled, placing his lips on my neck. His breath blew into my face, dazing me. His lips against my neck were cold and hard, but they were gentle. His teeth were exposed.

The two other vampires left without question. I was his.

Tears stained my face. I was scared, and couldn't help myself. I didn't want to die this way, but I had no choice in the matter. I waited for the pain.

It never came.

“Are you hurt?” The voice was musical. It wasn't at all like the snarl I had just heard. I opened my eyes to meet his. “Oh,” He exclaimed. He climbed off of me, pulling me up into his arms.

“Let us get you somewhere safe.” He smiled a gorgeous crooked smile.

And then he ran.