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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

1. Chapter 1: Going Through the Motions

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Chapter 1: Going through the Motions


It has been almost three months since Alice and I went to Volterra, Italy to save Edward from the Volturi. Since then there have been only three things on my mind. One, the looming threat of my transformation from human to vampire by order of the Volturi. Two, Victoria’s rampage and her growing thirst for my blood. And three, my blossoming feelings for Jacob. When Edward left me in the woods that day, he left a hole in me. A hole that would not stop bleeding. Then Jacob came into my life like a blazing sun on a winter’s day—and there were not too many sunny days in Forks.

Now here I am, sitting in my English class with Edward by my side. He has tried so hard to make up for everything he said when he left me. He even went as far as to change his schedule around so that we would have all the same classes together. The more he hovered the more I thought of Jake. I thought of his warmth, his sincerity and how he was always there making sure I was safe. These days, it seems as if Edward was only there making sure I had nothing to do with Jacob. It is not an easy thing having a vampire for a boyfriend and his eternal enemy, a werewolf, for a friend. Just the typical life for Bella Swan I suppose.

We sat at lunch. Alice was busy making plans for this big shopping trip. Edward spent his time watching me, well, not so much of watching as he did staring. He was constantly staring at me, almost the way he had those days after my ill-fated birthday party. I guess he didn’t need to read my mind to know the gist of what I was thinking.

“Bella, do you want to go shopping after school?” Alice asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Oh, thanks, Alice, but I just want to go home and rest.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, um, I’m just a little bit tired,” I felt my cell phone vibrating on my side. I could feel Edward watching me hard now. “Um, I’m just going to go. I’ll see you in class.” I kissed his cheek quickly, grabbing my bag.

I locked myself in one of the bathroom stalls and looked at my cell phone. It was Jake texting me.

Miss u Bells. Want 2 c u soon.

Miss u 2. Will call 2nite, I texted back.

My classes dragged that day. Alice really wanted me to come by the house and was shocked when I told her no. Usually, I was never able to tell Alice no to anything. I guess she was starting to suspect something as well.

“Do you want me to come in with you?” Edward asked, pulling up in front of my house.

“No, you know if Charlie see’s you it will only further antagonize him.”

“Hmm, well in any case, I will be back tonight.”

“Um, what time, exactly?”

Little creases formed across Edward’s forehead as he stared into my eyes, probably attempting to read my mind again. “After midnight. Is there a particular reason you asked?”

Uh-oh. Come on, Bella. You have to learn to think on your feet sometime. “It’s just that I haven’t been sleeping well lately. This whole Victoria thing is starting to give me nightmares and the situation with the Volturi isn’t exactly helpful either. I guess it just…it just makes me uncomfortable falling asleep with my window unlocked.”

By the time I finished my speech, Edward’s suspicions melted into a mixture of guilt and concern. “I know you’re worried, love. You don’t have to be. The family and I will protect you with our lives. I promise you.” He leaned in and I kept myself perfectly still. He kissed me softly, and I felt my body go mad with desire. I pressed into him, slipping my fingers through his soft hair. He only pulled back when I parted my lips, moaning.


I really was in no mood to hear his list of reasons why it would be dangerous for us to push the physical boundaries of our relationship.

“It’s fine. I’m just going to go upstairs. I’ll see you later.”

“Bella,” he started to say something else, but my slamming the door cut him off. I could feel him watching me as I walked inside the house, refusing to look back at him.