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What if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward's leaving pulled them closer? What if Bella chose her Sun over the Eclipse?

In honor of the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon release in November, I have created a story that in my opinion, should have followed New Moon. Hope you like it.

10. Chapter 10: Tasting the Wine

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Chapter 10: Tasting The Wine


Just as promised, a big celebration was thrown in my honor the following night at the Volturi castle. I wore another all black Armani suit since my closet was filled with nothing but-per my request, of course. Tonight, there was only Heidi on my arm because Renata was asked by Santiago to accompany him. I could tell she was burning with jealousy when Heidi assured me that she had no previous commitments, but if it were any consolation for Renata, Heidi and I would not turn the sheets tonight. No, I had much bigger plans in store.

"Well, Edward, are you ready? This is all for you," Heidi said to my right, looking especially impressive in her white gown.

Once again, we were lined up outside of the doors of the Great Hall. Jane and Alec behind us, Chelsea and Afton behind them, Corin, Felix, Renata and Santiago, Brent and Phoebe, Drake, Madeline and Demetri at the end.

"Ready? Sweetheart, I was born for this. Oh hey, Felix? Would you mind getting the doors again, big guy?"

Felix grumbled under his breath, but kept his thoughts only on Aro's voice.

"Brothers and sisters, friends and family, please join me in welcoming The Volturi Guard, led by Edward Masen, Head of The Volturi Guard!" Aro called excitedly.

Felix threw open the doors, and hurried back into formation. We walked into the Great Hall as we were cheered by many familiar faces. Some happy, most stunned beyond belief by either my new position or the new color of my eyes. We walked past my favorite guests in particular-The Denali Coven. They clapped, but whispered speculatively amongst themselves. My eyes glided past them, landing squarely on Tanya Denali. She met my gaze with inherent apprehension. I winked at her and she swallowed hard. I chuckled to myself as the guard and I dispersed to mingle with the guests who came from all over just to see moi.

I spoke first with the European Nomads, Alistair, Charles and Makenna. Naturally, Alistair was the most... anxious about being in Volterra.

"Alistair, Charles, Makenna, how wonderful to see you all!" I greeted.

"Hello Edward," Charles greeted.

"Head of the Volturi Guard. I am impressed," Makenna said, though I noticed her inclining closer to Charles at my appearance.

"Edward...it has...it has been a while. I meant to see Carlisle soon...but-I-I-I-I-have been a little busy these last...few...decades," he stammered nervously.

I laughed in spite of myself, clapping him on the back. "Enjoy the party. I will catch up with you all later."

"Edward," Heidi said in a singsong voice in my ear.

"Yes, my lovely?"

"The band is playing a special song for us. Why don't you ask me to dance?"

"What exactly is the point in doing that when you just invited yourself for a dance?"

I laughed quietly as she made a pouting face. I twirled her once before pulling her into me. Through her mind, I could see Renata's face as she watched us enviously.

"How about this? You go off and make nice with the guests and I will owe you a special treat?"

"Do you promise?" she said, turning to me.

I tilted my head, stroking her face. "How could I ever disappoint such a lovely face? Now go." I slapped her rump once, just to get the expected reactions out of everyone who was assessing me along with my "new personality change." She growled flirtatiously and scampered away. I spent the remainder of the night speaking with the Egyptians, the Amazons, and the Irish Coven.

Then finally, I went and spoke with the Denali's.

"Eleazar, Carmen, how nice to see you two again."

"Edward, you're...looking well," Eleazar said, almost as nervous as Alistair was.

"I'm just glad you could all could make it."

"An invite from The Volturi to welcome in their new guard? This is the party of the century! Who in their right minds would miss it!" His wife Carmen exclaimed as I kissed her cheeks.

"Speaking of which, I was surprised to see that Carlisle and Esme did not at least show up," Kate threw in. For a brief moment, I saw pain flicker in my eyes through her mind. I changed the subject gracefully.

"I don't believe I have had the pleasure. I'm Edward Masen," I said, extending my hand to the newcomer. The Denali's exchanged looks at the sound of my surname.

"Garrett Denali," he said, shaking my hand. In his mind I saw that he was a nomad who drifted through, met Kate and the rest was pretty much history. "I'm a little confused. I was under the impression that you were following the same diet as us?"

So it was us now. My gaze fell on Tanya as I spoke. She looked delectable in her pale pink dress with the split up the left thigh. She shifted uncomfortably, looking off in another direction.

"All a part of the job, Garrett. Tanya, you look exceptionally beautiful tonight."

"Thank you, Edward. Um, if you will excuse me, I-I think Irina wants me." Tanya hurried off to where Irina and Felix stood talking.

"I'm sorry, what was your special gift again-mindreading or intimidation?" Garrett threw in nonchalantly. I could tell from his mind that he was the type that thrived on life's challenges. He once lived the typical vampire lifestyle, but to fit in better with the Denali's-better with Kate, rather-he became a vegetarian.

"Garrett," Kate chastised quietly. She was concerned for the boy's safety-as she should be.

"Whichever works," I responded lightly. "Katie," I said affectionately after picking Garrett's pet name for her out his mind. "Would you be as kind as to grace me with a dance?" I held my hand out to her. Garrett gritted his teeth, wanting desperately to stake his claim.

"Of course, my friend." She gave Garrett a reassuring smile and took my hand. "Well, you really rub him the wrong way," she said as we danced.

"What can I say? All a part of my many charms. Speaking of which, what is going on with Irina?"

Kate glanced over in the direction where Irina chatted animatedly with Felix. "She seems to be going from bad to worse, doesn't she?"

"So it would seem. First Laurent and now Felix-I am beginning to think that this girl has absolutely no taste in men whatsoever. Which brings me to you," I said, my voice curling seductively like a snake.

"Me? What of me?"

"You wound me, Kate. I was under the impression that you and I had something special going. You know, holding out hope that I might one day come to my senses and fall to my knees under your immense beauty."

Kate laughed her enchanting laugh, and it was as if every man in the room was even more envious of me. Garrett's thoughts screamed angry, derogatory comments towards me.

Arrogant bastard! Thinks he is something because he has a big position with the guard! I swear if he harms my Katie Belle in any way...

"Thank you for the compliment, but I believe you are confusing me with Tanya."

"Ah yes, the ever luscious Tanya Denali. Out with it, Kate. Why is my favorite Denali going out of her way to avoid me tonight?"

Kate stared at me, incredulity covering her radiant features. "You honestly have no idea?"

"Not a clue."

"Edward...I honestly have no way to say this delicately, but, well, Tanya is afraid of you."

I laughed boisterously and once again, all eyes were on us as I dipped and twirled Kate. "Tany.Afraid.Of.Me," I repeated thoughtfully.

"You know from the way you say that, I cannot be sure if you are worried or intrigued."

"I haven't decided yet. I would like to ask a favor of you though."

For a brief moment, horror flashed in Kate's eyes and a brief thought flickered in her mind. I sighed exasperatedly.

"No, dear woman, not that! I am more than confident you will come to me all on your own when you tire of that one," I said with a glance at Garrett. Carmen and Eleazar were trying to keep him calm.

"Garrett, calm down. It's just Edward." - Carmen.

"Yes, Carmen is right. He may have a different eye color and a new name and title, but he is of no threat!"- Eleazar.

"He has no interest in seducing Kate away from you. He is in love with another, a human girl!" - Carmen.

"Right, and do either of you see her? For all we know that could be her blood glowing in his eyes!"- Garrett.

"Garrett, that is ridiculous! You are letting your jealousy cloud your judgment."- Carmen.

"And you are letting your comradeship cloud yours. Look at him, look at him and tell me he is the same Edward you all know and remember."- Garrett.

"Then what is this favor?" Kate said, ignoring the squabbling between her mate and her family.

I whispered in her ear so that no one would hear.


"I assure you she will be perfectly safe. Trust me."

Kate sighed just as the song ended. "I do, Edward. Please, do not make me regret that choice."

Kate flitted back over to Carmen, Eleazar and Garrett. Heidi made her way to my side, linking her arm in mine as Aro spoke.

"Brothers and sisters, friends and family, you have come from far and wide, gracing us with your presence this evening. My brothers and I ask that you stay for tomorrow for there will be yet another ball for you as a safe sendoff. Now, with that being said, it is time for the feast!"

Heidi tensed in anticipation beside me as the humans were led into the hall. Tanya and Irina instinctively stood with their family. Out of every coven in the room, theirs was the only who shared Carlisle's hunting habits. Through their minds, I could see them watching me. Some stared with mounting anticipation, others needing to see it with their own eyes to believe the evident change in my persona.

The scents were all mouthwatering. The screams were like the perfect melody to an unsung verse. I picked her out of the frenzy of screaming humans. She leaned against a wall right next to the Denali's. They watched her helplessly. Tanya was the first to see me approach.

No, Edward is not going to do this. Not with us standing right here watching! Her thoughts screamed in disbelief.

The girl looked around the room, eyes bulging at the sights and sounds around her. Her terror merely enticed me more. I advanced on her. She stared at my red eyes, knowing death was coming. Her hair was long and brown, her skin a silky white and her eyes a deep hazel. I softened my expression and she ceased her trembling at once. I held out my hand to her, never once forgetting that all of my old friends and acquaintances attentions rested solely on me. The girl took a step forward, placing her hand in mine. I held her close to me, turning our bodies so that her back was to the Denali's and her attention rested only on me. I dipped her backward as though we were lovers locked in a passionate embrace. I tilted my head slightly and she did the same so that her view of my face would not be obstructed in any way. Her vein pulsated, the flow of warm, sweet blood screaming my name. I lowered my head, but before I let my desires take me away completely, my eyes met Tanya's. She was staring at me with her mouth hanging open. There were two emotions evident in her eyes. One, fervent disbelief, and two, quite possibly the most enthralling of the two-lust. No longer able to stave off the raging monster, I sunk my teeth in the girl's neck. She held me tightly as I drained her dry. I gently laid her on the ground and placed my hands in my pockets. I studied her face, plastering it in my memory. Although she was quite dead, she lay there with her eyes closed, the epitome of serenity.

"So, I trust that you all will stay for tomorrow's send off?" I said, once the screaming stopped. My tone must have been too casual for their liking because none of them spoke. I stood there patiently waiting as their thoughts progressed from utter disbelief to sheer terror to cautious familiarity.

Their thoughts calmed along with the changing of their black eyes to that familiar golden brown again.

"Yes, well, who are we to turn down such a gracious offer of The Volturi?" Eleazar said through a forced smile.

"Excellent," I said, my gaze falling back on Tanya. She adverted her eyes to the floor, then towards the wall when they landed on the body of the dead girl. She started holding on to Irina's hand tightly.

"Well, Edward, I trust that we will have time to catch up, tomorrow? I have some...pressing engagements," Irina said, freeing herself from Tanya's grasp.

"Always a pleasure," I said, kissing the back of Irina's hand before she drifted back to Felix's side as he assisted with rounding up the bodies.

I looked down at my Rolex. "Hmm, I suppose Irina is right. Time is of the essence," I said with a meaningful glance to Kate that none of them missed.

I will not fail you, Edward, she silently vowed.

I smiled brightly. "Ladies, gentleman." I said my goodnights to my masters and the guests. It took a little effort, but I managed to convince Heidi to find entertainment elsewhere while I caught up with some old friends.

I walked into my room, leaving the door open. I took off my jacket, removed my watch, and unbuttoned my shirt. I walked out onto the balcony staring up at the moonlight.

"Twilight," I said with a sigh. I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes. "Hello Tanya."

"Hello, Edward," she said lowly.

From her thoughts, she watched me from the doorway. She took a breath and stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

"Join me on the balcony."

She took slow, calculated steps. It seemed to take an eternity for her to make it to the balcony. When she did, she turned her back to it, hoisting herself up on the rail. Unlike the others, Tanya found it easy to slide back into that familiarity with me in a one-on-one basis, in spite of the circumstances.

"Now, what is going on with you?"

I could be asking you the same question, she thought.

"Me? Nothing is going on with me."

That is very far from the truth, Edward. What are you doing here? And do not tell me you needed a change.

"That really is the only answer I can give as to how I ended up here, Tanya."

Carlisle and Esme disagree.

"You spoke with them," I said flatly. It did not surprise me that the Denali's knew more than they let on.

Yes, Esme called. She told us everything. Including what happened with you and your Bella.

That did it. I looked into Tanya's eyes. Her fear grew as my enraged glare intensified. "Never call her that. She is not mine. In this city, in this room, in my presence, she does not exist!"

I-I am sorry, Edward. I do not mean to offend you. Please forgive me.

I smiled warmly at her, all of the previous anger forgotten. "Only if you will forgive me for speaking to you in such a manner. You did not deserve that."

That was not you speaking, Edward. That was the blood. Do not roll your eyes! You know as well as I that the blood changes you. It makes you more erratic and...violent.

"Is this about watching me hunt tonight?"

Watching you, that way, was...something. I never dreamed of seeing your eyes any color but topaz. How I miss those beautiful topaz eyes.

"They're only colors, Tanya."

But Edward, your family! They love you so much and they miss you! Do you know how long Esme sobbed into the phone? That is why Garrett dislikes you so. He has only spoken with her over the phone and he felt her pain. And Alice! She is so distressed because she sees all of the things you are doing and Jasper is drained from trying to calm her. Rosalie and Emmett are constantly at each other's throats over you and the reasons behind your decision. Carlisle is the worst of all though. He thinks that he has failed you as a creator, as a father, Edward! Can you honestly stand here and tell me that you are unaffected by the unraveling of your family?

It did bother me that they only seemed to be doing worse in my absence instead of better, but that was only because they did not take my advice. The second they let go, the sooner things would change for them.

Well?she demanded.

"I am affected, Tanya. I am affected by the way that dress clings to your sensuous body."

"Oh, you are impossible, Edward Masen!" She exclaimed jumping down from the railing. Her quick movements brought her closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, inhaling the sweet scent of her beautiful skin.

"Edward, what are you doing?"

"Tasting the wine."

"Oh really? After all these years I thought you were merely interested in admiring the bouquet," she teased. Though her mind was going wild with the different scenarios of us.

"Not anymore," I said, placing light kisses down her neck.

She moaned softly, struggling to speak. "Edward...this is wrong. We are practically cousins."

Ha! Was this the best argument she could come up with? I stopped kissing her. I placed myself in front of her, looking directly into her eyes. "Are you afraid of me, Tanya?"

Yes, she thought.

I shook my head. "I want to hear it from those pretty little lips."

"Yes, Edward. I am afraid of you." There was desperation in her voice, but not from fear, from desire.

I took her waist, hoisting her back up on the stone railing. I dropped down to my knees, slipping my hands underneath her dress. Her breathing became frantic and desperate. Even without her thoughts, I knew what she wanted. I slipped my hand inside her panties, tearing them off her as my eagerness got the best of me. She opened her thighs as I inhaled her scent. She smelt heavenly. I licked her once, savoring the taste on my tongue.

Oh, Edward!

"Oh no, Tanya. If you want me to continue I want to hear it!"

"Oh, Edward! Please don't stop!"

I lit into her full force then. Twirling my tongue around her soft pearl, her juices flowing like a gentle river. She was close to climaxing.

"Edward, I can't wait anymore! Take me now!" she pleaded.

I stood up, kissing her as she sucked her juices off my tongue. I unzipped my pants, freeing my erection. I pulled back from her. She whimpered longingly. She was so beautiful in the moonlight.

"How bad do you want it, Tanya?"

She growled at me, taking the same position I took for her. I closed my eyes as she slipped my form further and further down her throat. She was better at this than Renata. I felt my eyes roll back in my head as she continued to deep throat me while massaging my others with her hands.

"You are the best, my little succubus."

She purred affectionately as I picked her up, setting her back on top of the railing. She propped her right foot up on the rail as I guided myself inside of her. Her wetness sloshed against me as if she would come by the bucketfuls.

"It's so good! Edward, you're amazing!" she moaned, biting my collarbone. I slipped my fingers through her hair, gripping her as I pounded her into oblivion.

She started to tighten just as I began to swell. I slipped my tongue in her mouth to quiet the growls rippling in my chest as I came inside her.

I started to set her down, but she clung to me. "More my little kitty?" I crooned.

"More," she moaned.

With her wrapped securely around me as I hardened again, I carried her over to the bed. As I lazily fell back into it, she repositioned herself pulling her dress up over her head so that she was now completely naked. She took my hands placing them on her breasts as she started to ride me.

"Now," she said in between moans. "Let me show how the Denali women do it!"